The Suite Rooms in Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang (Part 2)

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This post is continue from a previous…The Eastern Oriental (E O) Hotel during Penang, Malaysia (Part 1).

Let me continue a a practical debate for a Suite Rooms of The Eastern Oriental Hotel in Penang…

The Writer Suite. Where all a apartment room are named after a Writers name during a Heritage Wing.
This room is named – Rudyard Kipling.
Suite distance : 135 sqm.

 print IMG_9242_zps365db960.jpg

 print IMG_9243_zpsb44237c5.jpg

And it has a Nice seaview balcony!

 print IMG_9245_zpsb6d166b4.jpg

 print IMG_9247_zpsdd0b302f.jpg

Follow by a bedroom…

 print IMG_9249_zps9d7dcc3b.jpg

 print IMG_9252_zpsec0037af.jpg

Now, let’s revisit a lavatory area…

 print IMG_9256_zpsce1f61c5.jpg

I found this is singular pattern of a E O Hotel…every apartment room is designed to has 2 basins area, as we can see from a photos below. One for a masculine and a other for a female, both supposing with opposite facilities. Do we symbol a different?

 print IMG_9254_zps79438aa1.jpg

 print IMG_9255_zps299decfc.jpg

Well, it’s simple! The womanlike dish has an ‘extra tiny mirror’ mounted from a side. Can we see it? 🙂

 print IMG_9257_zpsb88384d2.jpg

All a Suite Rooms during a Heritage Wing will be yield with a aged fashioned Television, that is a design tube type. The reason is usually since to follow a ‘Heritage’ deco of a E O Hotel. As we can see from a photos above…the furnitues in a apartment room are all Classic! They were Antique!

 print IMG_9259_zps60a639f5.jpg

Personally, we like a lighting switch….

 print IMG_9248_zpsc4da4f17.jpg

The Premier Suite Room was a second room in a tour…
Suite distance : 58 sqm.

As usual, a Living area…

 print IMG_9269_zpsa502669a.jpg

 print IMG_9268_zps7d6712b0.jpg

In this room, we saw a antique write on a essay table…and a list lights. They were from a seventies! Goodness! This were Classic!

 print IMG_9266_zps18556532.jpg

The bedroom in a next…

 print IMG_9263_zps671f9b8c.jpg

 print IMG_9264_zps627be012.jpg

The bathroom…

 print IMG_9260_zpsdffcc9b5.jpg

The bathtub and a ‘two’ basins, as usual…

 print IMG_9262_zps81f0b274.jpg

 print IMG_9261_zpsb02aae6b.jpg

By walking into a Suite Rooms in a Heritage Wing of E O Hotel was usually like walked into a Time Machine, it approach us behind to a 60s and a 70s. we don’t know about others, though I’m appreciated unequivocally much! With a Unique designed Suite Rooms of a hotel, it supposing a sum relax sourroundings and given a good friendly place to rest on a vacation.

After a 2 Suite bedrooms from a Heritage Wing, let’s revisit to ‘New’ Victory Annexe Wing. The new wing has non-stop a doors to a new universe on 15th Mar 2013.

The new Victory Annexe, will symbol a full round in a EO Hotel’s shining history. Named after a strange Victory Annexe – a pretentious 40-room further denounced by Arshak Sarkies in 1923, a new wing will residence a sum of 122 sea-view suites.

There are 117 Superior Suites measuring 55 block metres any and 5 Corner Suites travelling 123 block metres each. All Superior Suites underline a bedroom, lavatory with twin vanities and private balcony. A apart vital room, singular rainforest showering and dining area with 270º perspective of a sea are customary in a Corner Suites.

The Corner Suite Room of Victory Annexe Wing.
Suite distance : 123 sqm.

This was a room we stayed for a 3 days 2 nights vacation in Penang…

 print IMG_9046_zpsa977a630.jpg

Once entering a door, a dining and a vital gymnasium in a full view…

 print IMG_9047_zps364edad2.jpg

Beside a antique furnitures, a apartment room is a bit complicated where a 42″ LCD TV was provided.

 print IMG_9053_zpsbb9bc284.jpg

The mini bar is located during a left side if a dining area…

 print IMG_9078_zps684560db.jpg

A King distance bed in a bedroom with another 42″ LCD TV accompany with a BOSE Audio System within.

 print IMG_9052_zps4d069b54.jpg

The wirting list was attractive!

 print IMG_9131_zps36948798.jpg

The bedroom has a approach easy entrance to a patio that we going to uncover we later…the centralized air-conditioning had a apart heat control during a vital and bedroom area. Well, it was unequivocally cold!

The lavatory was spacious!
By soak yourself in a bathtub with a pleasing seaview is blissful! For me, a delight won’t complate with a mop of ‘ice cold beer’. 🙂

 print IMG_9048_zps6e8e86bf.jpg

 print IMG_9072_zpsc43f55b7.jpg

The showering are on a right of a bathtub and a toilet was during a left…

 print IMG_9049_zps8f462f38.jpg

 print IMG_9050_zpsef681698.jpg

 print IMG_9051_zpsa86939c7.jpg

Let’s go a 270º seaview private balcony. It has a ‘L’ figure with a perspective of city and a sea, permitted from a Living area or Master Bedroom.

 print IMG_9056_zps177991ad.jpg

A elementary dining list on one side and idle chairs on a seaview side…

 print IMG_9066_zpsa717c4fd.jpg

The Infinity Swimming pool is located on a side, and a pool was extended together with a city view!

 print IMG_9059_zpsd242584c.jpg

 print IMG_9067_zps35763ad9.jpg

  print IMG_9060_zpsbb2f5490.jpg

The pretentious sea perspective from a balcony! It was a a place where we had my beers in a dusk accompany with a cold sea zephyr and a lonely jetty. (you will know what we meant a ‘lonely jetty’ if we knowledge yourself…).

 print IMG_9064_zpse4f42fff.jpg

The same architectural elements of a strange hotel are incorporated into a Victory Annexe. In gripping with a strange colonial styled guestrooms of a early 1900s, all suites underline Victorian sum such as en-suite bathrooms propitious with scratch footed prolonged baths, pedestal ceramic basins, idle roof fans and spacious private balconies.

Guests staying during a Victory Annexe suffer disdainful privileges such as nominal non-alcoholic beverages from a mini bar. Also enclosed in a all-encompassing room rate are daily breakfasts and nominal coffee and tea with accompaniments via a day as good as dusk cocktails with canapés during The Planters Lounge from 5pm to 7pm. Privacy is positive and usually guest staying during a Victory Annexe are authorised entrance to The Planters Lounge.

There are sum of 222 rooms (100 from Heritage Wing and 122 during Victory Annexe Wing) in Eastern Oriental Hotel.

We had a smashing stayed during a Eastern Oriental Hotel on a vacation. It a Nice Heritage Hotel and a Only one in Penang that we like it unequivocally much!

If we like to check out a bedrooms accessibility and a room rates, greatfully click on their central website below…

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