The Eastern & Oriental (E & O) Hotel during Penang, Malaysia (Part 1)

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The Eastern Oriental Hotel (popularly famous as a E. O) (N5.42314 E100.33597) is located during 10, Farquhar Street, Georgetown, Penang. We spent a family vacation here for 3 days 2 nights on May 2013.
I will apart into 2 blog posts since a page competence bucket unequivocally delayed due to many photos.

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About a Eastern Oriental Hotel :-
Established by a famed Sarkies Brothers in 1885, whose architectural landmarks also embody a Raffles Hotel in Singapore, a Eastern Oriental (EO) Hotel in Penang island is a usually hotel in a heart of a George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site that possesses primary sea frontage. Over a century-and-a-quarter history, a EO Hotel has played horde to some of a world’s many distinguished artists, writers and heads of state.

Today, a lush 100 all-suite hotel stands as a grand lady of birthright hotels, a particular exemplary magnificence and beauty of use extended with time. Majority of a suites demeanour out onto a elaborate garden and swimming pool with views opposite a Andaman Sea.

The Hotel’s restaurants and bar—Sarkies, 1885 and Farquhar Bar—have a distinguished repute for portion an endless menu trimming from Penang’s internal delicacies to European glorious dining.

EO’s noble grand ballroom is ideal for hosting grave banquets, full with observation balconies and discriminating joist floors to honour a epoch and intrigue of debutante’s balls and black tie cooking and dancing.

The adjacent annexe retard is now being propitious out and scheduled for execution in late 2012. The 15-storey building will be named a Victory Annexe, a namesake being an aged retard of a hotel, so named after a British feat in World War I. The Annexe will supplement a offer 139 suites, all sea-fronting, to a benefaction 100, complemented by new restaurants, assembly rooms, pool, spa, and niche sell outlets. To heed between a dual hotel sections, a existent hotel building will be famous as a Heritage Wing.

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The hotel staffs were unequivocally good and helpful. The feeling started from a reception. At initial we went into a Heritage Wing and found out that a room was during a Vicotry Annexe Wing (the new wing), therfore they beam us all a approach to a other accepting area kindly though any hesitation.

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Then we walked by a Nice colonnade from a aged building to a new building. Honestly, we never feel sleepy walking by this birthright passageway…especially during a night time where all a lights up…I’ll share a photos with we later…

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The check-in was good and fast! we like a respectful lady who attended to us and we were tender when she ask us to wait during a loll sitting area afterwards she brought all a keys to us.

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The immature lady (from a reception) was patiently explain each trickery that we can implement within a hotel, we like a approach she presented to us.
I will uncover a room photos in my subsequent post, and now…let me uncover we around a hotel…

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The Gallery is situated behind a lift run (on a right), a place tell all about The Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. It was only like a mini museum…

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The above print showed a opinion of E O Hotel on year 1885, it was a fisrt look…

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The above print explain a debate of a 4 Sarkies brothers and a year they built a hotel…
There was a good lady who good famous a story and patiently explain to us of a pleasing stories of Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. Appreciated.

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The History :-
In a early days as an outpost of a East India Company, Penang drew travellers of each shade and outline – merchants, missionaries, mercenaries, sailors and adventurers. From London to Singapore, one was compulsory to cruise around a Cape of Good Hope, an strenuous debate that took 4 months on a average. In a 1840s, an overland rail track was determined that done it probable for travellers to by-pass a Cape of Good Hope altogether.

But it was not until a opening of a Suez Canal in 1869 and a attainment of a steamship, that transport to Asia insincere rare character and luxury. Writers, actors, playwrights, a abounding and a titled, wearied with Europe and America, looked to a outlandish East to prove their wanderlust. Suddenly, there was a new multiply of travellers – a globetrotters.

It was to accommodate a final of these new abundant travellers that a Eastern Oriental was born.

Already eminent in Southeast Asia for their craving and business acumen, a Armenian Sarkies brothers, Martin and Tigran, staid down in Penang and determined a Eastern Hotel in 1884. Encouraged by a success, they non-stop another hotel, a Oriental in 1885, on an adjacent square of land confronting a sea. Combined, these dual hotels became a largest hotel in Penang, charity 80 gentle and tastefully allocated rooms.

The above story is Only part of it, if we meddlesome to know about a hotel, greatfully revisit their ‘Gallery’ in a Victory Annexe Wing. Thanks.

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As we said, we like to travel pass a colonnade between a aged and new wings countlessly since of a birthright deco. The pathway was opposite during a day time and a night time…

During day time…

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Then we reached a Lobby of a Heritage Wing…the Dome pattern is marvelous! It’s echoing each singular difference below, that’s mean…there will be no tip underneath a Dome area…:)

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The Antique Lift that is still duty well, according to a Manager of E O Hotel.

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Follow by a restaurants in a hotel….

The hotel has 2 Sakies Corner, they are located during a Heritage Wing and a Victory Annexe Wing…both are carrying a opposite sourroundings and decorations…

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This grill looked so old-fashioned and we like a ambience unequivocally much! The comfortable lightings during a dusk make a grill feel some-more comfort and cozy…
Operating hours are from 10.00 am – 11.00 pm (Daily)

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Next to a Sarkies Corner, it is a 1885 Fine Dining Restaurat.
Named for a year that a EO Hotel was established, 1885 offers exemplary nonetheless contemporary cuisine in an glorious sourroundings in a glorious traditions of colonial glorious dining.

The preference of resourceful alloy dishes from thier achieved chefs, accompanied by a glorious preference of wines, outlines 1885 as a ideal choice for an beguiling dining experience.

The sourroundings of a 1885 Restaurant

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The atmosphere was Perfect! we can’t unequivocally report in difference though we have to try it yourself…

Traditional English Afternoon Tea is also served in this glorious setting.
Candlelit tables, stiff linens, china service, and courteous staff emanate a enchanting experience.

Operating hours are from 2.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Daily)

Not to forget, a Farquhar’s Bar is situated beside a run of a Heritage Wing. You can have some beers or others ethanol to relax yourself after your wealthy dinner…

Operating hours are from 11.00 am – 12.00 am

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There is a live rope opening during a dusk and we like a wooden armchair pattern unequivocally much!

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I did mentioned that we like to travel along a colonnade large time…and when a night tumble and all a lights up, it presented a other beauty of it…

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Beside a passageway, a garden also embellished with all a pleasing comfortable lightings accompany by a sea zephyr from Penang Strait…it’s kind of regretful garden area in a evening…

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It was another delight strolling in a garden during night, a Penang Strait was on a left and a credentials lights was from Butterwoth city of mainland.

We had 2 restaurants to select for a daily nominal breakfast, The Sarkies Corner or The Planters Lounge on a 6th Floor. Both are located in Victory Annexe Wing and also called a ‘New Wing’. The Sarkies Corner had many some-more varieties review with a Planters Lounge, though a loll has some-more remoteness for a hotel guests.

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Full of varieties in a breakfast, they offer internal foods, western foods, tender foods, breads and many more…you can simply spend 2 hours by enjoying a breakfast here…

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And my breakfast is always ‘simple’…

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The Planters Lounge is a private loll exclusively for all a guest who stay in Victory Annexe Wing. It dining area connected from a loll to a 6th Floor Infinity swimming pool. The loll is open from a afternoon unitl 10pm, though we visited during 5pm – 7pm where they served all a finger dishes and alcohols.

The interior and dining area of Planters Lounge (6th Floor of Victory Annexe Wing)

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And we can also select a outside event area where with a glorious perspective of a Penang Strait. It connected to a Infiity Pool area…

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The dishes and drinks by a Planters Lounge

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And they do offer soothing drinks, Red Wine from Chile, white booze and Anchor Beer. All on a house!

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We like to suffer a dishes and drinks during a pool area, we did it for 2 days! 🙂

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After a dishes and drinks, we jumped into a pool…we did that for continual 2 days during a stay…:)
I like to float to a edge, admiring a perspective of a Strait…

The hotel has a good jetty located in between a 2 wings, maybe we can get down from a Cruise directly and travel to a hotel in a nearby future…

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The Eastern Oriental Hotel is one of a Best place to relax yourself and it is also a Only 5 starts Heritage Hotel in Penang. we felt a opposite within their services review with other 5 starts hotel.
We were unequivocally comfort interacted with a hotel staffs, and not to forget a many accessible chairman in a E O Gallery. we apologies that we can't remember her name, she easily explained a histories of E O Hotel to us was unequivocally appreciated and we like her attitude! Great!

Definitely it’s value for a second revisit and it was one of a Best Hotel we ever stay before!

Ms Eileen Chong and Ms Melvis, interjection for your warmest liberality and we unequivocally appreciated.

*  The practical debate for a few forms of bedrooms will be continue in my subsequent blog post.

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