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Protect Jonker Walk 20.7.2013

Protect Jonker Walk for a fourth week second day, this week also a final week for contrast open trade all day prolonged during Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Walk).

Let’s us demeanour out what will happened for currently evening!

5.32pm : Representative of Jonker Walk night marketplace disallowed trade going into Jonker Walk.

5.45pm : Jonker Walk hawker are scheming for their business.

In a other side during Jalan Hang Tuah are a opening rite of Bazaar Ramadan Mega Melaka by Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Wira Idris Haron.

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Melaka Haze Second Wave Attack

Melaka mist entrance again and will be a second call attack, given yesterday Bukit Rambai area Air Pollutant Index (API) during 107 diseased turn and Melaka area Air Pollutant Index (API) 95 assuage level.

API reading for currently is removing worse, Melaka API available 112 diseased turn and Bukit Rambai 122 diseased turn during 9am.

Today Melaka perspective with mist during Melaka Raya area.




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Light aircraft tumble to Selat Melaka

A light aircraft tumble to Selat Melaka only now during 10:00pm, 3 pilots is protected from a accident.

Location : Masjid Selat Melaka, Pulau Melaka.



A Malaysian Flying Academy instructor and her dual trainees transient genocide when their Piper PA-28 aircraft crashed into a Straits of Malacca, circuitously a Masjid Selat in Bandar Hilir, here, final night.

The contingent were on a night drifting training practice when a light aircraft was believed to have gifted some tech nical problems before crashing into one of a busiest straits in a world.

The contingent concerned in a 8.20pm occurrence were identified as drifting instructor, Capt Sharon Yee, 27, and second year trainees, Soh Shien Shoong, 22, and Faeroz Kamil, 23.

Yee was piloting a aircraft while Faeroz was a co-pilot. Soh was seated during a behind quarrel in a aircraft.

Yee and Soh are pronounced to have embarked out of a aircraft and swam to a circuitously Masjid Selat to find assistance while Faeroz, who was incompetent to float managed to stay afloat during sea before he was discovered by a Fire and Rescue De partment during about 9.30pm.

According to State Deputy Police Chief, Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Shah Ghazi Shahadad Yee and Soh had managed to float for assistance and sought assist from a criminal gregation during a Masjid Selat who afterwards alerted a rescue personnel.

“The difficulty call was perceived during about 8.41pm and a Fire and Rescue Department arrived during about 8.54pm.

“The rescue vessel was sent to sea and Faeroz was picked adult some 400 metres from a shores of Bandar Hilir.

“All 3 people in a aircraft survived a ordeal,” he said, adding that Yee had postulated a low indenture above her right eyebrow while Soh suffered some teenager cuts on a behind of his body.

“Faeroz, who was discovered from a sea did not humour and injuries though was tired after carrying to keep himself afloat in a Straits of Melaka for over an hour after a craft crashed notwithstanding clever currents,” he said.

It is learnt that a aircraft was final seen on radar during about 8.15pm.
Kubu Fire and Rescue Department head, Yazid Mohamad Tahir when met during a stage pronounced that a vessel with 15 divers were deployed to rescue Faeroz, who hails from Sarawak, from a sea after he was swept by a clever currents.

“We had no difficulty anticipating a plant during sea as he was regulating a torchlight to prove his plcae while watchful for rescue workers to arrive,” he said.

[SOURCE : New Strait Times]

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Malaccan crazy for Minions

Today one of a quick food authorization will offered a fourth array of Despicable Me 2 collectible figures, Minions, or famous as a Banana or Potato.

Malaccan reserve to buy Despicable Me 2 collectible total for final week series.

Today, we will revisit a reserve some of a branches during Melaka. But, before we buy, take note this, they are only a toys. Or maybe we can give a Happy Meal dishes for needy, in box we don’t like to eat in midnight.

The prolonged reserve start given 10:00pm, though Minions start offered during 12:00am
Location : Batu Berendam McD



McD Ayer Keroh

McD Dataran Pahlawan

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