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Karambunai Beach & Kudat, Sabah

Sabah is really a mark we don’t wish to skip out on while roving your list of ideal getaways in South East Asia. Not usually is it one of a many renouned retreats for active towering climbers due to scandalous Mount Kinabalu, Sabah is also home to a many uninformed seafood and pleasing flora everywhere. It’s time to get in hold with your side that pines for journey in a nature!



Karambunai Beach is usually a tiny 45-minute expostulate from KK airport, on this beach we can find a hotel named Nexus Karambunai Beach Resort Spa that has pleasing chalets literally on a sand, we can step out onto a patio and find yourself examination a waves pile-up down on a sand. Not usually will we be doubtful by a impossibly inexpensive rates Nexus provides that also are thorough of a tasty breakfast buffet, though also a comforts are stellar. They embody a use of a vast swimming pool that is a few stairs divided from a beach, among a beach we can find tiny huts where accessible masseuses wait your massage-yearning bodies, a vast human-sized chess set, a vast bar confronting a waves on Karambunai Beach and several others.



Nexus Karambunai Beach Resort Spa is usually a 15-minute expostulate from a core of city in KK where we will be means to find tiny malls, including many stores among marketplace stalls charity anything your mind could presumably enterprise in terms of seafood and internal Asian delights. The ever-notorious Sabah Chili-Padi chocolate is a must-try along with several other internal delicacies. The city is also really expat-friendly and a cobbled streets in Chinatown are really welcoming for tourists to take a splash during a many cafes and bars. Do not be fooled, Sabah competence be small, though child does it spin into a sharp-witted place during night!

You competence not presumably have a remote seductiveness in withdrawal Karambunai Beach or KK, though if we lease a automobile and take an hour’s road-trip adult to Kudat Beach, that is during The Tip of Borneo, we competence find yourself in another heaven-on-earth situation. There is a reason The Tip of Borneo is named such way, since it literally is a usually tiny tip of precipice confronting a baby blue waves crashing on a shower. Amongst many other nicknames such as ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ or ‘The Tip of The World’, Kudat is found to be an ecological breakwater full of immature flora and sharp-witted fauna everywhere.


When reaching Kudat, we will be means to find many hostels and fit-for-your-typical-backpacker lodgings where are a vast village of come-and-go expats can be found, be it surfers or elementary tourists acid for an adventure. Another thing we entirely enjoyed via a prolonged road-trip from KK to Kudat was a unusually immature view as formerly mentioned above, we would pass by mini ‘kampungs’ (small and internal villages/huts) that were literally 4-5 colorful shacks each other 10km we gathering right on a roadside that portrayed such a ease and relaxed vibe.


On an additional note, don’t forget Sabah is also a goldmine for divers, as we can simply transport to Mabul and Kapalai resorts to busk in a sea and snorkel and dive, alongside many other tiny islands we can take a demeanour during surrounding those areas, we can see because people have soppy dreams about diving and surfing in Sabah. The people, we find have a many friendlier and comfortable opinion towards newcomers and expats, we will apparently get a common locals who will try to fraud a bit of money off you, though that we can find, happens everywhere in a world. All in all, we need to be means to parasite Sabah off your list of places to transport in South East Asia!


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