G Hotel Penang

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G Hotel Penang is seen as one of a best hotels during a Penang Island. We stayed here during a opening season, and had a really certain experience. The hotel shines since of a complicated decoration, a loose mood, and a beautiful, vast bedrooms and also a overwhelming pool. A good side note is that a hotel is located right subsequent to a renouned selling mall Plaza Gurney and it also lies within a few minutes’ travel of Gurney Paragon, another renouned mall in Georgetown. Between a mall and a G Hotel you’ll find a Food street, with a opposite operation of tiny restaurants and coffee houses (including Starbucks and Coffee Bean). Within walking stretch we will find a vast hawker, where we will be means to eat tasty internal dishes for small money.

The G Hotel lies during Gurney Drive, that is a renouned travel during a corner of Georgetown, a collateral city of Penang Island. This travel is also situated along a pickle that divides Penang and a mainland. The sea isn’t really fantastic (especially during low tide), yet in ubiquitous a views are glorious as we can see into a mainland. Across Gurney Drive we will find several hotels, copiousness of nightlife, countless diners and a integrate of selling centers. At a opening of a hotel we have a cab stand, from where we can take a cab to a many sightings opposite a island. If you’d like a cheaper approach of roving we will have to travel to a categorical highway (5 minutes’ walk) from where we can take a RapidPG bus.

The bedrooms in a G Hotel are simply magnificent. Even yet we usually had a customary room, it was already perfect. The room was flashy in style, it came with a vast bed and a vast television. You also have giveaway internet; that is accessible for hotel guest who move their laptop, inscription or smartphone. The run was pleasing and there was a good atmosphere all around. In a dusk a run became a friendly cocktail bar; where they can make roughly each cocktail we order.

The breakfast was really good as well, with copiousness of choices in bread and spreads or toppings from that we could make a ultimate Western breakfast. Something we have beheld in Malaysia, is that a lot of hotels do not compensate most courtesy into charity a good Western breakfast. Usually we get offering an English breakfast, yet this is totally opposite from what a normal traveler wants for breakfast. At a G Hotel all of this was taken caring of, and a coffee wasn’t bad either.








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