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Pangkor Island Beach Resort


On a still island of Pangkor we will find several pleasing resorts, as good as mixed affordable guesthouses. One of a many renouned resorts on a island is Pangkor Island Beach Resort. The review is located on a north-western side of a island, along a poetic brook with a private beach. It is a pleasing resort; good designed and it has a friendly though also lush vibe. The bedrooms are good and depending on a form of room we have, we also have a overwhelming perspective over a brook (the sea, a garden and a pool). The review is generally suitable for families with children as they offer a good preference of daily fun things to do. Fortunately, this doesn’t meant a review is filled with loud kids.

The review comes with dual pleasing pools; a categorical pool and a smaller pool so guest during a apart wing of a hotel do not have to travel a vast distance. From a pool we have a pleasing perspective opposite a bay.

The review comes with several restaurants; where they especially offer Western cuisine. If we get sleepy of a food after a integrate of days, we can always demeanour for food outward a resort. The review is not distant from a few villages, that will take we 20 mins limit by motorbike. Just keep streamer south, until we arrive during one of a internal restaurants along a beach (for instance during Nipah Bay/Coral Beach). At a review we are also means to squeeze a taxi. In a dusk we can suffer a cocktail during a poetic loll bar during a resort. There is a live rope on a daily basement that will perform in a large loll (Golden Oriole).

The review also organizes several daily activities; including a utterly a few activities only for children. Every day a special newsletter will slip underneath your doorway into your room in that we can review what we can do during a day. This might change from a travel in a jungle to snorkeling; or from spotting a pleasing hornbill to visiting Pangkor Village.

The review has a possess jetty service. In Lumut brook a jetty will leave during bound times. When we done reservations during a resort, we do not need to buy a ticket. The jetty takes about 30 mins to get from a brook to a private review harbor.

When we wish spend a few days on Pangkor Island and don’t mind to compensate a bit some-more to stay during a lush resort, we strongly suggest Pangkor Island Beach Resort. The island itself is one of a many pleasing islands in Malaysia. Pangkor is about a 3 hours’ expostulate from Kuala Lumpur by train or let car.








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