Roti Canai Rosman Bin Malik @ Pokok Mangga

November 20, 2014 Off By melakatour

Roti Canai as breakfast was really common among Malaysian, pondok, where usually have tiny signage (Rosman Bin Malik) inside a tiny stall, a pondok is only located beside SJKC Lih Jen, Pokok Mangga, is so easy to reached a pondok, though carrying problem during find a parking area. The Roti Canai Rosman Bin Malik is really renouned among villagers circuitously with their Roti Canai.

Ordered one Roti Bawang Telur and Roti Canai Kosong, a Roti Bawang Telur carrying thick brew eggs and most some-more Onions, while reduction greasy review to a other.

While we do cite a Roti Kosong than Roti Bawang Telur even is only a plain Roti Canai, a Roti Kosong is most some-more crunchy and tasted good!

The salsa are a dahl churned with some sambal, delicious!

Roti Canai @ Pokok Mangga (Rosman Bin Malik)
GPS Coordinate : N2.215045, E102.218673

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