Sao Tao : XO Sauce Scallop Noodles

November 21, 2014 Off By melakatour

Going to hypermarket to fill adult my simple needs, while past by a present noodles area, there are present noodles are attract my, a Sao Tao code from Hong Kong!

While, we select a XO Sauce Scallop flavors, a wrapping is looks plain only like a others present noodles packaging, it’s not attractive.

While, inside is carrying one parcel of a sauce, and dual apportionment of noodles.

The noodles is utterly good and feel like ‘Wan Tan Mee”, only like handmade noodles, tasted good. However privately not too cite with their XO Sauce, maybe they can come out some ambience that fit with Malaysian flavours?

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