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That’s Coffee @ Kota Laksamana

Recently there are few coffee emporium are non-stop in Malacca town, we motionless to compensate a revisit to for a initial coffee emporium that are recently open for business, That’s Coffee, located during Kota Laksamana.

Overall, That’s Coffee themed are formed on white, no too develop and with elementary renovation, we feel utterly gentle with their vast seat, is enlightened place for friends to accommodate adult and jabber over here.

The prohibited chocolate drinks by That’s Coffee.

They also served some western dishes and dessert, we systematic their pizza’s, we feel ambience good and a pizza’s membrane is skinny and crunchy, we like it.

That’s Coffee
Address : No.57, Jalan KL 3/8. Taman Kota Laksamana, Melaka
GPS Coordinate : N2.195799, E102.238137

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Pulau Ketam uninformed seafood Steamboat during TUTA, Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Every year when come to a raining season, many of us like to select steamboat for cooking during a cold evening. Everyone will be accumulate around a steamboat pot and keep warm…actually we like a special moment…

Recently, there is a newly open seafood steamboat grill located during a intersection of Jalan Temenggong 10 and Jalan Hulubalang 1 of Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, with a name of ‘Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant‘. (N1.50904 E103.65284)

 print IMG_3728_zpsb1f35b2c.jpg

The grill has a elementary setting, purify and good ventilated environment. You can have choices of indoor or outside dining area…

 print IMG_3726_zpsef328fd1.jpg

 print IMG_3723_zps399d7d3c.jpg

 print IMG_3724_zps86771ff1.jpg

The staffs and a owners – Mr John were accessible and helpful. Our steamboat served on list flattering fast.
Their tasty duck gas is prepared by few forms of uninformed mixture and also one of a categorical captivate for a diners. Beside, they do offer Tom-yum gas and both were good presented in a common 2 in 1 steamboat pot (widely accessible in JB area)

 print IMG_3732_zpsba8b1565.jpg

They offer in smallest 2 persons package (RM35 for singular form broth, RM37 for 2 forms broth) and we can have a choice to ambience usually a side dishes (more than 40 types) but grouping a categorical package.

We systematic a 3 persons package, follow by a other uninformed seafood…

3 persons package (photo taken from 3 opposite angles)

 print IMG_3717_zpse94946e0.jpg

 print IMG_3716_zps4b2e7ee9.jpg

 print IMG_3715_zps4db49145.jpg

 print IMG_3720_zps71418e76.jpg

And don’t forget a fish noodles (must order!)

 print IMG_3718_zpsff1f78c2.jpg

Their fish noodles is done from a mix of abounding fish paste, it’s a good to bite with a bubbling soup. The uninformed stretch fish noodles was opposite from other grill that we tasted before, it was a new knowledge for me!

We had few forms of their renouned seafood, crabs (with roes and without), large scallops,  white pomfrets, mussels and fresh oysters. Beside seafood, we also attempted their New Zealand beef slices and deep boiled dumplings.

 print IMG_3734_zps8e082e43.jpg

 print IMG_3735_zpsb4038ccf.jpg

 print IMG_3736_zps8275bde7.jpg

 print IMG_3741_zps4a31bb26.jpg

 print IMG_3739_zps8482256e.jpg

 print IMG_3748_zpsf3c4fc9d.jpg

 print IMG_3746_zpsf06b5fa4.jpg

 print IMG_3744_zps3856a488.jpg

We were unequivocally confident and assured with a uninformed seafood and a tantalizing broth! Not to mentioned a shabu-shabu beef slices and boiled dumplings. It was a delight carrying a steamboat in a raining evening, do you? (Yes, it’s a internal culture…)

According to a owners – Mr John, a uninformed seafood and mixture are boat ‘daily’ from Pulau Ketam to safeguard a compensation for their business ambience bud.

It’s good news for a steamboat fans to have another choice in Johor Bahru area. Have we try it before?

 print IMG_3731_zps4890162e.jpg

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Cuisine in Melaka


Malindo Air launches weekly Penang-Melaka, Pekanbaru flights
NOVEMBER 5, 2014

MELAKA, Nov 5 — Malaysia’s hybrid airline, Malindo Air, has launched its five-weekly flights from the Melaka International Airport, Batu Berendam here to Penang and Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

Chief Executive Officer Chandran Rama Muthy said the flights, using the 72- ATR-72-600 aircraft, were on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday and Sundays.

The Penang-Melaka flight, which takes one hour and 20 minutes, leaves at 10.10am and returns at 3.15pm while the Melaka-Pekanbaru flight, which takes one hour and five minutes, leaves at 11.50am and returns at 12.50pm.

Speaking to reporters after receiving passengers on the inaugural Penang-Melaka light here today, Chandran said the initial flights were over 90 per cent full.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron was on hand to greet the 70 passengers upon arrival at 11.30am.

Chandran said the Penang-Melaka air fare was RM79 one way while the Melaka-Pekanbaru flight cost RM70 one way.

He said Malindo Air planned to increase the frequency of both flights to six times weekly within the first six months due to growing interest in Melaka as a health tourism destination and a world heritage site among Indonesians, particularly those from Pekanbaru.

Malindo Air also plans to introduce the Melaka-Kota Baharu on Nov 21, he added.

Malindo Air has 18 planes, comprising 11 ATR-72-600 and seven Boeing 737s. — Bernama

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The Grill Bar Steakhouse during Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

The Grill Bar Steak House (N1.48086 E103.77347) is located along Jalan Sri Pelangi of Taman Pelangi. Which is few shops from a 7-Eleven available store. The grill is good famous with their steak, peculiarity mixture and reward western cuisines.

 print IMG_3654_zps5b88a91b.jpg

I was advantageous being invited for food  sampling on one of a dusk during Grill Bar. Once stepped into a restaurant, we been captivated by a American deco…beside that, there were also many sketch about biker. And yes, a owners and Chef – Mr Gary was a biker and had trafficked countless trips with his group.

Basically, a grill has divided into 4 dining sessions, we can select your welfare area…

 print IMG_3656_zpsdbf9a401.jpg

 print IMG_3650_zpsd4727fae.jpg

 print IMG_3652_zpsfb4ca88f.jpg

 print IMG_3649_zpsad837e63.jpg

And a final dilemma was a dining area for us, that we didn’t snap a photo…

After a introducing to any other and chit-chating, a tasty cuisines served on a table…

The starter platter

 print IMG_3577_zps5b4133cf.jpg

The platter consisted by Lobster Bisque Soup, Wild Truffle Mushroom Soup, Bacon Basil Tomato Chowder, Garlic Bread, Organic Pumpkin Chips, Mini Beef or Lamb Bagel.

 print IMG_3579_zps24d7e5e3.jpg

 print IMG_3584_zpsaa51d0f7.jpg

All a starter ambience above average, we like a mini beef bagel unequivocally much! Yeah…I’m a beef eater. Among all a soup, we like a pristine furious truffle fungus soup, a soup was thick with inexhaustible of mushroom…but that depends on particular ambience bud, we have to ambience it yourself. 🙂

Onion Blossom (2nd appetizer)

 print IMG_3581_zpsaba8fbfa.jpg

 print IMG_3582_zps906fbb10.jpg

This Onion blossom was awesome! It’s a renouned signature plate of a restaurant, we can't skip this if we are revisit Grill Bar. All a onion were boiled equally, crunchy and luscious honeyed inside, generally when we drop with a salad sauce, that make a ideal bite.

First categorical march of a night – Grilled Australia Black Angus Tenderloin.

 print IMG_3597_zps0fd99f92.jpg

 print IMG_3594_zps4fa0ec95.jpg

 print IMG_3622_zpsfceae274.jpg

The tenderloin was served with mini fungus side plate and with a middle doneness. Perfect grilled and a proposal inside, apportionment was large adequate for large eater. we will be behind to another middle singular doneness, a alien Black Angus was excellent!

Grilled New Zealand lamb tenderloin

 print IMG_3607_zps25953809.jpg

 print IMG_3600_zpsc4f7d557.jpg

 print IMG_3602_zpsbc33b5b9.jpg

The lamb tenderloin was served in middle doneness and not gamy during all, review with other lamb. This will unequivocally suitable for those patron who’s fearful of a smell. This was one of a renouned plate on a night, since it finish in reduction than 5 minutes…:)
I like a savoury colourless grilled with a proposal and tender meat, recommended.

Norwegian Silver Codfish

 print IMG_3615_zps1ac82470.jpg

 print IMG_3619_zps8d028ad7.jpg

The codfish had a good savoury outdoor skin and luscious inside. The sum knowledge of carrying this plate was perfect! Chef Gary emphasized that they prepared a plate by regulating a tail of a fish to get a ideal ambience with reduction oily.
The cost of a codfish is bottom on RM12/oz.

 print IMG_3621_zps0fc5afa4.jpg

Country pesto chicken

I like this steep unequivocally much!

 print IMG_3611_zps4a9fb202.jpg

The roasted steep hurl was perfumed and crispy on a outdoor skin and sojourn a wet of a meat, and pressed steep bacon and cheese were a best multiple of a chicken.
I adore it unequivocally much!

 print IMG_3613_zps2911e1c4.jpg

After a tasty categorical course, few desserts were served on a table…

Hot chocolate lava
Spongy cake with dim chocolate association with a vanilla ice cream.

 print IMG_3632_zps2f75b324.jpg

 print IMG_3633_zpsc6ea020c.jpg

Chocolate Brownie with Caramelized Banana

 print IMG_3640_zpsfa9c2e9d.jpg

Belgium Waffle
Nice multiple of a vanilla and dim chocolate.

 print IMG_3638_zpsf4991534.jpg

Creme Brulee
Nicely presented by Grilled Bar.

 print IMG_3636_zpsbcd2a7dc.jpg

Chef Gary was unequivocally kind to explained on a correct approach to suffer a Creme Brulee by not messed adult a tough caramel and a abounding custard base. Thanks Gary!

Apple Crumble

 print IMG_3641_zps91bf14a2.jpg

I was impressed by this dessert. The caramelized apple slices was served hot, and it was a ideal compare with a handcrafted biscuit.

 print IMG_3644_zpsc24931b9.jpg

All a desserts were not overly sweet, that became a customary in a multitude currently since of a health unwavering of each customer. we gave dual thumbs adult for a above starter, categorical march and desserts that served by Grill Bar!

 print IMG_3647_zpsc43af025.jpg

The Grill Bar supposing a good and accessible use with a peculiarity food to safeguard their business satisfaction, pronounced Chef Gary (owner). And he was humbly gave a credit to his ‘team’, generally a immature cook and Ms Willow, since he claimed that a restaurant’s repute will be bottom on a them, not on particular alone. we was convinced.

 print IMG_3672_zps95f50f7e.jpg

Grilled Bar is listed in one of my favorite western food grill in Johor Bahru, have we revisit a grill before?

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