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Restoran Lee Swee Meng @ Melaka Raya

Wanted to try Melaka normal nonetheless juicy Chinese restaurant? Restoran Lee Swee Meng (????????) really will be a ideal choice in sequence would like to ask for reasonable cost and juicy cooking during Melaka Raya.

First to come, Claypot Pork Curry, is a Chinese character Curry, with a small sharp though with thicker Coconut Milk, so a some-more incense instead of prohibited and spicy, is fit for those who not so cite for spicy.

The Claypot Pork Leg is their signature dishes and also for a internal favorites, a dim Soya Sauce and not too fat Pork Leg, that would not we feel greasiness, ‘Ho Chiak’.

Chinese Sausage with Egg, only elementary and a best when served together with Claypot Pork Leg and White Rice, auspicious Chinese normal cuisine combination.

Last dishes was a Claypot Beancurd, a light served and non-fat dishes, zero special on a Claypot Beancurd, served with some Vegetables, Mushroom and Beancurd.

Restoran Lee Swee Meng
Business time : 11.00am – 9.00pm (Wednesday Closed)
Address : No 2, Jalan Melaka Raya 34, 75000 Melaka
GPS Coordinates : N2.184070, E102.254625

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