Nasi Sultan @ Restoran Isbahani, Peringgit Jaya

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There are on Mamak grill is recognition with it’s dishes such as Kari Ayam, Sotong and Ikan Pari. Most of a Malaccan will called a rice as ‘Nasi Sultan’, a place to carrying Mamak rice for breakfast, lunch even during dinner!

Not certain how this grill get’s a recognition with a name of Nasi Sultan, some of a internal pronounced is named Nasi Sultan since of a owners name, however that does not matter and a categorical charge is only to find out a tasty food in Malacca town!

Here is not offered a churned rice as typical Mamak shop, though offer some of a accumulation choice of plate and is utterly renouned among Malaccan as settled during their signboard outward of a shop, Kari Ayam, Sotong, Kambing and Ikan Pari.

The initial will be their famous Sotong (Squid), many interestingly is a prepare with some Asam, as we can ambience small sour, nonetheless a Sotong is not tough to gnaw even they baked hourly.

The second will be a Pari Ikan with curry, simply delicious, competence a second choice to ambience a internal delicacies if we can't take a sharp Asam Pedas in Melaka.

Third will be a curry chicken, it opposite what we carrying in typical Malay or Mamak case curry chicken, however, it ambience good.

Restoran Isbahani (Nasi Sultan)
Address : 421, Ground Floor, Taman Peringgit Jaya, 75400 Peringgit, Melaka
Business hours : 6am – 6pm
GPS Coordinate : N2.21722 E102.25352

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