Encapsulated in Kuala Lumpur

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Encapsulated in Kuala Lumpur

By: Elmira A.

Know anyone entrance to a side of city who is looking for affordable, fuss-free accommodation for a brief stay? You should tell them about plug hotels, a hotel trend that is commencement to make waves in Malaysia. The judgment is not new – initial introduced in Osaka, Japan in 1979, it was grown to yield a elementary place to stay for guest and travellers who don’t need a services customarily offering by required hotels. The aim marketplace were primarily bureau workers who couldn’t locate a final sight home, or locals on an overnight business trip, who customarily indispensable a bed to nap on comfortably. But, like many things Japanese, a recognition spreads like wildfire, and nonetheless a thought behind it stays a same, plug hotels grew significantly and became a speak of a town. Other countries have now begun to have their own, such as Russia and China and some European airports like a one in Amsterdam.



Each of a guest bedrooms in a plug hotel are customarily designed with fiberglass block, and yet a sizes might differ, it is customarily about 2 by 1 by 1.25 meters in dimension. Guests can lay absolutely in a capsule, and can suffer some elementary comforts such as a radio and wireless internet, nonetheless this depends on a hotels as well. The capsules are built side by side, dual units high, and guest needs to use a stairs supposing if they are allocated with a room in one of a tip units. Bathrooms are communal, though guest will customarily be supposing with a towel and a yukata. Because of a open concept, some hotels offers apart sections for masculine and womanlike guest as to safeguard privacy.


However, we suppose that staying in a room large adequate customarily to nap in might not be ideal for some people, such as those with stress or claustrophobes. So before creation that reservation, greatfully safeguard that we or a people you’re travelling with do not have any issues that might breach your plug hotel experience. If we are certain that tiny cramped spaces won’t be a problem, afterwards plug hotels is an knowledge that we wouldn’t wish to miss.


The trend is rather new in Malaysia, and so far, we are home to dual renouned plug hotels:


  • Capsule by Container Hotel

Transportation Hub during [email protected], Sepang



Brought by a same people who gave us Container Hotel, Capsule is designed for movement travellers, backpackers and visit fliers who needs to pile-up overnight, or recharge before throwing their flight. The hotel has a really artistic ambience, and as a covenant to this, a mezzanine has been remade into a artistic space for internal artists to arrangement and share their works of art.

capsulebycontainer2   capsulebycontainer3

Capsule aims to make your stay as loose as possible, permitting we to entirely reinvigorate before withdrawal a doors. Among a amenities supposing are a towel, toiletries, indoor slippers and a shoe cupboard to safely keep your boots in. They also have a locker for your luggage, and if yours is a large one, all we have is surprise a front table staff and they will be means to support you. You can breeze down and relax during a Capsule Bar, or if adore to read, conduct to a library where we can even attend in their book sell system. They also have a common area for we to chill, and if we have some dire work to do, tatter not – their WiFi is permitted for we to use. And one good thing about Capsule? They also have capsules that can fit 2 people comfortably, and so it’s ideal for couples.


Contact details

Address: Lot L1-2 3, Gateway, Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport, Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor

Web: capsulecontainer.com

Phone: 03-76102020

Email: [email protected]



  • UFO Capsule Hotel

Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur



UFO caters to travellers who does not wish to spend a tiny happening on hotels with amenities they don’t indispensably need. It’s located strategically nearby some of KL’s many renouned attractions, such as Berjaya Times Square and Bintang Walk that are located within a walking stretch from a hotel. Other attractions are also only a brief expostulate away, including Istana Negara, KLCC, and Dataran Merdeka. Public travel is simply accessible, too, with a Imbi Monorail Station only a 5-minute travel divided from a hotel.

ufocapsule2  ufocapsule3


UFO Capsule Hotel insist on providing a gentle stay to all of their guests, while remaining elementary and hassle-free. There are shops within a closeness if we need to get something urgently, and WiFi is also permitted if we need to locate adult with work, or stay connected to family and friends. Each plug comes versed with a mirror, a concept energy indicate and a mini desk. A locker is also supposing to store your bags and valuables.


Contact details

Address: No. 30, Jalan 1/77A, Kampung Dollah, Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Web: www.facebook.com/ufocapsulehotel

Phone: 03-21480661


Do we know any other plug hotels in KL or Malaysia that’s value checking out?

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