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Tune Hotel, Kota Bharu


Kota Bharu is a pleasing city in a top north partial of a Peninsula Malaysia. The city is partial of a state of Kelantan, a state famous for a authentic Islamic vibe. In and around Kota Bharu are several glorious museums, standard internal day markets and several pleasing Thai temples. The city is not really touristic compared to other cities of a same size. In a centre are a few 5-star hotels, and also some glorious core category hotels. Around a city are some good resorts, and also a few renouned home stays.

Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels is a renouned hotel sequence in Malaysia. A Tune Hotel is mostly mainly located, inexpensive and furnished according to a no-frills element (nothing fancy; only good peculiarity for tiny money). In Kota Bharu is also a Tune Hotel. It lies in a core of town, 15 to 20 mins travel from several attractions (5 mins by taxi). The hotel lies directly conflicting a renouned selling mall KB Mall, one of a biggest and many renouned selling malls in town. KB Mall has, besides zillions of shops, a food justice and several eateries (including several fast-food restaurants).

Tune Hotel Kota Bharu is 8 stories high. On a initial building is an eatery where a mostly younger throng hangs out.


The bedrooms are all flashy in a same style. They are mostly a bit small, though interjection to a fit decorations we will hardly notice this. They always enclose a double bed with a gentle mattress. The bedrooms in a hotel in Kota Bharu showed some traces of aged age (we consider it will not take prolonged before it will be renovated completely). Always take a package with internet and A/C (it comes with some towels and a remote control for a TV). The A/C is a good underline since it can get utterly comfortable in a bedrooms though it.

Parking during a front

Tune Hotel Kota Bharu has a possess parking lot for RM3 a day (a RM10 deposition for a card). You can park in front of a hotel though afterwards we have to put income into a meter. Drawback; time goes retrograde and does not count for a subsequent day, so do not forget to fill a scale during 8am a following morning.


There is no breakfast served, though we can have a light dish during a cafeteria on a initial floor. However, we are improved off visiting KB Mall (opens during 10.00, though a fast-food restaurants open earlier). Alternatively, we can take a cab or travel to a executive market, during a other edge there are utterly a few renouned places where we can suffer a good internal breakfast.

Our final verdict

Tune Hotel Kota Bharu is a glorious bill hotel. You compensate little, while staying in a good room. Do not design too most of a hotel, since it is altogether utterly basic. They mostly offer good deals during This is a categorical reason for staying here; a bedrooms are all right and they mostly do not cost some-more than RM40 a night per room. It is a ideal place to stay during if we wish to try a city of Kota Bharu in a day or so.








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