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Kuala Lumpur’s Hidden Gems

A local’s beam to a weekend in KL’s unconstrained summer

Kuala Lumpur is mostly regarded as a renouned end heart for tourists from all over a universe due to a unaccompanied informative diversity. But I’m certain we are already wakeful of Kuala Lumpur’s renouned traveller hotspots such as a Petronas Twin Towers, Dataran Merdeka and Petaling Street. Instead, I’d like to share with we a beam to Kuala Lumpur’s underrated and honest destinations from a local’s perspective. If you’re looking to equivocate traveller traps and instead, truly know what it is like to be Malaysian, review some of a recommendations below:

1) Masjid Negara on Jalan Perdana


We mostly associate Mosques, Churches, Temples and other places of worships with a clarity of consent towards their chronological and informative origin. However, a Masjid Negara, or a National Mosque of Malaysia is singly modernistic. This architectural tack takes Islamic geometric latticework to a subsequent level, reflecting pools and shimmering fountains that approximate a categorical structure. Come reasonably dressed and be in astonishment of a perplexing Koran verses juxtaposed with French musical chandeliers adorning a Grand Hall.

2) Street Art along a Klang River Banks


On your approach to Central Market, by a ‘Pasar Seni’ LRT steer station; stop to conclude a graffiti that stretches along a Klang stream banks. Graffiti in KL is a radical art form. Bridge arches and neglected walls are tattooed images that ring stream governmental and domestic issues, revelation a story of KLs subculture from a viewpoint of agnostic locals. Call it a form of self countenance or a transformation to retrieve open space – this visible effect unfortunately has never sat good with authorities. But travel around a Klang stream by Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek and you’ll find honest travel art that gives KL impression and voice.

3) KL’s Brickfields (Little India)


Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of large cultures, races and religion, creation it overtly one of a many unaccompanied and diversified destinations in a world. The informative exoticism that lies here is materialized in KL’s Little India, or some-more ordinarily referred to by locals as Brickfields. Here we will be ecstatic into Malaysia’s distinguished Indian traditions where we can drop your palm into unconstrained amounts of rice, dhal and curry, in further to a engorgement of fusional Malaysian-Indian dishes. The paved streets of Brickfield are sparkled with colour, and scented with jasmine while spices rush over tabla rhythms and a operation of built festooned textiles outdoes any pleasant sunset.

4) Thean Hou Temple by Robson Heights


While Brickfields might give we an discernment to Malaysia’s Indian roots, Thean Hou Temple by a isolated Robson Heights represents unaccompanied Chinese-Malaysian pattern during a finest. The church was built by a Hianese encampment in Kuala Lumpur and is dedicated to a Goddess Tian Hou. Possessing elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, Thean Hou’s showy structure is a successful multiple of complicated architectural techniques and authentic normal design, featuring commanding pillars, fantastic roofs, exuberant carvings and perplexing embellishments. And if station in perfect bend during this architectural masterpiece isn’t enough, a soaring and commanding 6-storey church provides smashing views of Kuala Lumpur.

5) Rumah Penghulu during Badan Warisan


In a city that strives for mercantile and technological progress, we can mostly remove steer of a chronological past and informative heritage. Located in a heart of Kuala Lumpur, a Rumah Penghulu during Badan Warisan that is lilliputian by soaring skyscrapers would be a lovely discernment to a lives of internal Malaysians. This informative artefact is one of a oldest flourishing normal wooden Malay houses. It was built in stages between 1910 and a early 1930s in a tiny encampment north of Peninsula Malaysia and was after relocated and easy in 1996. Today, it stands as one of a excellent remaining examples of Malay vernacular architecture. Here we can suffer a guided debate of a devalue or even ramble around a pleasant gardens.

6) Dine during a Straits Food Company in Bangsar


We’ve oral about several sites that paint a different nonetheless particular sub-cultures benefaction in Malaysia. Albeit, we am nonetheless to discuss a place that discusses a one and agreeable Malaysia where all of a racial cultures, religions and races make Malaysia what it is. Something discernible that brings us Malaysians together is food. And while it is now a unaccompanied steer to see retirees and polite servants sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a unfounded crater of Kopi with a container of cigarettes in their linen shirts, and a daily journal widespread out opposite a table, The Straits Food Company is an try during recapturing a coffee emporium nostalgia of Malaysia. It’s peranakan interior joined with an superb internal menu should revitalise a vanishing past. With inexpensive and affordable prices, mosaic tiles and ratty stools, it’s all refreshingly Malaysian. Do compensate this modern-classic a revisit since it unequivocally is, as described, “Food For All”.

7) Enjoy Jazz, Funk and Groove during No Black Tie


The extended frame of bars and nightclubs during Changkat, Bukit Bintang facilities an ever-changing preference of venues charity all from Irish ale to Cuban mojitos. The packaged and bustling travel stage is compress adequate that we can barhop until a object starts to gleam and a consistent gibberish starts to fade. While bars are struggling to keep adult with trends and a adjacent competition, there’s one place that delivers consistently and that is No Black Tie. This is Malaysia’s Blue Note, a city’s unaccompanied jazz corner that screams polished cocktails underneath murmurs of Miles Davis. The wooden interior in contrariety to a large series of selected jazz posters compliments a venues name and live acts from all over a universe keep owner, stewardess and pianist Evelyn Hii’s No Black Tie invariably pulsating.

8) MAP during Publika


MAP is ductile art space where cordial developers motionless to creatively jazz adult a Solaris Dutamas housing complex. Here, spectators are means to try contemporary ideas and get a ambience of KL’s rising art scene. This humanities classification consists of dual spaces – a 6,000 block feet White Box gallery and a 250-seat Black Box new media space. Calling itself a newest humanities height for Kuala Lumpur, it provides a space for artists from a segment from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to share their slicing corner works with a wider audience.

9) Omakase + Appreciate nearby Masjid Jamek


Headed by dual eminent Malaysian mixologists, Karl Too and Chong Yi Shawn, Omakase + Appreciate is no easy attainment to find. Located behind an intimidating ventilated doorway down a moody of dimly illuminated stairs by a Bangunan Ming Annexe, you’ll find yourself ecstatic to a mark that resembles a quintessential Peranakan hotel room. The space hosts horde no some-more than 5 tables and a powering, antique shelf that binds thriving amounts of ethanol and dominates a whole room hints during Omakase + Appreciate’s solitary purpose, that is to offer a excellent concoctions to a throng who wants zero less.

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