Wonderful Malaysia

The Top Souvenirs from Malaysia

Malaysia was ranked among the world’s top 10 travel destinations in 2014, and in fact was the only Asian country to make the top ten list. This ranking was for good reason: Malaysia offers countless attractions, including stunning natural beauty, intriguing culture and inspiring festivals. In fact, in 2014 the national tourism board launched the fourth Visit Malaysia Year since 1990 to celebrate these attributes, and to reflect the diversity and unity of all Malaysians.

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Malaysia and of attractions to experience while there. However, when it comes to the close of your trip, what should you bring home? More than mere generic trinkets, the souvenirs that you return from your journey with are actually quite important, as they are an investment in preserving an experience. A really outstanding souvenir should convey the culture of the place visited while also evoking wonderful personal memories of the vacation that you will relive every time you observe this souvenir.

Borneo Pearls

On the island of Borneo, the Malaysian state of Sabah is home to one of the most popular souvenir attractions in Malaysia: pearls. Such is their quality in fact, that they are equally popular with locals.


Although the majority of pearls are still coming out of China, those surfacing in other Asia Pacific areas are just that much more precious. Sabah pearls are beginning to make waves in the Asian pearl market and will surely soon be appearing in boutiques such as Mesenso for pearl aficionados the world over to appreciate. Merely adding to their illusive charm and appeal, good quality pearls are notoriously hard to find, which make them a perfect souvenir investment.

Sarawak Bamboo

If you are more inclined to something culturally significant and handcrafted, then Bamboo creations manufactured from the indigenous people of Sarawak is a worthwhile consideration. Hand carved and hand painted, the beautiful bamboo creations are diverse and almost endless in form, functionality, and imagination.


Batik Fabric

Unlike many textiles that achieve design through weaving the threads of the fabric together, Batik Fabric is designed using a dying technique that implements a stain resistant method. Aside from being incredibly beautiful, these fabrics tend to be highly durable as well, since the dies are more resistant to washing and wear than painted or printed fabrics. As a cautionary note, if you want to invest in Batik fabric as a souvenir, make sure that it is genuine handmade Batik fabric and not generic fabric that merely displays a batik design.


Nyonya Beaded Shoes

If you are a person that likes to add to your wardrobe with every country you visit, a fashionable and culturally significant item that may interest you are handmade Nyonya Beaded shoes. In the form of traditional slippers, or more modern adaptations for many different styles of shoes and sandals, these beaded beauties really make a statement. Furthermore, supporting this artistic form helps to keep Peranakan culture alive and thriving.

There are of course many other souvenirs, including tea, spices and much more besides, but these four in particular are imbued with cultural relevance and history. Not only would one of these souvenirs spark memories, but they are definite conversation starters for you to share those memories with others. Better still, unlike something to be consumed, these souvenirs can last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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