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Walk, eat and try in Api-Api

The best breakfast idea place is during Fook Yuen is accessible during 3 places that is Damai, Kolombong and also during Jalan Sagunting(Gaya street). Nothing best compared to a crater of coffee and a square of toasted bread in a early morning or dusk tea. Head over to Fong Ip café for breakfast on a Sunday morning.


Bread and a crater of Teh-C during Fong Ip Cafe

In box we wish to try hand-made noodles, afterwards go for steep noodle or Tuaran noodle. The hardness of Tuaran noodle is special handmade yellow egg noodles that uses usually egg yolks, that is opposite than normal yellow is routinely boiled with beaten eggs, slices of barbequed or non-barbecued pork, slices of honeyed grilled pig or burn siew, chun kien (known as egg rolls). FYI, chun kien is done of minced pig and wrapped with skinny cut of egg. Meanwhile in Kedai Kopi New Mui Vui, is this famous Guo tie (dumpling) drop in vinegar or ginger sauce. The categorical mixture of a Guo tie are cabbage and grounded meat.

For dinner, revisit Da Jia Lai Restaurant in Bundusan area. And another bend is situated in Asia City. Those who imagination of seafood should sequence Dong Feng Luo (???) uninformed from a tank we can select that seafood that we desire.

Another place of suggestions for seafood is:

  • Supertanker
  • Salut Seafood Restaurant

Located in Jalan Laiman Diki, Kanpung Air, Restoran Sri Melaka is one of my favourite place to eat during childhood. It is famous for baba nyonya cuisine. One of favourite plate is a sayur pucuk manis dusty shrimp.

Hmm.. now, meditative what to buy for souvenirs? we advise selling some pivotal bondage from Gaya Street. we privately adore to come here to have a travel in a early morning of Sunday since it’s morning marketplace is usually accessible on Sunday.

In box we wish to have some fruits, let’s go for Tarap fruit is a form of internal fruit in sabah named Marang in Philippines. Want to buy some food stuffs, go to a Filipino market. Buy Kuih Cincin. Small packets might cost around RM5. Meanwhile, try another famous crackers that is a keropok amplang. It is done of fish paste.


Keropok Amplang

Wanted to have beef for lunch or dinner? Then select Upperstar. Why? Because it offers an affordable cost with far-reaching ranges.


Nasi Lemak

Besides, Kota Kinabalu Food Festival is hold each year. The purpose of a festival is to learn and foster opposite varieties of dining experiences. Want to do some Shopping or eating, afterwards go 1 borneo, Suria sabah or Imago, a newly non-stop selling mall.

P.s: Do revisit Rumah Terbalik (the Upside Down house) as well…


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