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Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW)

Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW)

4th – 7th November 2015


Venue : MATRADE MECC, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) is an general eventuality that gathers Malaysian and general conform designers and attention players that will be hold from   4th – 7th November 2015 in Kuala Lumpur by a array of “ground breaking” conform shows featuring designers from over 15 countries, a stylish jubilee eventuality and a trade muster called FACIT@INTRADE.

The conform shows for Spring/Summer 2016 will underline Malaysian designers underneath a Malaysia Fashion Showcase (MFS) banner, together with Asian designers underneath a Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) banner. MFS unveils Malaysia’s best of a best collections and it’s a jubilee of Malaysia’s conform for a World. The MBSAFW is a corner collaborative bid between STYLO International and oppulance automaker, Mercedes-Benz. MBSAFW will see some-more than 60 designers from over 15 Asian countries showcase their collection regulating MFW as a Asian platform. It is a trade conform eventuality headlined by ASIA for ASIA that portrays a alloy of Malaysian, Asian and Western influences.

At a initial MFW in 2014, 65 designers from 15 countries were featured including Malaysia and other Asian countries such as Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan and Australia. The collection enclosed Ready-To-Wear, Evening Wear, Bridal, Muslimah and Street Wear.

FACIT@INTRADE is a lifestyle member of MATRADE’s trade initiative, ie: International Trade Malaysia (INTRADE). A successful inhabitant and general trade muster that has been using for a past 8 years, FACIT@INTRADE is directed during positioning Malaysia as a region’s series one end for heading conform brands, accessories, textiles, cosmetics and personal care. FACIT@INTRADE places Malaysia on a map as a general end desirous by a latest designs, peculiarity textiles and high-quality conform accessories.

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