Fraser`s Hill

Rate this post Formerly a British hill station, Fraser’s Hill is shrouded with tranquillity and tinged with irresistible colonial charm.  Just a hop and skip away from Kuala Lumpur, or 100km to be exact, it is a surreal place to head to when you need to get away from a hectic week at work.  Its […]

Fun Day Out for the Young (and Young at Hearts)

Rate this post Going down a 150-m slope in a huge, inflatable ball is an idea of fun for those who crave something different.  GAC Adventure offers the Orbing Downhill Dry Ride at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang) during the weekends. Orbing is also available at 2 other locations, namely Gemas Golf Resort in […]

Japan in My Backyard

Rate this post There is a third reason why I am not booking the next flight to Japan. Why bother splurging a huge chunk of my moolah on travelling costs and enroll myself in a Japanese language course when Japan is right at my backdoor? Okay, I may have exaggerated just a tad here. The […]

Mezze Hits the Spot

Rate this post Words by Ariel Chew, Photos by Zainal Abidin Othman The classy and relaxing Mezze Lounge At Mezze, one can be assured of a good time for the mind, tummy and soul.   Tucked in a cosy corner at Damansara Heights, the unassuming looking bistro and lounge is an oasis for those who would […]

Healthy Raw Eating at Eco-Oasis

Rate this post Words and Photos by Ariel Chew Mention ‘healthy raw eating’ and most people would immediately think of bland, unappetising and generally ugly looking food.  I was no exception.  Except for sushi and the occasional salad, I prefer my meat and vegetables cooked, thank you very much.  Cheerful and airy, Eco-Oasis is perfect […]