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Buffet Dinner during The Newly Open Harbour Cafe in Traders Hotel during Puteri Harbour, Johor.

The newly open Harbour Cafe in Traders Hotel (N1.41784 E103.65638) has charity a good smorgasboard cooking to their guest and public. It’s about a month or so, a Traders Hotel during Nusajaya had started operation and so do a restaurants, we were invited by a Communication Manager – Ms Aidah for a smorgasboard cooking on one of a evening.
The Traders Hotel is located subsequent to a renouned Hello Kitty Theme Park and Puteri Harbour of Johor, a signages on a Highway will clearly navigate a caller to a finish easily.

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The Cafe is charity a International and internal delicacies, where we can ambience full of varieties in one stop. During a Ramadan month, they prepared some-more internal cuisine review with normal portion to support a guest for ‘Buka Puasa’.
Once we stepped into a cafe, we were greeted by a simply arrangement fruits and vegetables pickles on a emblem cabinets…it was so tempted to squeeze some of it…:)
The Executive Chef from a hotel – Mr Alan Wong introduced a dishes to us systematically…our pleasure and interjection to Mr Alan.
The initial event was a appetizers…

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There were many fruits and salads available, among all we like a baby tomotoes really much!

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The Harbour cafeteria supposing 7 forms of ‘Kerabu’ for appetizers…they were : Yurap Kacang Panjang, Kerabu Ayam, Kerabu Udang, Kerabu Daging, Acar Jelatah, Kerabu Perut and Tauhu Sumbat.
The ‘Rojak’ was loacted during a finish of it, where we can churned your possess fruits ‘Rojak’ a approach we like.

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On a subsequent event – a Japanese and a internal soup corner…honestly, this was my favorite corner. 🙂

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We were stepped in a ideal timing where one of a staff was pereparing a Sashimi…

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Next to a Japanese corner, simply presented a internal soup area. It supposing especially 3 forms of soup : chicken, beef and mutton.

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Follow by a Roti Pratha (or canai) session…they do offer ‘Roti Naan’ in request…

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Before we burst to a seafood area, there were something held my eyes…
The “Ayam Percik Utara, Nasi Hujan Panas, Rusa Rendang Johor and Puyuh Goreng Berlada.”

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The lamb chops were sitted beside…

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The seafoods from a same session…guests will have a choice to take a baked or ask a uninformed uncook seafoods.

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Coming adult subsequent was a ‘Claypot’ event where many of a curry and assam soup were serve, this was a event we miss! Because of not adequate space for me to fill in…

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Every smorgasboard we revisit during a Ramadan month, we will really see this ‘Whole Baby Lamb’, it competence be a contingency during a Buka Puasa.

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The Chinese dilemma was situated next, where we can get many of a noodle soup within a event enclosed a Nice Johor Laksa.

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When speak about Chinese corner, it won’t be finish with a ‘Dim Sum’. The juicy Dim Sum served but pig and lard, that means a Muslim friends also have a possibility to suffer a Chinese Dim Sum.

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The Local Delights of ‘Kambing Kari Pudina, nasi Goreng Ikan Masin, Bawal Semur Betawi, Udang Paprik and Pucuk Manis Masak Lemak’ were during a final food corner…

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The final event of a smorgasboard was a engaging island…The Dessert Island.

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They were a initial hotel in Johor to brought in a Fondue appurtenance from England, where we can have dim and white chocolate in One machine.

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I trust a children and some of a adults will vehement and adore it really much!

It was a respect to had Chef Bing to prepared a ‘Apom Balik’ for us, Yummy!

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Now, let’s have a peek on a dining area of Harbour Cafe…

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All a dining area are designed subsequent to a food session, we can simply suffer your cooking with only a few steps.

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I can’t ambience all a dishes here since of my really singular stomach, we wish we have 2-3 stomach to fill all a dishes here, am we greedy?! 🙂
I tasted a baby lamb, good and tender with a kuzi sauce. The incense Satay salsa was singular and special that we never try before! Nice! We were indulged in a Sashimi that evening…the Salmon and Tuna Sashimis were uninformed with a ideal texture.

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The dessert time was a time we can’t stop enjoying it! Thanks for Chef Bing specifically served us a singular dessert from him, that was my First time carrying a boiled pineapple that dipped with dim chocolate! Delicious!

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We had a smashing dusk carrying a smorgasboard cooking during Harbour Cafe! I’ll really behind for more…

A common doubt from friends : “How’s a food?” Well, we can't ambience all a dishes in a Cafe, and know that everybody has a opposite ambience bud. You have to try it yourself to find your possess taste. What we can contend is…some were normal and many were Yummylicious! Especially sup during a good environment, we would say…I adore it!

The cost for a smorgasboard cooking during Harbour Cafe from 10th Jul until 9th August 2013 is RM108++ per pax, 6.30pm – 10.30pm. If we visiting a cafeteria in a large group, we might hit a Hotel for improved price.

Last, we would like to interjection to Ms Aidah – Communicaton Manager, Mr Alan Wong – Executive Chef, Mr Bing – Chef and Mr Avraam – F B Manager for their comfortable liberality and a Delicious foods.

*  No pork, no lard, no Halal cert.

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