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At A Plank Bridge

January 17, 2012 during 12:00 pm

We have mostly listened a grandparents speak about their knowledge during a World War II in Malaysia – how a Japanese ruled a nation with an iron fist, a cruelties and a oppressive times that they faced during that time and how grateful they are to be means to suffer vital in a pacific nation now. Despite a rudeness of it, many still seem to be desirous by a stories and a lessons that can be learnt from it. Although cinema like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Empire of a Sun and Schindler’s List creates an engaging watch, it also gives a viewers a glance of how life was during that time.

Catch ‘At A Plank Bridge’ during Pentas 2, klpac from 17th compartment 21st Jan 2012

If we are a fan of fight stories, be certain to locate ‘At A Plank Bridge‘ , a opening brought to we by The Actors Studio from 17th compartment 21st Jan 2012. The story is about dual group who incidentally accommodate on a behind nation highway during World War II, only after a obey of a Japanese function army. It tells a story of Fook Leong’s possibility confront with Chandran, who pounded Fook Leong meditative that a former was a bandit. While their initial fight is simply resolved, they learn that there is a distant deeper dispute between a dual of them as their destinies collide.

Tickets are labelled during RM 43 for adults and RM 23 for students, a disabled, TAS UNCHR cardholders. It will be hold during Pentas 2, klpac @ Sentul park and is scheduled to perform as below:-

17th Jan 2012 (Preview) during 8.30 pm
18th compartment 20th Jan 2012 during 8.30 pm
21st Jan 2012 during 3.00 pm AND 8.30 pm

For some-more information, greatfully call The Actors Studio during 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 or klpac during 03 4047 9000 or record on to a website here.

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