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Aunty Koh Cendol @ Bukit Rambai

Searching for juicy Cendol in Melaka, we should go have a try Aunty Koh Cendol, where is located during a highway side of Bukit Rambai. Aunty Koh Cendol is distant from Melaka Town, t’s about 25 mins tour from Melaka Town to Bukit Rambai.

Here is a Aunty Koh Cendol, with thick of Coconut Milk and Gula Melaka, red beans, shaves ice and home done Cendol. Overall we feel utterly confident and tasty, generally immature cendol, we can feel a ‘elasticity’ when we gnaw a Cendol, competence not a best of a all, though for certain is one of a best Melaka Cendol!

Beside than Cendol, Aunty Koh also offered another dessert, a Taibak. Taibak is one of a renouned Baba and Nyonya dessert, Taibak is a elementary multiple with a Jelly, trim ice and syrup.

Aunty Koh – Melaka Best Cendol open her business usually on Weekend and only dual hours (12pm – 2pm). So it’s a small tough to squeeze Aunty Koh Cendol given there utterly direct possibly from internal or traveller hunt for Aunty Koh Cendol. Make certain we means to reached here before 12pm, so we can skipped a reserve and suffer Aunty Koh Cendol, one of a Melaka Best Cendol!

Aunty Koh Cendol
Business Hour : Saturday – Sunday (12pm – 2pm)
GPS Coordinates : N2 14.804 E102 11.516

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Travel to Melaka

Melaka Haze Second Wave Attack

Melaka mist entrance again and will be a second call attack, given yesterday Bukit Rambai area Air Pollutant Index (API) during 107 diseased turn and Melaka area Air Pollutant Index (API) 95 assuage level.

API reading for currently is removing worse, Melaka API available 112 diseased turn and Bukit Rambai 122 diseased turn during 9am.

Today Melaka perspective with mist during Melaka Raya area.




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