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Visiting Malaysia is like stepping behind in time. Everywhere we look, there will be something that possibly reminds a inhabitants of a past. It could be an aged building, a emporium that has been open for generations, a mark where normal performances were hold and so on.

Aside from locations, there are also people who still use aged trades such as creation seat by hand, transporting fares by trishaw and even smithies who conform buckets and other collection from iron and timber during their forges.


This is what we discovered, or rather, rediscovered when visiting Penang. It has been ages given we set feet on Penang island and there is many some-more to it now than ever when it comes to art, enlightenment and heritage. we privately feel that Penang is now a heart for art in Malaysia.

Heritage here is also recorded in museums and galleries. They dot a categorical city of George Town and many of them have cafes trustworthy to them that demeanour only as singular as a galleries. One such cafe/gallery is China House.


The cafe’s walls are ornate with selected outfit while a art gallery upstairs displays paintings, pottery and sculptures by several internal artists. They also have booths within a cafeteria offered hand-made conform accessories.


Moving behind outside, a weathered walls of colonial-era buildings are given some impression with art installations and paintings such as this this:

I also beheld that there’s a clever Chinese change in Penang in terms of culture. There’s a crowd of Chinese residence houses we can find, many of that are open to visitors for some-more information on any residence and some even concede photography.

Over on a seashore of George Town is a Clan Jetties Floating Village, a finish encampment on stilts above H2O where a Chinese clans used to live in a 19th century. Coming as immigrants then, they determined clans to tarry in a new environment.

If you’re visiting Penang for a initial time, make certain to move your walking boots since that’s how Penang is best explored. You won’t learn many if we float around in a automobile all day. The genuine knowledge is in a dark gems tucked divided in a many astonishing corners of a island. Penang maintains a aged universe attract and is a friendly end to breeze down or suffer art and song and many of all, food! But that is a story for another time.

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