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The Newly Opened 50th Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Outlet during KSL Complex in Johor Bahru.

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cafe (N1.48544 E103.76290) had started a new opening in a KSL Shopping Mall Johor Bahru now! Located subsequent to a categorical opening to a mall. The cafeteria started business on final Saturday 27th Apr 2013, and it was crowded.

About Coffee Bean
Herbert B. Hyman started The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf ® in 1963 with a loyalty to value and quality, and his efforts done him a first father of epicurean coffee in California. The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf ® has given grown into one of a largest privately- owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in a world.

The continuation and recognition of The Bean, as it is affectionately referred to by devotees, can be attributed to a high standards that were determined from a beginning. From trend-setting drinks like a World Famous Ice Blended®, to a employees who turn a partial of a communities they work in, The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf ® has detected a regulation for a successful coffee and tea company.

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The deco is roughly same as other outlets and it has a indoor aircon and uncovered area.

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Another cosy area located inside a cafe, it’s a good place for those who wish some-more privacy…and we saw there was a energy supply hollow underneath a chairs, it’ll unequivocally welfare for those who wish to relax surfing in a cafe…

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Besides food, coffee and tea, they do sell accumulation of cakes, scones, puffs, pies and others…

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The Cheese cake was Really nice! Not too sweet…

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There are many forms of tea bags offered during a front opposite for those business who like to make their possess tea and suffer during home…
I was captivated by a coffee machines that arrangement in a cafe…
After patiently explained by a Marketing Manager – Ms Nikki Low, we know that we can buy that appurtenance with a capsules and suffer a accurately same ambience and aroma of coffee during home! Great!

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It has accumulation colour for particular preference, and we like a one in black…how about you? 🙂
These coffee machines are totally opposite from a coffee builder we used to see in a marketplace decade ago…well, record is so allege nowadays!
In and with their 50th Anniversary, their stream graduation is RM50 off any appurtenance purchased and 50 capsules free. Hurry while batch lasts!

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Most of a time when we revisit Coffee Bean Cafe, we usually took a coffee…but currently we attempted their breakfast set. It was a good!

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I took a toasted bread with half-boiled eggs – ‘Food for thought’ and my crony systematic a sausages and scrambled eggs – ‘Brek ‘O’ Day’. Both sets served with Coffee or Tea, and we had giveaway refill until 11am.

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Both breakfast were good and we suffer a atmosphere of a Coffee Bean Cafe. We can’t control a enticement of a Cheese cake that arrangement in a cake chiller, so finish adult any of us took one square of their signature Cheese cake. Oh! It was Delicious!

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The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf applaud their 50th anniversary this year and this is also their 50th outlets in Malaysia. What a coincidence! The government is giving 50% off for The Original Mocha / Vanila Ice Blended on a 29th April, 27th May and 24th June this year for all a outlets within Malaysia. Grab it and don’t skip it!

Beside this special offer, they also offer a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary TCB Card for their unchanging customers. It works like a prepaid label and we can collect additional points on a food and beverages any time we revisit Coffee Bean Cafe. The label is request to all patron and all outlets in Malaysia.

Still not enough? To applaud a opening of their 50th opening during KSL, they have distributed a Buy 1 get 1 free vouchers for their Ice Blended Mocha / Vanila until 27th May. If we don’t have a vouches, we can only uncover a opposite about a offer from their Facebook in your smartphone and they will giving a same payoff to everyone, pronounced Ms Nikki.

Ms Nikki pronounced The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf also yield catering services to bureau and home! You can sequence a tasty pastries and colorful cupcakes from them too! Please check out their Party Packs here.

All a cost of a dishes and drinks are settled in their central website : The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf.

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