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Heaven during a Edge of Borneo

Heaven during a Edge of Borneo

Robert Frost once wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, we took a one reduction trafficked by, and that has done all a difference.” He could really good have created about Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, a tiny dot on a map of Kudat district in Malaysia. Relatively different due to a remote location, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau doesn’t get many visitors, and for now, this outpost on Borneo Island stays a paradise.

This top in an removed partial of Sabah is reachable after 3 hours’ expostulate northeast of Kota Kinabalu, a final partial of that is over unpaved mud roads snaking by a tiny normal Borneo village. A correct highway to these parts, in fact, was usually built as recently as in a 1960s, before to that entrance was done probable usually by navigating a vessel along a coast.

But those who don’t caring for a tiny annoy — yet it contingency be said, a views along a approach are fantastic — will be rewarded, during journey’s end, with a landscape so pretentious that we will trust in a existence of sky on earth.

The crescent-shaped Kalampunian Beach here is carpeted in pristine white sands on that peaceful waves path to a shore. This unconditional coastline, fringed by casuarinas trees and pronounced to be one of a many moving vistas in Sabah, leads adult to a hilly precipice called Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, a northern-most tip of a Borneo Island.

Now, suppose station on this precipice corner and looking out to where a South China and Sulu seas accommodate in a good strife of waves. Dark and soppy sandstone boulders widen out into a sea like beached humpback whales in a obscurity of sea mist. The winds blow in forceful, frightening gusts, wafting a excellent fog of silt into a air. Visitors mount in astonishment with undone adult hair and billowing skirts. It feels like we are in a remote frontier, confronting furious and different possibilities – it’s exhilarating. Perhaps this was what Ferdinand Magellan, mythological to have stopped here during his circumnavigation of a globe, felt those many years ago.

It hadn’t always been such a singular place, though. The name, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau itself is subsequent from a Rungus difference “sampang mangazo” referring to a good battles once fought here in a 18th and 19th centuries by a locals. According to legend, a seashore was a favourite alighting indicate for looting pirates, and Rungus warriors bravely fought them off in bloody battles to strengthen their land. Tanjung Simpang Mengayau afterwards became a ideal surveillance indicate for incoming bandit attacks.

Though it is capricious how prolonged a Rungus have been occupying a area, they are deliberate to be a many normal clan in Sabah due to their siege from a bigger towns for so many years. While many have blending to complicated vital rather well, a comparison generations still purchase to their singular enlightenment and traditions. Many of a womanlike elders continue to wear normal coronet coils on their arms and furnish charming beads around their necks. Their basketry, weaving and beading works are pronounced to be legendary, and while complicated ways have overtaken their some-more normal lifestyle, it is still probable to revisit a Rungus encampment and knowledge a night’s stay in their longhouse during Kampung Bavanggazo.

Besides a homestay in a Rungus longhouse, there are usually a handful of places that can accommodate tourists in Tanjung Simpang Mengayau and Kudat, reflecting a district’s comparatively new bearing to tourism (See “Accommodations” next for some-more options). However, there are still a series of informative practice here that warrants a traveller to put adult during slightest a night in a area, such as saying drum artisans during work in Kampung Sumangkap and a tiny apiculture attention during Kampung Gombizau. The people of Gombizau, informed with a internal botanical properties, have also commercialized a form of cure-all called ubat seribu or refreshment of a thousand uses done of furious plants, roots and herbs. Reputed to assuage several health problems such as high blood vigour and diabetes, it is a estimable commemoration to move home.

Each year, Kudat also plays horde to several engaging events such as a Gong Fest in Matunggong encampment in Oct and a Coconut Fest in Jul (coconut being an critical stand in a district). There is also a special outside band opening during Tanjung Simpang Mengayau any year that attracts crowds to a area – one that starts during a hour a object sets on a horizon, earnest a stately low-pitched eventuality to remember (see “Events” below).

Even but all these touristic events, it’s easy to tumble in adore with Kudat, and generally Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. No consternation a Rungus people were generally defensive of their dear land and put adult a genuine good quarrel those centuries ago!


Sunset Music Fest during a Tip of Borneo, Kudat
Late June/Early Jul (please check with Sabah Tourism Board, hit below)

Organised by Sabah Tourism house and Sri Pelancongan Sabah, this yearly eventuality serenades audiences with exemplary favourites and contemporary tunes as a object sets on a setting during a northern-most tip of Borneo, in Kudat. Enjoy a pleasing sounds of a full band opposite a backdrop of one of Borneo’s many breath-taking sceneries.

Coconut Fest
29 Jun to 1 July

The coconut, an ever-popular fruit of a tropics, is distinguished in a special festival during Tomborungus in a northern district of Kudat. Coconut is grown extensively here covering an area of some-more than 5,741 hectares or about 14,000 acres planted.

The festival highlights a coconut attention and approval of a poignant grant to a amicable and mercantile gratification of a farming folks in Kudat. Its rising date coincides with World Coconut Day and a horde of sparkling activities are lined adult for visitors including a rarely interesting coconut shoe race, squeezing coconut divert competition, food and splash exhibition, trade displays, coconut conform uncover and a wildlife muster for a whole generation of a festival.
Pesta Gong Matunggong
24 – 25 October

The drum is one of a quintessential low-pitched instruments of Sabah and is constructed by qualification makers during Sumangkap encampment in Matunggong. See how they are done and played to constructed a singular sounds of racial Sabah music.


It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours’ transport by land to get to Kudat from Kota Kinabalu.

In Kudat town

The Kudat Golf Marina Resort offers 88 bedrooms trimming from customary to fine suites. Published room rates start during RM220 nett all a approach adult to RM450 nett thorough of breakfast. Facilities accessible during a review are an 18-hole golf course, semi-olympic distance swimming pool, aptness centre, sauna, tennis justice and children’s playground.

Tel: +6088 611 211, +6088 212 366
Email: /

At Tanjung Simpang Mengayau

There are a series of bill accommodations during Kalampunian Beach located along a highway that takes we to a Tip of Borneo. Though not high-end resorts or hotels, these no-frills accommodations yield gentle and purify amenities during affordable prices. Best of all, they have good views of a beach and sunset.

Tampat Do Aman is a low-impact “jungle camp” located during a border of a Sabah state timberland haven and only 10 to 20 minutes’ travel to a Kalampunian Beach. Tampat Do Aman provides guest with dual forms of sleeping arrangements, possibly in normal Rungus longhouses (complete with butterfly netting) or in semi-permanent tents (tents on lifted wooden platforms with thatched roofs). Rates are RM30 per chairman per night in a longhouse or a tents. Do note that Tampat Do Aman has common toilet and lavatory comforts and no prohibited showers.

The jungle stay also has a beach-front restaurant, Tip Top Restaurant and Bar, that serves western and Asian dishes; and an activities centre that rents out recreational apparatus such as snorkelling gear, bicycles and arranges for jungle movement trips. Future skeleton here embody building some-more chalets, a dive centre, a wildlife refuge and a Rungus informative centre.

Tel: 013 880 8395
Facebook: Tampat Do Aman

BorneoTip Beach Lodge is located right opposite a highway from a beach where guest can suffer good beach and nightfall views. It has 12 beach-facing bedrooms propitious with gentle beds, comfortable showers and atmosphere conditioners. Guests can select from bedrooms that nap two, three, 4 or five, labelled during RM150, RM180, RM200 and RM240 respectively. All prices are net and embody breakfast. The board also has a grill and a mini lounge.

Facebook: BorneoTip Beach Lodge Kudat
Tel: 016 8170163

Tip of Borneo Resort is also famous simply as Tommy’s Place. Guests only need to cranky a highway to get to a beach on a other side. It has 8 bedrooms labelled during RM130 for a room that fits dual and RM160 for a room that fits three. Price is thorough of taxes and breakfast. Tommy’s has a grill that serves a preference of internal and western dishes.

Tel: +6088-641 488 / +6088-641 499 / +6088-493468
Facebook: Tip of Borneo Resort


For some-more information on Tanjung Simpang Mengayau and events in Sabah, contact:

Ms. Susan Shahira
Event Manager, Sabah Tourism
Tel: +6088 232 121
Fax: +6088 265 540
Facebook: SabahMalaysianBorneo

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Tourism Malaysia

Tea Garden with a Difference

Tea Garden with a Difference


Having returned from Cameron Highlands recently where we overdosed on a dizzying array of tea, we suspect going on another tea outing is out of a question. But strangely enough, in no time, we found myself traversing high and circuitous roads nonetheless again, to be surrounded by rolling hills of scenic tea plantations and served a accumulation of tea. Apparently, this author usually can’t conflict anything that a Land Below a Wind has to offer.

Nestled in a primitive rainforest conjectural to be 130 million years aged during 2,272 feet above sea level, Sabah Tea Garden offers visitors an surprising revisit to a ‘tea forest’ where rainforest trees and organic tea plants grow side by side. Its recognition as a weekend getaway has been flourishing by a years, quite among families and students. Besides, Kota Kinabalu is usually a two-hour expostulate divided while Mount Kinabalu Park is merely an hour’s journey.

At a Tea Manufacturing Factory, my associate debate members were totally pensive in a extensive reason by a internal beam Aubrey. Having no inkling of tea processing, their amount courtesy didn’t warn me during all.

I, on a other hand, was rather intrigued by a far-reaching choice of creatively finished tours accessible here. It’s flattering astonishing for a tea plantation, we contingency say.

Travellers currently demonstrate flourishing regard for a sourroundings and wish to play a partial to safety Mother Nature even during their holidays. Sabah Tea Garden has struck a right chord with a far-reaching operation of creatively finished tours that mix an didactic revisit to a tea prolongation factory, nature-based activities, informative elements and charge efforts.

Its many sought-after debate package has to be a ‘Sabah Tea Adventure 2 Days 1 Night’, that garnered a initial Tourism Malaysia endowment for Best Tour Programme for Educational Tourism. It is renouned among students and outside enthusiasts as they get to suffer a horde of fun activities that takes them over training about tea.

After checking in to a normal Sabah Tea Longhouse, participants get to conquer barrier crossings during a Sapaon Recreational Area and learn a significance of organization work by organization building games. They also learn how to make a glow and prepare tapioca and honeyed yams.

Unless there’s a complicated morning mist, participants will routinely be greeted by a pleasing morning perspective of a stately Mount Kinabalu a subsequent morning.

Other highlights of a debate embody jungle movement during Kamunsu Hill, swimming in cold and primitive towering water, night walk, and a tea bureau tour. Needless to say, a educational programme offers participants a glance of tolerable rural practices and tellurian growth in peace with nature.

Besides this award-winning package, several packages trimming from day outing to 3 day-2 night debate have also been combined to support to opposite organization of visitors such as families, students, inlet lovers, companies and supervision departments, cyclists and aptness enthusiasts.

The Quailey’s Hill Tour, for instance, is targeted during Australians and those who are meddlesome to learn some-more about a World War II Sandakan-Ranau genocide marches and compensate honour to a depressed Australian soldier. The 3 day-2 night Sabah Tea Rainforest Conservation Global Warming Prevention Programme is combined quite for Japanese university students who wish to play a partial in inlet charge efforts. The programme is also open to students from Malaysian schools and universities.

Cycling buffs would substantially be preoccupied by a severe trails, labyrinth in and out of a rainforest and in-between undulating tea bushes. Sabah Tea Garden has hosted several towering bike races such as a Sabah Tea Adventure Race, a 40km racecourse that combines off-road towering biking, jungle-running, barrier march and stream crossings.

Sabah Tea Garden also provides comforts for companies and supervision departments that opt to reason their meetings, seminars or conferences there. A venue amidst tea plantations and rainforest should be some-more moving than a paltry hotel room that routinely draws yawns rather than ideas.

After spending roughly a whole afternoon furloughed a tea plantation, we were sensitive by Aubrey that usually 1,200 acres of a camp land is used for tea cultivation, blurb buildings, and staff housing; a rest, or approximately 5,000 acres, is still really most lonesome with rainforest. It provides home and food for insects that would differently conflict a tea plants. Hence, no synthetic caricature or pepper is combined into a tea and it is 100 per cent insecticide free.

“The use of timberland charge maintains a offset ecology; therefore, there is no need for a use of pesticides,” pronounced Aubrey. Indeed, a change of ecology charge and tea cultivation that is really most emphasised here has proven to be a winning combination.

We were also sensitive that a workers here feed a dirt instead of a tea plants. Different tools of a tea plant are collected to make compost and used as healthy fertiliser. For instance, tea branches from a pruning are left in a margin while rejected tea stalks from a tea prolongation processes in a bureau are recycled behind into a field. Fruit trees are planted to attract birds. Fishing is also taboo solely for a few days in a year in a Morolli and Sapaon rivers that upsurge by a plantation.

Such charge efforts are indeed really most in line with a Government’s end to emanate a purify and healthy environment. In fact, a Ministry of Tourism has launched a 1Malaysia Green, 1Malaysia Clean debate to foster a country’s contentment of healthy beauty as good as to boost recognition on a significance of preserving a environment.

Sabah Tea is one of a few organic tea plantations in a universe and Borneo’s usually organic tea farm. Being a single-estate plantation, a tea is not blended with those of other plantations. Therefore, peculiarity of a tea can be tranquil to safeguard consistency. Besides giving us a minute reason of tea cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, and brewing, Aubrey also showed us a ways to brand reward tea.

Speaking of reward tea, during Sabah Tea Garden, usually choice proposal leaves from a peculiarity Camellia sinensis plants are comparison and used. The whole routine is expertly and meticulously controlled.  The camp is approved for organic prolongation and estimate by SKAL International B.V of a Netherlands, an internationally recognized organization that performs inspections and grants acceptance for organic prolongation methods.

Our tea outing finished on a ideal note with a potion of cold tea during a Sabah Tea House. We also had some tea pancakes that were served with honey. Made of dejected tea root extract churned with flour and egg, it is reputedly a must-have for all visitors to Sabah Tea Garden.

With a full stomach, we bade Aubrey and his colleagues during Sabah Tea Garden farewell. We vowed to be behind again to join one of a debate packages. I’ve already set my heart on a ‘Sabah Tea Escapade’ package that comes with a fish massage.
Sabah Tea Sdn. Bhd. (Inquiries Reservation):
Address 1: Lot 83, Lorong Mega, Off Jalan Kilang, Sedco Industrial Estate, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Address 2: P.O.Box 14479, 88851 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA.
Tel: (6088) 440882
Fax: (6088) 423448
Tea Garden: Km17, Jalan Ranau/Sandakan, Kg. Nalapak, 89309, Ranau, Sabah.
Tel: (6088) 879220
Fax: (6088) 879224

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