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Inaugural Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015

Inaugural Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015



Kuala Lumpur, 6 May 2015 – The city of Kuala Lumpur is set to come alive amidst a 3- day food festival during a iconic Dataran Merdeka after this month. Kuala Lumpur City Hall in partnership with a Ministry of Tourism Culture, is unapproachable to benefaction a initial Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015.Heating a approach from a 29th to 31st May 2015, a food festival will move together gastronomic delights from a 13 Malaysian states, creation internal and general foodies spoilt for choice with a operation of over 60 food counters portion adult usually a best. This was announced yesterday by Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Hj. Ahmad Phesal Hj. Talib, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur during a media launch that concurrently introduced a participating chefs, sponsors and partners reason during Samplings on a Fourteenth in Berjaya University College of Hospitality.



Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Hj. Ahmad Phesal Hj. Talib, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur quoted in his speech, “According to Euromonitor International, Kuala Lumpur is ranked 9th out of 100 heading cities for traveller arrivals in a annual Top City Destinations Ranking 2013.It is no warn that Kuala Lumpur done a Top 10 list, as one of a attractions is a accumulation of food it serves that has always combined a lot of seductiveness with visitors from around a world” He combined “The Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015, taglined “Bringing You a Gastronomic Experience”, is a ideal height to deliver Kuala Lumpur as a ‘MELTING POT’ of South East Asia.

The food festival will offer tasty dishes trimming from travel food right adult to excellent dining while highlighting Kuala Lumpur as a GASTRONOMY HEAVEN to a foodies around a world.” Incidentally Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015 is a travel a devise beginning underneath Kuala Lumpur Tourism Master Plan 2015 – 2025, positioning Kuala Lumpur as a Malaysian cuisine heaven. One of a criteria is to emanate a food fesival in Kuala Lumpur.

The Food Festival Partners Sponsors.

This sparkling food festival is upheld by a list of multinational companies as a festival partners:



• Official airlines – Malaysia Airlines for drifting down a festival chefs, general media and bloggers. Malaysia Airlines is also utilising this festival as a height to foster food on-board a First and Business category flights in partnership with Her Royal Highness Tengku Puan Pahang during a 3-day festival. Malaysia Airlines’ Director of Customer Services, Dato’ Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani said,

“Malaysia Airlines is gay to be collaborating with Her Royal Highness Tengku Puan Pahang to move a guest flavoursome and tasty dishes to punch on-board. We wish that a guest will suffer these dishes, as most as we’ve enjoyed formulating them from a Dapur Istana.”



• Official gas partner – Gas Petronas for provision gas cylinders with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that browns with a loyal blue fire to yield hotter, cleaner and careful use for protected cooking “Gas PETRONAS is absolved to be a event’s Festival Partner.

As Malaysians, we take a food severely and cooking gas is an critical member in offer to a mixture and collection compulsory to emanate sorcery in a kitchen. We are vehement to be partial of an beginning that brings people together by a informed flavours of well-loved dishes that make adult Malaysia’s singular food heritage,” pronounced Nik Faizanira Nik Affandi, General Manager of LPG Business Division, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad.



• Official kitchen appliances partner – Electrolux for equipping a Big Kitchen Festival with a tip operation appliances and kitchen equipment Mr. Koh Soh Hoie, General Manager, Electrolux Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei quoted, “It gives us good pleasure to partner with a initial Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015, a showcase for a opposite cuisines accessible in Kuala Lumpur, that reflects a different and pleasing culture. The chefs will be regulating a Inspiration kitchen operation that is built on European designs and adapts a facilities and innovations formerly usually accessible in veteran kitchen appliances for home use.”

Other partners embody culinary propagandize partner, Berjaya University College of Hospitality for kitchen technical recommendation and volunteers. Madam Mae Ho, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of BERJAYA Higher Education Sdn Bhd quoted “The KL Big Kitchen Festival 2015 is an extraordinary beginning to showcase a culinary masterpieces of birthright cuisine to visitors.” Majestic Hotel is a festival’s hotel partner, hosting a Big Kitchen chefs and International media

Chefs on house a Festival



Curated by UK Based Malaysian Chef and Kuala Lumpur Food Ambassador, Chef Norman Musa, a festival will also declare a horde of luminary chefs who will disturb and perform with live cooking demonstrations and workshops via a Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015.

The list of participating chefs besides Chef Norman Musa include:

• Chef Wan – Celebrity chef
• Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad – Celebrity chef
• Chef Isadora Chai – tip ranking Malaysian-born chef
• Chef Adu Amran -London-based Malaysian culinary expert
• Chef Malcolm Goh – Culinary Executive Supervising Chef of AFC‘s “Great Dinners of a World”
• Chef Firdaus Hanan – UiTM Culinary Lecturer Host of Astro Maya’s Makan
• Chef Dr Ezani – leader of MasterChef Malaysia Season 1
• Chef Izyan Hani – leader of MasterChef Malaysia Season 2
• Chef Jochen Kern – German innate Director of a School of Culinary Arts during Berjaya University College of Hospitality
• Chef Anis Nabila – Celebrity chef
• Chef Darren Chin – Celebrity Chef owners of DC Restaurant
• Chef Kamarul – Celebrity Chef
• Chef Martin Yan -Chinese-born American prepare and food author horde of awardwinning cooking uncover Yan Can Cook
• Chef Will Meyrick from UK – Top Chef Indonesia judge
• Chef Claire Ptak from UK – owns a bakery and café, a Violet Bakery her latest book named after it
• Chef Cyril Rouquet from France – French Masterchef finalist 2011
• Chef Mark Jarvis from UK – formerly Head Chef of a Bingham

Visitors will get a possibility to accommodate with internal and internationally eminent chefs as they control cooking workshops and demonstrations, give talks and correlate with them. Visitors can also learn to ready and prepare some authentic Malaysian dishes, and get some useful tips from a experts themselves during a festival.

Daily food talks during a Festival will be by Bondan Winarno (leading Indonesian Food Reviewer Television Presenter) on similarities in a supposed “national cuisines” of Malaysia and Indonesia, Dr. Halijah Binti Ibrahim (Professor during Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, UM) will be presenting a health advantages and medicinal uses of ginger and Datin Nik Radiah Nik Hassan (Editor-in-chief of Garden in Asia) will speak on cooking with ginger

About a Festival

The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur offer combined “As a outcome of history, and Malaysia’s geographical position, a culinary character in a benefaction day is essentially a multiple of traditions from a Malay, Chinese, Indian, and racial Bornean cultures with some complicated to light influences in a cuisine. This has over time resulted in a harmony of flavours, creation a Malaysian cuisine rarely formidable and diverse.”

The 3-day festival will renovate Dataran Merdeka into 8 QUARTERS to embody any facet of Malaysian food – Negeri, Warung, Manisan, Food Trucks, Warisan, Samplings, The Dulang and Mayor’s Courtyard. Each Quarter will be set adult in a singular display portion all from one’s favourite childhood plate to scholarship defying “molecular gastronomy” dishes.

Negeri – This section will underline a several signature cuisines that paint a 13 states of Malaysia.

Warung – This section facilities handpicked stalls or warung that offer some of a country’s best travel food transport such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Char Kueh Teow

Manisan – This section will have all kinds of sweetened delights from normal ice creams and candy to some-more localized honeyed treats like cendol.

Food Trucks – food trucks have turn a flourishing trend in complicated KL’s food offerings. These mobile eateries offer adult engaging transport from alloy dishes to normal delicacies that are prepared from inside a food truck.

Warisan – This section showcases a many normal credentials techniques and instruments recorded for many years and recipes handed down from a elders.

Samplings – The Samplings section will have a list of 5-star hotels in a city portion adult some of their signature menus in punch sized portions.

The Dulang – “Dulang” is a Malay word for tray,that serves “Nasi Ambeng” – a normal community dining and fastening knowledge that is renouned in a southern state of Johor.

The Mayor’s Courtyard – Guests are in for a special knowledge in a Mayor’s Courtyard. Set in an indoor air-conditioned space, tip chefs and culinary experts will smooth a palette in scheming their signature epicurean cuisines. Participating restaurants and establishments in this area will showcase zero though a best in a universe of excellent dining

The festival will also have several engaging pop-up stalls:

• The FAMA marketplace offered pleasant Malaysian fruits and fruit juices
• The Spices and Malaysian purees “on- a go” stalls
• Tuck shops offered Malaysian snacks like kerepek, coconut candy and dodol and these shops will reason experiential demonstrations for tourists on birthright food like kuih bangkit, kuih bakar and kuih bahulu that will be done on “pangkin” with a “makciks”.



With a singular opening ticket, visitors will have a event to attend all a cooking workshops and demonstrations (based on a first-come, first-serve basement as seats might be limited), listen to gastronomic talks and be entertained by informative performances.

Food equipment might be purchased regulating “Kupang”, a specifically designed token that will reinstate money during a festival. The “Kupang” will be accessible in denominations of half Kupang, one Kupang and 5 Kupang. The “Kupang” can be purchased during a ticketing counter nearby a categorical opening to a festival venue. The tenure “Kupang” is taken from a normal Malay silver banking that was used in a Malay Peninsula given over a century ago.

The 3-day festival is also geared to be eco-friendly and ethically responsible, whereby THE QUARTERS will be regulating bio degradable and non-Styrofoam wrapping and recycled bags, pity a community soaking adult area to rinse their pots and pans and also recycling bins for a food rubbish disposal.

At a media launch today, a guest were treated to Chef Norman Musa signature Beef Rendang Wellington plate taken from his late mother’s recipe though mutated during Ning, his grill in Manchester, to fit a English’s ambience buds.

Chef Norman Musa quoted during lunch, “I’m unequivocally vehement to be here today, as I’m ardent about introducing Malaysian food to a world. My success in UK can be attributed to my ability to delicately change flawlessness with contemporary touches.”

About a Festival Competitions

To emanate some-more fad during a festival, a Kuala Lumpur City Hall has organized a Big Challenge that includes 3 competitions. First, a KL Big Kitchen, Big Race, a cooking foe that includes racing opposite time to buy mixture during KL’s oldest market, Chow Kit Market and returning to a Big Kitchen site during Dataran Merdeka to prepare a dish. The second foe is a KL Signature Mocktail Competition, open to Malaysian amateurs or veteran mixologists to emanate KL’s signature mocktail.

Finally a KL Signature Dish Competition, a foe usually open to Malaysians, is in hunt of a unique, signature plate regulating internal spices and spices.The winners of any foe will accept Cash Prizes, a Trophy from a Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur and gifts sponsored by a festival’s partners. Interested participants can download a opening forms from a festival website

At a shutting of his debate during a media launch, Y.Bhg. Datuk Seri Hj. Ahmad Phesal Hj. Talib, Mayor of Kuala Lumpur applauded a participating festival chefs for holding a time and pity their cooking imagination during a festival. Chefs benefaction during a media launch were Chef Norman Musa, Chef Martin Yan, Chef Dato’ Ismail Ahmad, Chef Firdaus Hanan, Chef Will Meyrick and Chef Izyan Hani.

For some-more sum on a festival pleasantly contact:

Puan Noraza Yusof (Head of Tourism, Kuala Lumpur City Hall)
Phone: 603- 26980332
Mobile: 6013-3399915

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Zong Chinese blimp festival in Malaysia

Good ole Zong (Bak Chang) – The Traditional Food of Chinese Dumpling Festival

Triangle shaped, turn or block “Yuk Zong” (?? in Cantonese), my favorite pig beef gluey rice dumplings are filled with several fillings, wrapped in bamboo or lotus leaves. Zongs come in several shapes, sizes and tastes (sweet, savoury, sharp and a reduction of it all) according to regions or states in Malaysia.
Whenever someone ask what Zong is, we would always happily explain what reduction are compulsory to make this truly authentic and normal recipe.

Welcome to Malaysia, a land where all is of a reduction (Malaysians impute to this as Rojak): a people, a language, a newspapers and a food enlightenment all brew naturally. Though a origins of Zong, points to Southern China, this birthright food is also good acclaimed opposite a Malaysian Chinese communities; a Kuala Lumpur (Cantonese vocalization KL-ites) impute to it as Zong, a Northern Penang name it Bak Chang in a internal Hokkien chapter and a Baba-Nyonya Peranakan call this plate Chang.

zong simplyenak 3

Important and interesting, it is a definition and story or Chinese folklore behind Zong that leave an impression. The Zong / Dumpling Festival (Cantonese: Tuen Ng Jit / ???) is distinguished on a fifth day of a fifth lunar month, Jun 23 this year 2012. It honours a famous and successful scholar-poet Qu Yuan who took his life by jumping into a stream after a tumble of a Qin Dynasty to a Zhou Dynasty. He was severely saddened when a aristocrat refused to take his advice, heading to a good war. It is pronounced that a internal people, who dignified Qu Yuan, forsaken gummy rice triangles wrapped in bamboo leaves into a stream to feed Qu Yuan in a afterlife. The paddling of a boats in those days apparently were meant to shock a fishes divided (in complicated currently we have a famous Dragon vessel racing).

Another, equally convincing, folklore explained: fearing that fishes would eat Qu Yuan’s body, friends and supporters had done dumplings and threw them into a stream so that a fishes would eat them instead of a body. Hence a dumplings Zong was given birth.

Some of a several forms of Zong accessible are:

– Ham Yuk Zong / Yuk Zong ( ??): Salty Meat Dumpling typically filled with greasy pig belly, yellow mung beans, pickled egg yolks, mushrooms and my favorite chestnut.

– Nyonya Zong (???): A specialty of Peranakan cuisine, a fillings are minced pig with candied winter melon, belligerent roasted peanuts and taucheo (Chinese soy bean pulp done from yellow soy beans). Traditionally a blimp has a bit of blue rice phony from a moth pea flower.

– Kan Sui Zong (???): Literally translated as “alkaline H2O Zong”, this is a dessert object or a break for tea time. The gluey rice is treated with lye H2O hence a particular yellow color. It is customarily plain, with no stuffing and if there are it is a honeyed stuffing, for instance red bean paste. It is mostly complimented with sugar, gula melaka (Malay for palm sugar) or a tasty internal coconut widespread named kaya.

zong simplyenak 1

Zong today, in my perspective is deliberate a lost food and recipe in Kuala Lumpur. Through my observations there are many duck rice stalls though unequivocally few Zong stalls around. And how many Zong stalls offer a decent Zong? To be honest not many in KL.
The many tasty Zong sole around KL would be creatively homemade from era aged family recipes, that have been upheld on from moms or grandmas. That was indeed how we acquired and learnt how to conclude Zong: by a normal family tip recipe and protocol given we was 11 years old. It was unequivocally satisfying, as i removed behind to those days, a family’s group suggestion and tough bid creation Zong. Every punch of a Zong was simply delicious, dainty with all a pig beef and fat melting divided and simply filled with lots of love.

The routine of creation it is truly an art and takes many unwieldy steps, from purchasing several ingredients, credentials to frying, folding and steaming/boiling them. There were always a lot of fun, jokes, delight and gossips with and about a whole family. Never was there a still impulse in a Chinese domicile generally as aunties collected who all hexed a family trait of high sopranos voices, that were substantially even clear miles down a road.
There was a lot of pity and family members’ appearance concerned as any had their possess purpose and particular strength or skill, for instance folding a bamboo leaves with stuffing and restraining a cluster of them to strings. We appreciated and reputable any others’ roles even a children, like myself behind afterwards were gay eating after witnessing a hours of creation Zong.
I am unapproachable of my family and have satisfied that preserving a food birthright is critical in formulating one’s temperament and moulding a subsequent destiny generations’ adore for a family’s traditions.

zong simplyenak 2

So what is my favorite Zong? And who creates a best Zong in Malaysia?
My favorite is: a “Ham Yok Zong” (savoury version).
In my heart a best Zong recipe by distant comes from my late grandma, no one has and substantially will be means to transcend that turn of customary on a ‘delicious-Zong meter.’
Determined, we attempted to re-make Zong according to my grandma’s recipe some months ago. we pulled some family members together and took a few discerning decisions to speed things up. The outcome was a disaster a taste, texture, all fell brief of what we was used to.
There are no shortcuts to normal recipes and there are some things in life that are irreplaceable.

Every normal food has a story and listening to it takes we a step closer to a deeper bargain of a culture. True definition creates each punch singular in a ambience and even some-more agreeably tasty to season compartment a unequivocally final bite. So we titillate all to continue this tradition! Head out and buy some Zongs to eat in this time of a year. Happy Tuen Ng Jit (Zong / Dumpling Festival).

Curious to find out where to buy a best Zongs around Kuala Lumpur? Visit to find out more.

This essay was created by Pauline Lee. Pauline is a food fan and has a good passion for Malaysian Food. Her goal is to safety internal food traditions and recipes to concede subsequent generations to suffer what she knows to be some of a world’s best food. Pauline is a Food Experience Captain and owners of Simply Enak – Food Experiences. Her association aims to give unfamiliar guest a best knowledge of Malaysian Food. Simply Enak provides food walks, food drives, dinners during internal homes and some-more sparkling Food Experiences. Visit for some-more information.

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