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Subway @ Ipoh Greentown

Subway, that is an American quick food grill authorization that sells submarine sandwich and salads, had finally arrived in a Ipoh city and starts handling on 24th Oct 2014. This opening was situated in Greentown Ipoh and it was a initial opening of Subway in a Perak State. Honestly, we had never paid a revisit to any Subway Outlets in other states and had always wished to revisit this restaurant. At last, we squeeze a possibility to compensate a revisit to Subway in Ipoh on this Saturday.
Subway Ipoh1

When we entering Subway, my initial sense on Subway was it had no opposite with other quick food restaurants. There were no menu on a list and if we wish to sequence a dishes, we have to place your sequence in a counter; a menu were placed high on a wall; some banners display some stream smart dishes; portion formed on a first-come-first-serve basement and patron have to reserve to place a order. Not a least, a food served was reduction healthy.

Subway Ipoh2

Subway Ipoh8

Subway Ipoh6

As shortly as we come to place my order, we found that my initial sense on Subway was wrong. The approach to place an sequence is totally opposite with other quick food restaurants. There were several stairs that need to go by before a sandwich of my choice is prepared to serve, patron are giveaway to brew and compare a veggie and salsa for their sandwich and a sandwich is abounding with veggies and most healthier than we thought! Now let’s go by a stairs in grouping your Sandwich/wrap/salad.

First Step: Choose your item.

Instead of Sandwich, there were other choices, that are hang or salad. As we never try on any dishes from Subway, we confirm to select a prohibited seller – Everyday Value 6-inch subs that only cost me for RM6.90. There are several choices for Everyday Value, that includes Seafood Crab, Chicken Slice, Meatball Marinara and Veggie Delite. we select to have Chicken Slice 6-inch Subs. After selecting a item, it is time to select a categorical ingredients.

Second Step: Choose your Bread.

There is accumulation of epicurean breads that baked creatively each day. we face some problem in selecting a bread as we never have a ambience on all of them. At last, we select Parmesan Oregano as a name sounds tasty to me.

Third Step: Any Extra?

After selecting a bread, a workman competence ask we if we need any additional for beef and cheese. After that, wait a while as a workman is toasting your bread.

Forth Step: Choose your Veggies

There are accumulation of veggies that can be select to be place inside a sandwich, a veggies embody lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, immature peppers, red onion, olives and jalapenos. we select all a veggies solely immature peppers as we dislike to eat a immature peppers in raw.

Fifth Step: Choose Sauce or Dressing

There is few form of salsa accessible to be chosen. Customer is giveaway to choose/mix and compare few forms of salsa for a sandwich. we had selected sugar mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce. At last, my sandwich is prepared to offer and time for make payment!

For Subway Everyday Value, patron can get 16oz splash by only supplement in RM 1. Really is a good saver as we can get a large crater of Ice Lemon tea with only RM 1. There are varieties of soothing drinks accessible to be chosen.

Subway Ipoh4

 There are cookies too, though we did not placed any sequence for cookies. It looks tasty and for certain we will lapse and have a try on it.

Subway Ipoh5

 Five Subway Sandwich for us.

Subway Ipoh7

Here is my Sandwich, Parmesan Oregano bread filled with duck slice, cheese, varieties of veggies and sauce. The Parmesan Oregano bread is perfumed with spices aroma and not too tough after being toasted. For a veggies,  before this, we never ate jalapenos nonetheless jalapenos were customarily used in Chinese dishes. we gave a initial try by adding Jalapenos into my Sandwich, though a multiple is only good for me. For a salsa that we choose, that are honey mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce, my elder sister giggle during me during a initial peek as she consider that my choice was weird. After she try my sandwich, she pronounced that my sandwich ambience improved than her. So readers, what was your common choices in Subway? Don’t demur to tell me for your choice, I would like to try other combinations for my subsequent time visit.


Subway Ipoh

Address: No. 5, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily

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Perlis – More than only a stopover

Perlis might be a smallest state in Malaysia, yet binds a possess when it comes to a abounding ancestral past and desirable attractions.

Perlis is located during a northern partial of west seashore of Peninsular Malaysia, south of Thailand and north of Kedah. With a race of tighten to 230,000 people in an area measuring tighten to 800 block kilometres, Perlis is famous as a smallest state in Malaysia.

The collateral of Perlis is Kangar and about 10km divided is a state’s stately collateral Arau. For many travellers, Perlis is a stopover on a approach to other towns or traveller attractions. For example, Perlis’ Padang Besar is a limit city that is partial of a common track travellers take from Malaysia to Thailand. Perlis’ categorical pier and packet depot during a tiny encampment of Kuala Perlis is also used to get to Langkawi Island, renouned with unfamiliar and internal tourists.


An aerial perspective of Kangar city today.

Even yet Perlis is seen as a transport couple to other renouned destinations, it is mocking that there is no airfield in a state. Rail or highway are a usually options for people to get into Perlis. The nearest airports are located in Alor Setar, Kedah, that is about 40 kilometres divided from Kuala Perlis, and on Langkawi island, about 45 kilometres divided from Perlis’ categorical port.

Historical go-between

Originally, Perlis was partial of Kedah and was ruled by a Siamese, that cowed Kedah in 1821. During Siamese rule, Perlis was called Palit. At that time a Siamese had sealed an agreement with a British, where a latter concurred a Siamese explain over 4 northern states – Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu. This treaty, famous as a Burney Treaty 1826, positive a British a explain on Penang and rights to trade in Terengganu and Kelantan though division from a Siamese.

The banished Kedah Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin and his supporters fought for over 12 years to revive a Malaya Sultan to his throne, yet finally a Malay ruler supposed a conditions set by a Siamese and resumed his Sultanate in Kedah. The Siamese afterwards distant Perlis as a bondman state, where Sayyid Hussain Jamalulail became a initial Raja Perlis or Perlis ruler.

In 1909, a Anglo-Siamese Treaty dissected a tenure of states again, withdrawal a Siamese’ southern Malay states to a British. While a British had commissioned a Resident in a state, Perlis was returned to a Siamese (or Thailand) during World War II for a fondness with Japan. But this was usually finished quickly as a cast finished after a Japanese surrendered. Perlis became partial of a Malayan Union, afterwards a Federation of Malaya in 1957 and assimilated a Federation of Malaysia in 1963.

Bukit Jernih

Bukit Jernih in Chuping is one of a many charming limestone hills in Perlis.

Perlis today

Kangar is a state collateral of Perlis, with a race of about 50,000.  The 3000 ha sized city is located by a Perlis river. In a centre of a city lies a Sena district or popularly called “Uptown Sena” by locals.

Most of Perlis’ residents are polite servants or farmers who work on a paddy fields in a outskirt areas. The city centre is done adult of crisscrossing streets lined by shophouses, typically housing banks, various shops and quick food restaurants.

Some trust that a name Kangar came from a hawk class called Kangkok while a opposite chronicle of a start is cited in a Perlis state government’s website. The website states that underneath a order of Sultan Muhyiddin Mansor Shah from 1652, Tok Peduka non-stop Kangar in 1653. A Kangar tree was found during a stream and subsequently he renamed a area, Pelabuhan Pohon Kangar or Port of Kangar tree.

Perlis’ categorical mercantile activity is rice tillage and visitors are means to admire a expanded views of paddy fields, wooden huts and farmers given to their stand when they transport over Kangar. Similarly like Perak, pretentious limestone plateau arise from these prosaic paddy fields, that supplement to a attract of Perlis. These plateau or outcroppings as they are known, are partial of a prolonged limestone operation in Southeast Asia called a Nakawan, that lies on a limit of Perlis and Thailand.

This 500 million year aged limestone is home to over 600 class of flora and fauna, including 68 invertebrate species, according to a state tourism department. Visitors can try a wonders of this limestone sourroundings by visiting a 370-metre prolonged limestone cavern called Gua Kelam during Kaki Bukit, all during a Perlis State Park. The usually approach into a cavern is by walking on an eight-foot far-reaching wooden cessation bridge, that links Kaki Bukit to a Wan Tangga Valley.

A sea of green: The monumental perspective of a paddy margin in Perlis.

History buffs can suffer a state museum, Kota Kayang Museum or revisit a Syed Alwi State Mosque, a former state mosque that was built in 1910. Other renouned sights are a old-fashioned fishing city of Kuala Perlis, renouned as a movement heart and also for a internal cuisine. A lizard and invertebrate plantation is located nearby Sungai Batu Pahat and surrounded by a Bukit Bintang Forest Reserve,  an captivate for inlet lovers. At this farm, investigate is conducted to rise anti-venom medicine for lizard bites. It houses over 20 class of snakes and reptiles, including crocodiles and guard lizards.

Map: Perlis

Perlis State Park, Wang Kelian

North to Perlis we go!

Tasik Melati, Perlis

Kangar’s small gems

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