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MPO Chamber Concert

January 24, 2012 during 12:00 pm

It is that time of a month again where cover song lovers can conduct on to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas and suffer good performances by a Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players. For a month of Jan 2012, a band will be behaving 4 pieces from eminent musicians.

One of a pieces that will be achieved is from Heitor Villa-Lobos, a shining Brazilian composer who was described as a many poignant artistic figure in 20th century Brazilian art music. His song is mostly shabby by both Brazilian folk song and a European exemplary tradition. The MPO Chamber Players will be behaving ‘Chorus No. 4‘. Another square that will be achieved that night is Hoffmeister’s Solo String Quartet No. 3 in D Major. Franz Anton Hoffmeister was a German composer and song publisher. Hoffmeister was one of a pioneers in a song edition businesses, carrying determined one of Vienna’s initial of this kind of business in 1785.

MPO Chamber Concert is scheduled to start during 6.30 pm on 31st Jan 2012

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet was a Flemish antique composer who also achieved on a recorder, flute, oboe and harpsichord. He is called a London Loeillet, so as to heed himself from another famous composer. The MPO Chamber Players will be behaving a Trio Sonata for Flute, Oboe and Basso Continuo. The final piece, Piano Trio in A Minor, is a square stoical by Joseph-Maurice Ravel, a French composer who was famous for his melodies, orchestral and instrumental textures and effects.

Tickets for this opening are labelled during RM 20 for all seats. Patrons who are attending a eventuality are compulsory to observe a dress code, that is Smart Casual. Performance is scheduled to start during 6.30 pm on 31st Jan 2012. For some-more information and sheet purchases, greatfully record on to a website here.

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