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The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge during Taman Ponderosa, Johor Bahru.

The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge (N1.51800 E103.78205) is located during Jalan Poderosa 2/1, subsequent to UOB Bank of Taman Poderosa. The atmosphere of a grill is accessible and relax, good ambience!

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The comfortable lightings unequivocally done us felt relax and a air-conditinal was cold…it’s a good place to suffer your meals!

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The air-condition was also cold adequate to cold us down in a prohibited balmy day…
After watchful for about 10 minutes, a initial plate served on a list was their Sesame Garden Salads.

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It served in a organic delicious shaggy unfeeling with mayonnaise-based Creamy dressings. The light salads to kindle a ardour as a initial march of a plate and we like a Special sesame taste of a dressings, and not forget a good cherry tomatoes.

The second dishes was a Ahi Tuna (Yellow Fin Tuna) – One of a Signature plate of Brazzo.

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The parched Ahi Tuna (30% cooked) served with a special sauce, vegetables and a luscious crushed potatoes.

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We tasted a ‘Charcoal Grilled’ Ahi Tuna for a initial time within Johor Bahru area, we like a sesame seeds really much! The uninformed tuna melted in a mouth with good aroma, it done a Must try plate to me! And greatfully don’t forget to finish a good crushed potatoes and a luscious cherry tomatoes.

Before we can finish a Ahi Tuna, a third plate served…The Kurobuta Prime Rack on-the-bone (300g)(another Signature plate of a restaurant)

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Kurobuta Pork is a many rarely cherished pig in Japan and comes from a ancient multiply of pig famous as Black Berkshire. The beef from a pristine oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan, is regarded as a tip peculiarity pig in a world.

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Some knowledges from crony : Conventional farm-raised pigs
tend to miss a impossibly luscious fat that birthright breeds have
maintained, and that keeps their beef juicy, proposal and, yes,
expensive. But if you’re a loyal fan of pork, birthright is value every
succulent bite.

It was my initial time perplexing a tip peculiarity pig in Johor Bahru, it served with a special salsa and it was simply grilled on a outward and stays proposal inside. This square of pig gave a opposite ambience from a typical pig that accessible locally. Kind of like a taste…It was a good knowledge for us yet it can be some-more ideal by yield some-more wet of a meat.

The onward plate was Milk Fed Veal Rack (300g)Signature plate of The Brazzo

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Veal is a beef of immature cattle (calves), as against to beef from comparison cattle, Milk Fed Veal was took from calves that are lifted on a divert regulation supplement. The beef colour is ivory or tawny pink, with a firm, fine, and fluffy appearance. They are customarily slaughtered when they strech 18–20 weeks of age (450-500 lb). “Milk-fed” veal calves devour a diet consisting of divert replacer, formulated with mostly milk-based proteins and combined vitamins and minerals. Source from here.

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Our Milk Fed Veal Rack was served with a medium rare doneness. As we can see a reddish on a meat, it simply melted in a mouth and a ‘charcoal grilled’ aroma filled adult each dilemma in a mouth! The veal was proposal and succulent, this 300g veal took us during slightest an hour to suffer it! With a tiny small cut of Blue Cheese, done this delicious Perfect!
It’s a Must try plate for beef lover, Delicious!

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The fifth plate was – French Rack Of Lamb (Signature plate of The Brazzo)

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A shelve of lamb or carré d’agneau (though this might also impute to other cuts) is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to a spine, and including 16 ribs or chops.

Rack of lamb is mostly “frenched”, that is, a rib skeleton are unprotected by slicing off a fat and beef covering them. Typically, 3 inches of bone over a categorical flesh (the rib eye or Longissimus dorsi) are left on a rack, with a tip dual inches exposed.
Well, we were not so sold as other food partner to magnitude a 2″ 3″ of it. Haha!

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The Rack of Lamb was good grilled on a outward and it had a middle doneness inside, that gave a reddish pink, browned, and crusty. The seasoning complemented a lamb yet not browbeat it. We can’t stop ourselves after a initial bite! No review between us during that impulse unitl a racks finished…

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2 sticks of  asparagus wrapped by bacon served together with a Rack of Lamb, and no matter how full we are…you contingency finish this Nice bacon! Tasty!

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All a above meats were imported, and a prices of a 6 forms of Singatures plate are between RM50-80. Exclude a Kobe beef.

We were satisfied with all a Signatures plate that served on a table!
The Western Cuisines offer in Brazzo are opposite from a common western food grill in Johor Bahru, we will have some-more chances to try a opposite form of western cuisine in this grill and their Specialty is “Charcoal Grilled”. It was a wealthy dishes with a reasonable price! Thanks to Mr Sean Lauw – The accessible owners of The Brazzo.

The Brazzo do offer appealing lunch set in a noon time, they have sum of 9 different sets all offer with coffee or flower tea for Only RM12.90 nett.
Beside this, they offer beers and other alcohols in a lounge, this naturally spin into a good cold place to shun during a prohibited balmy day! 🙂

With a environment, accessible services, peculiarity dishes and affordable prices….it’s a Excellent dining Restaurant! Do dump by if we around a Ponderosa or Taman Molek area, we trust we will warn with a food of The Brazzo Restuarant Lounge.

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