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Tawun Jetty during south Lombok island, Indonesia

Our second day in Lombok island.

The initial stop in a channel was snorkeling during Gili Nanggu (Gili means island in Indonesia language). Tawun jetty (S8.74473 E116.01998) seems to be a usually jetty ferrying visitors to a Nanggu island.

The jetty area is usually a tiny hovel with a snorkeling gears…

 print IMG_3185_zps75c9ef7e.jpg

One print was speckled subsequent to a open toilet…

 print IMG_3178_zps41ac4093.jpg

Everyone was bustling selecting their snorkeling mask, feet fins, life coupler and other gears…

 print IMG_3194_zps1f8633dd.jpg

 print IMG_3195_zps70422524.jpg

After staid with a snorkeling gears, don’t forget to pierce some breads to feed a poetic fish during a island…

 print IMG_3186_zpsb32c841b.jpg

I was acid around for a name of a debate organisation who yield all this snorkeling facility…couldn’t find until we saw this…

 print IMG_3193_zpsc4398591.jpg

Alright, let’s pierce on!

 print IMG_3200_zpse4a59019.jpg

The vessel that ferrying a organisation to a island…

 print IMG_3205_zps8bb4df55.jpg

There was a small vessel ‘boy’ watchful for us on a boat, with a age around 3-4 years old…it was a surprised!

 print IMG_3203_zpsb763550c.jpg

Are we prepared to go?
She pronounced : “Yes!”

 print IMG_3208_zps90f98e1f.jpg

It was not a balmy day, opportunely usually pale but rain…otherwise, a outing to a island will be cancel…

 print IMG_3212_zps8dc99e69.jpg

We reached Gili Nanggu after 20 mins later, everybody was happy and enjoyed a vessel ride…

 print IMG_20140713_122146R_zps96872f01.jpg

The island is purify and good maintain, can’t speckled any balderdash around a beach area and of march with a super transparent water…

 print IMG_3218_zps71de0fd0.jpg

The Gili Sudak is usually mill chuck away, we will carrying a lunch after during a usually grill in a island…

 print IMG_3219_zps285a04b6.jpg

Our activities on a island will be continue in a subsequent post…

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Snorkeling and carrying fun during Gili Nanggu (island) in Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Nanggu (S8.71957 E116.00938) is one of a pleasing island located during southwest of Lombok island. ‘Gili’ is means island in a local. After 20 mins packet ride, we reached a bliss island with a super transparent water! Very excited!

 print IMG_3271_zps7b784ff8.jpg

The continue was pale and was good for snorkeling…but not good for photography, too bad…

 print IMG_3258_zps424c1c5d.jpg

Not wasting any minute, everybody started their possess activities…some went for snorkeling, photography and other activities…
Some of a debate friends not forgot to holding photos with a youngest vessel child who brought us a island.

 print IMG_3241_zps88b9fda0.jpg

 print IMG_3242_zpsf58cca7f.jpg

Our beam – Pak Uji started to gave snorkeling lecture to those who wish to suffer snorkeling around a island.

 print IMG_3222_zpsbe61fd3c.jpg

 print IMG_3227_zps18c4788f.jpg

 print IMG_3228_zpsca2d9b59.jpg

The best partial of snorkeling in Gili Nanggu was, we no need to float distant divided from a island, we can unequivocally suffer a corals and a colorful pleasant fish approximately around 10 scale from a beach.
This was Great!

 print IMG_3236_zps223f1227.jpg

You can see from a print above that a snorkeling activities was usually circuitously a beach. This valid that a area is unequivocally unpolluted.

I was enjoyed my travel around a island for print taking, a jetty was my favorite place of a island.

 print IMG_3266_zps35503e9c.jpg

 print IMG_3256_zps1ba97c0d.jpg

The poetic integrate carrying their possess honeyed time strolling on a beach…spotted womanlike photographer movement during a jetty…and flattering lady relaxing on a jetty…bread feeding for a fishes around…beside that, there were still many many some-more that we missed a shoot…

 print IMG_3269_zpsc4744b74.jpg

 print IMG_3264_zpsfd307afd.jpg

 print IMG_3252_zps00a72829.jpg

 print IMG_3247_zps2237e85d.jpg

We spend roughly 4 blithe hours during Gili Nanggu and ensue to a subsequent island – Gili Sudak for a late lunch…

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Nirvana Beach Restaurant during Gili Sudak, Lombok island

After a fun activities during Gili Nanggu, some were tired, some were tired though all of us really hungry! So we changed to a subsequent island for late lunch – The Nirvana Beach restaurant during Gili Sudak. (S8.72575 E116.02772)

The area was good and a grill is usually situated subsequent to a beach. A elementary joist character setup, though a captivate is a surrounding…

 print IMG_3294_zps3ce99679.jpg

 print IMG_3293_zps35b40e1d.jpg

Once we staid with everybody bags and belonging, we started to snapped around…the BBQ of pleasant charming parrot fish became a categorical attraction!

 print IMG_3279_zpsb7d2fdaa.jpg

 print IMG_3281_zps2dad46cc.jpg

Everyone was bustling holding photos with a fish…rarely have a possibility to see a routine of a BBQ parrot fish…

 print IMG_3284_zpsa5bb80af.jpg

 print IMG_3283_zpsb2f0e0c4.jpg

 print IMG_3289_zpsea530f1c.jpg

Our associate debate partner – Sock Peng ( was assisting a BBQ preparation…haha!

While watchful for a lunch to be serve, a corns soup was prepared for everybody in a restaurant. All of us can’t wait to try out a Lombok food during a restaurant…actually, we were starving…:)

 print IMG_3308_zps60e664fe.jpg

 print IMG_3298_zps2230fee7.jpg

Before we finish a soup, other delicacies like veggies and toufu were prepared during a portion counter…

 print Tile1_zpsb337b90c.jpg

Then followed by a BBQ fish…

 print IMG_3312_zps05764e39.jpg

 print IMG_3310_zpsd1c6d613.jpg

For any dishes we chose, don’t forget to ambience some of their sorcery cut chili, that was super hot! we like it really much!

 print IMG_3306_zps415bb877.jpg

One fish for one chairman (or more).
All of us enjoyed any of a BBQ parrot fish and some of us took 2…the fish was uninformed and we trust usually BBQ with a small salt that done ideal of a taste!

 print IMG_3315_zps861f70f7.jpg

 print IMG_3316_zps39096615.jpg

End up, we couldn’t conflict myself to had another BBQ parrot fish…oh! it was excellent!

We took some-more than 2 hours to enjoyed a stage and a fanciful lunch along a beach of Gili Sudak, it was a memorable experience, generally with a accessible staffs in a restaurant.
Recommended for a initial time caller to Lombok island!

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Star fish speckled along a beach on the approach behind from Gili Nanggu and Sudak

A lot of fun activities during Gili Nanggu, confident lunch during Gili Sudak…while on a approach behind to a jetty, another surprised! Star fish spotted! (S8.74618 E116.01814)

It was low waves while we were back, and we had to stop during a other site of a jetty and walking behind to a jetty where we parked a celebration van. There were many star fishes along a beach, each 5 steps…you will see one star fish laying on a beach…
Everyone couldn’t conflict to holding photos with a charming star fish!

 print IMG_3329_zps09300ebb.jpg

 print IMG_3330_zps9420e634.jpg

This was also my initial time holding a furious star fish in my hand! Not from a aquarium though from a ocean…
We were curiously hold, hold it and carrying print with it afterwards put all of them behind to a beach…

 print IMG_3322_zps4db3c837.jpg

 print IMG_3320_zpsc6b659f8.jpg

 print IMG_3326_zps3319930b.jpg

 print IMG_3328_zpsa67e50da.jpg

 print Starfish_zpsdb9478c5.jpg

Beside a star fish, there were also mudskipper, sea urchin were found along a beach. we unequivocally like to wander along a beach, too bad we had no adequate time…

We were going on a prolonged tour again to Mataram – a collateral of Lombok for a dinner.

 print IMG_3336_zpsf987eba6.jpg

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