Travel to Melaka


Besides Hoi An, we visited Danang and Imperial grounds in Hue.

DANANG used to be a small fishing village before it was transformed into a modern city with a deep sea port.

The Dragon Bridge is one of the many bridges that crosses the Han River. The dragon head sprays out water and spits out fire every Saturday at 9.00 pm.

DANANG Bay has a very long beach and is very scenic.

Overlooking DANANG Bay is a 65 meters high of Kwan Ying, Goddess of Mercy. It glows at night where fishermen can see her from South China Sea.

Hue used to be the Imperial capital of Vietnam before it was colonised by the French in 1858.r

Entrance into Hue Imperial Grounds. A most surrounds the entire palace grounds.
Vietnam pushed out the French in 1950s.