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The Chinese New Year celebration would not be complete without the family gatherings, the yee sang toss, the angpows and abundance of food. So, if you are visiting Malaysia during this time, why not get into the fanfare with delicious halal Chinese food and enjoy it with friends and family? Dive into our top picks of halal Chinese restaurants from around the Klang Valley.



Mohd Chan’s primary draw is its home-cooked Cantonese-style cuisine. Prepare to enjoy halal-approved and appetizing fare here. Today, the brand stands strong with 15 outlets to its name. That’s right, just goes to show how popular and accessible is the establishment.

In the days leading up to CNY, it’s best to pick a Mohd Chan outlet that is convenient to you and your dinner companions. Then, handpick the Cantonese dishes to crowd your table with. Go for classic teochew steamed fish, classic butter sotong, kam heong lala, salted egg chicken and four season vegetable. Right in the middle, save a spot for their famous chilli crab.




Sitting down for a dinner at Amber is the closest thing to experiencing authentic halal Chinese cuisine from Northern China. In fact, every plate is a cacophony of fresh spices and bold flavours. What’s more, the food here is masterfully orchestrated using traditional cooking techniques.

A CNY dinner at Amber does come with a big price, though. But, in return, you and your companions will enjoy a delicious dinner in a fancy atmosphere. Warm up your dinner table with a row of appetisers such as Chinese chives pancakes and sesame mochi bun. Then, enjoy their special roasted lamb, braised fish, kung pao chicken and sauteed broccoli with mushroom in between conversations. Before you bid goodbye, let the lotus seed with white fungus soup cool you down.





Fresh-tasting seafood on stainless steel dinnerware are the usual sights at Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant. A top recommendation for Chinese-Muslim food (with a twist of Thai) in Kampung Sungai Penchala, the restaurant’s spacious and clean layout makes it ideal to host a large number of CNY dinners. Take note, though, that reservations are still necessary to accompany your confidence in securing a table.

Once you’re comfortably seated, prepare to enjoy a huge and satisfying halal Chinese meal. Among the recommendations are tom yam soup, deep fried squid, steamed fish with clear Thai sauce, butter prawns, beef in black pepper and Chinese cabbage in oyster sauce. Don’t be surprised if everyone wipes their plates clean — it is just testament of how lovely the dinner was.




There’s no arguing that Golden Valley’s selection of Chinese-Muslim cuisine is delightful and enjoyable. Situated in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, this restaurant chooses to practise vibrance and simplicity in their layout and let its bold flavours to impress you.

The food here is perfect for sharing. Gather your close mates around the table and dig into favourites such as Nyonya-style steamed sea bass, lala in superior broth, marmite chicken, salad prawn, almond chicken, ginger and chicken fried rice and kong po chicken yam basket.




If there is a way to combine relaxed dining and elegant atmosphere, you will definitely find it at China Treasures. Sime Darby Convention Centre’s gift to the halal dining landscape, this restaurant is best known for their mix of traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisine.

China Treasures fans are likely to prompt you to try their dim sum buffet during off-season period, but the restaurant can add a refined touch to your CNY dinners. If you’re going ahead with the chef’s specialties, you’ll be served with beef cube with black pepper and peking duck. You’re free to explore other dishes such as butter prawns, steamed garoupa with soy sauce and egg yolk with shimeji mushroom.



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Top 5 nature trails

Much of the Klang Valley is a concrete jungle, but nature lovers, hikers and fitness enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief when they find there are still green trails that allow them to enjoy the country’s lush tropical landscape.

Here are the top five nature trails in the Klang Valley:

1. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve trail

A view of the KL Tower from the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

Located right smack at the heart of Kuala Lumpur at the foot of KL Tower or Menara Kuala Lumpur is the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. The city’s last remaining green lung allows city dwellers who are nature lovers to get their fix of the tropical jungle without travelling out of the city. The protected forest has several walking trails, jogging track and obstacle courses for those keen to appreciate nature after a day at the office. The park also offers guided tours and is open from 7am to 7pm daily. Admission is free.

2. Bukit Kiara hill

The Bukit Kiara nature attraction is also popular among city dwellers. Located across Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Bukit Kiara, the hill has a tarmac road encircling it for joggers and hikers, and several clearly marked trails within the forest. Some of these trails stretch to about 15km and cut through from one suburb to the other. The area is particularly popular with cyclists. The tarmac road is equipped with street lighting, with several guards stationed at the entrance of the hill.

3. Klang Gates Dam trail or Bukit Tabur

Another hidden gem is the trail leading towards Bukit Tabur in Taman Melawati. To get there, visitors will need to head to Taman Melawati, towards the Bulatan Hillside roundabout. From there, they’ll need to take the 12 o’clock route and turn right at Jalan H-16, then take a left turn towards the end of the road. There’ll be large water pipes lining the side of the road. The hiking trail follows these pipes for about 20 metres and then up a steep climb on the hill within Gombak Forest Reserve. The hill is less than 1000m high and is a quartz ridge, but hikers are advised to wear gloves as they have to tackle rocky surfaces during this three-to-four-hour climb. At the top, climbers can appreciate the breathtaking view of the Klang Gates Dam and surrounding jungle. Incidentally, the dam was the country’s first reservoir which opened in 1958.

4. Bukit Gasing

This lush hill is located in Section 5 of Petaling Jaya and is usually crowded during the weekends. The park offers two entries to different trails – the main one on Jalan Tanjung or Jalan 5/4, clearly signposted with a wooden archway and the second is a playground entrance, about 50 metres from the main entry point. At the hill, visitors can make use of the park map to find their way to the wooden footbridges and a watch tower. Once a rubber estate that was left idle, Bukit Gasing is one of the few remaining green lungs in Petaling Jaya that offer respite and natural habitat for wildlife within the city areas.

5. Broga Hill

Climbing the Broga Hill at 5am may be daunting for some, but watching the sunset from this scenic attraction is worth all the effort. The hill is also known as Bukit Lalang because of the type of grass there. Hikers have to tackle a 40 minute climb from the trail’s entrance at an oil palm plantation, toward the top of the hill where they can appreciate a scenic view of the town below. Located near Semenyih, some 50km from Kuala Lumpur, Broga is a town that sits on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Visitors will have to pass the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus to get to this hill. The trails on these hills are clearly marked, with proper steps or terraces cut through the hill so that hikers can easily make their way to the top.

The view of Broga Hill from the Negeri Sembilan side.

Map: Top 5 Nature Trails in the Klang Valley


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Hari Raya Haji in Malaysia

Many, especially the non-Muslims, wonder what exactly Hari Raya Haji is, why there are two Hari Rayas and why Hari Raya Haji is important enough to be observed as a public holiday. If you are in the dark or have always wondered but not bothered enough to Google why, read on for a ‘crash course’ on Hari Raya Haji (also known as Hari Raya Aidiladha).

Traditionally, any Muslim who does not have any financial or physical constraints is required to make a trip at least once in their lifetime to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the haj pilgrimage event. After the pilgrimage, the title of ‘haji’ will be given to the men and ‘hajjah’ to the women. The day Hari Raya Haji is celebrated marks the end of the pilgrimage, indicating that Hari Raya Haji is indeed a festival and a day to celebrate those who have visited the holy city and completed their pilgrimage.

Hari Raya Haji 1

During the Haj period, tens of thousands of Muslims swarm the holy city of Mecca to perform specific rituals, one of which is walking counter-clockwise seven times around the Ka’abah, which is a cube-shaped structure covered with a black cloth that symbolizes the Muslim prayer direction. Devotees also kiss the black stone at the corner of Ka’abah, move back and forth between Al-Safe and Al-Marway, drink from the Zam Zam well, stand at Mount Arafar, throw stones, shave their heads and lastly, sacrifice an animal before concluding the rituals of Hari Raya Haji.

The sacrifice slaughtering doesn’t only take place in Mecca but at almost every mosque in the country. The sacrifice typically takes place at around 11a.m. until noon. The sacrifice of an animal is done to honour Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, as a sign of respect to the God. The child’s life was spared at the very last moment when God took Ismail’s place and gave.

Hari Raya Haji 2

Korban (“slaughter”) will only be performed by a male devotee. Usually, cows will be slaughtered but at times, goats are sacrificed as well. Individuals or families who can afford to contribute an animal will purchase one and donate it to the mosque; at times even the state government contributes too. To minimize the suffering of the animal, the slaughtering process is done swiftly. A prayer is made during the sacrifice; it is believed that toxins will be eliminated from the animal upon recital of the prayers. A portion of the meat is kept for the family while the others are distributed to the local community, especially to those in need.

While Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated on a grander scale with new clothes, cookies and delicacies, Hari Raya Haji is a quieter affair celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices made by the prophet.

Below the Hari Raya Haji dates for the next few years:

26 October, 2012
15 October, 2013
05 October, 2014
24 September, 2015
13 September, 2016
2 September, 2017
22 August, 2018
12 August, 2019
31 July, 2020

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Artisan Roast TTDI

I am a bit of a coffee freak. I have my own Saeco coffee machine at home, and this machine plays a huge part in my morning rituals. There are many coffee chains in Malaysia. Some I like, for example Esspressamente illy, San Francisco and Pacific Coffee Company. Others I don’t like that much. Besides the popular chains there are also quite a few cozy coffee places, most of them are located around Kuala Lumpur, often at the not-so-popular-places.

Source + Store + Roast + Vacuum pack + Grind + Tamp + Extract + Steam + Pour + Serve = Awesome coffee at Artisan Roast!

There are a few great baristas that do their magic at Artisan Roast. They used to be located at Jalan Richie near Jalan Ampang, but moved a while ago to TTDI (see contact details below).

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 1

Artisan Roast at TTDI is a delightful little place. We usually go there on Sunday mornings, and see the crowds pour in around noon. There are a few seats outside, and also some seats along a long bench inside. In the back area there are a few cozy lounge seats. We especially love the great ambiance, even when the place is packed; there still is a relaxed (and often quiet) atmosphere.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 2

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 4

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 5

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 9

One of the great things about Artisan Roast is that their prices are really affordable.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 3

So far we’ve only been there a couple of times, so I haven’t had a chance to try out all their coffees. The types we did try were all great, and prepared with the right amount of love and dedication. I usually go for the standard long black (RM5), which is already a very nice cup of coffee.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 6

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 8

Another great thing of Artisan Roast are the freshly prepared little snacks. It is almost impossible to drop by Artisan Roast without trying at least a few of their sweets.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 7

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 10

Everything is baked on the spot, and when they bring in a new batch of Caramel Slices (RM2), people usually get up to order some. Their cakes (apple, carrot or cheese) are all RM10 for a thick slice. Our favorites are the Lemon Slice (RM5), Caramel Slice and the Jaffa Slice (dark chocolate, RM2), but actually all of the snacks they sell are delicious.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 11

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 12

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 13

Artisan Roast is definitely a place to have a nice conversation while enjoying a great cup of coffee. People that want to work there should probably check up front whether they offer free Wi-Fi. We checked but couldn’t find any there, which isn’t a big thing, as we have use mobile internet anyway, but others may think different.

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 14

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 16

artisan roast coffee place ttdi 15

Location and contact details of Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast is located along Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail), right next to the Maybank branch. Below are the contact details:

4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI
Phone: +60 377 336 379

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am – midnight
Sat, Sun Public holidays: 9am – midnight

You can also contact them through Facebook or Twitter.

Map of Artisan Roast


Got any good tips to share with us? Do you know of great coffee places in Kuala Lumpur (or the rest of Malaysia) we should definitely try out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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