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American Italian Restaurant & Cafe during Taman Austin Heights, Johor Bahru.

The American Italian Restaurant Cafe (N1.55768 E103.78089) is located along Jalan Austin Heights 3/1, conflicting a International School of Austin Heights. We wanted to purchse a Groupon banking for food tasting here but…always forget and now we visited a griddle though a bonus coupon…

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We were vacant by a environment, it was cozy, comfort and flashy with soothing and comfortable lightings.

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Among all a deco, we like a ‘Blue’ bar opposite unequivocally much!

Our sequence was quick taken by a waiter and a sequence as next :-

*  Grilled Chicken chop
*  Chicken clout and grilled beef steak
*  Mushroom soup with garlic breads
*  Onion rings

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All a dishes above were ok, upheld a ‘public confident level’ as my friends said…:)

The beef was too skinny (you can see it in a photo) to have a prove bite, altogether a apportionment of a portion was unequivocally big! Seems like adequate to fill adult 2 persons stomach, primarily we suspicion a duck clout will offer in griddle though a bit of unhappy that it was low boiled while served on a table, my bad that we didn’t ask properly…

The grilled chciken clout tasted above average, and a fungus soup was ok and so on a onion rings.

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Anyway, we like a sourroundings and it’s suitable for organisation of friends gathering, since of a relax atmosphere supposing by a restaurant.

The Damage : RM92.75 enclosed taxation and drinks for 2 adults 1 child. A common and normal western food offer by a restaurant.

If we wish to find some good place for letter discuss or cold yourself down in a prohibited balmy weather, we competence wish to try a American Italian Restaurant Cafe during Austin Heights.

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