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Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? during Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? (N1.51433 E103.66898) is located along Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2 of Taman Sutera Utama (????, Skudai, Johor Bahru. The grill is easy to notice since it’s usually subsequent a Suan Bee Hotel (budget), a Bangkok Village is subsequent to it and they are carrying a same management.

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The dining area was comfort and there are indoor area with air-conditional and outside area, that are pity between a 2 restaurant. We visited a grill on Tuesday dusk and a throng was moderate…

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Before a dinenr start, we was unequivocally enjoyed a creation of a Teppanyaki dishes with a ‘kin-kin…kiang-kiang’ sound generated by a severe iron plate…
They are also a ‘First’ and ‘Only’ Teppanyaki Restaurant out of a Japanese Restaurant in Johor Bahru.

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Some patron competence feel provoke by a sound generated from a Teppanyaki, though it was a good party for me and we like to watch a whole routine of a food preparation. 🙂

The Taroko Teppanyaki grill has many opposite form of beef and
that was a reason we wanted to try out a Beef Teppanyaki on that

The dishes we had…
1)  Signature Seafood Fried Rice
2)  Mixed Seafood Set B (Cod fish, scallop and tiger prawns)
3)  Authentic Thai Seafood Tomyam
4)  Portuguese Baked Fish
5)  New Zealand Sliced Beef
6)  Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef
7)  Aussie Angus Striploin Beef
8)  Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom
9)  Aussie Wagyu Beef

*  The above dishes were for 14 persons

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The seafood boiled rice was special and it had a singular ambience review with a typical boiled rice accessible in JB. It served with copiousness of seafood and it was value for a cost of RM7.90 each.

Most of their Ala Carte dishes are served with a immature vegetables and bean sprout. Let me uncover we a creation of a Mixed Seafood Set B, served with cod fish, scallop and 2 tiger prawn.

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And here come a seafoods…

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All seafood and other dishes were boiled on a Teppayaki with a strange taste. The prepare usually combined some peppers and small oil on it…
Before a seafoods ready, a vege and a bean thrive were stand-by by a side…

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Once all is ready, it had a Nice display on a Mixed Seafood Set.
The procession was steady for each Ala Carte dishes…

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The Mixed Seafood set was really value of a cost – RM38.90.

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The Thai Tomyam was served on effervescent gas and opposite from a diluted chronicle that simply accessible in JB. It had a Nice aroma with a abounding tomyam flavor.

The above dishes also accompany by a Portuguese Style Baked Fish. It was astonishing tasty!
I had a initial Portuguese Baked Fish was during a Portuguese Seafood Village during Malacca, and we wanted to try a ambience out of Malacca and finally we found it here!

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The Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef

The process…

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Cut into brick size…

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And last…

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Another perspective of a Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef(without a immature vege and bean sprout)

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The Aussie Angus Striploin Beef

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After few good beef Teppanyaki, let’s have a Fried Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom.

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That was a Nice Mushroom!

The final will be everybody was watchful for…The Aussie Wagyu Beef.

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The Aussie Wagyu finished on a list in reduction than 5 minutes! That was a Delicoius Wagyu Beef! We all like it really much! With a cost of usually RM88.90 (200g).

Except a New Zealand Sliced Beef was served good done, since it was too skinny though all a Angus and Wagyu beef were served in a Medium or Medium rare doneness. Luckily a Wagyu was served on a final dish, differently we trust everybody will not meddlesome on others dishes anymore! Haha!

Our Beef and Wine party final for about 4 hours and everybody was really confident with a dishes from Taroko Teppanyaki. They are good for a beef and even other dishes like seafood and their 5 forms of boiled rice.Worth for another visit!

Do try out if we occur during a Sutera Utama area or after your selling from a Sutera Mall, we competence like a opposite process of boiled dishes. Especially for a beef lover!

We will really behind for a Teppanyaki again!

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Tourism Malaysia

American Italian Restaurant & Cafe during Taman Austin Heights, Johor Bahru.

The American Italian Restaurant Cafe (N1.55768 E103.78089) is located along Jalan Austin Heights 3/1, conflicting a International School of Austin Heights. We wanted to purchse a Groupon banking for food tasting here but…always forget and now we visited a griddle though a bonus coupon…

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We were vacant by a environment, it was cozy, comfort and flashy with soothing and comfortable lightings.

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Among all a deco, we like a ‘Blue’ bar opposite unequivocally much!

Our sequence was quick taken by a waiter and a sequence as next :-

*  Grilled Chicken chop
*  Chicken clout and grilled beef steak
*  Mushroom soup with garlic breads
*  Onion rings

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All a dishes above were ok, upheld a ‘public confident level’ as my friends said…:)

The beef was too skinny (you can see it in a photo) to have a prove bite, altogether a apportionment of a portion was unequivocally big! Seems like adequate to fill adult 2 persons stomach, primarily we suspicion a duck clout will offer in griddle though a bit of unhappy that it was low boiled while served on a table, my bad that we didn’t ask properly…

The grilled chciken clout tasted above average, and a fungus soup was ok and so on a onion rings.

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Anyway, we like a sourroundings and it’s suitable for organisation of friends gathering, since of a relax atmosphere supposing by a restaurant.

The Damage : RM92.75 enclosed taxation and drinks for 2 adults 1 child. A common and normal western food offer by a restaurant.

If we wish to find some good place for letter discuss or cold yourself down in a prohibited balmy weather, we competence wish to try a American Italian Restaurant Cafe during Austin Heights.

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