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Balleh-Kapit Raft Safari

From a common commencement given 1996, a Baleh-Kapit Safari River Expedition has now turn one of Sarawak’s many bankable tourism events. A two-day rafting foe where participants get a possibility to stratagem a raft, once used by riverine communities, and to knowledge a abounding Iban enlightenment in their many healthy environment. Besides competing in a safari, participants sampled a regard and liberality of internal folks when they raced along a stream and spent a night during an Iban longhouse. They gifted a abounding and different traditions of a inland community.

For 2011 Baleh Kapit Raft Safari a Open Category will start from Rh. Ajai, Majau. They will stop and overnight during Rh Anding, Mujong, Baleh Kapit. On a second day of a race, all difficulty that embody tighten difficulty (M/L), tourism category, open difficulty (M/L) and raft foe difficulty will start from a second longhouse and the finishing line will be during Kapit Wharf. 

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