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Deer and Ostrich Breeding Centre, Sungkai Wildlife Reserve

“This place is most improved than a one in KL. The rodent deers are easier to find.”  
by imran

“Bilangan rusa di zoo Taiping semakin berkurangan. Di sini terdapat lebih 7 jenis rusa dan pelbagai jenis burung. Ini merupakan tempat pale sesuai membuat kajian.”  
by wati

“Sebenarnya..kalau anda ke sini, banyak lagi haiwan2 lain yg boleh dilihat ..berbaloi utk dikunjungi”  
by iWan

“Sekiranya anda tidak berkesempatan untuk melihat rusa-rusa ini di Sungkai, anda boleh berkunjung ke Taman Kancil di Kuala Lumpur. “  
by shoana

“The ultimate aim of this centre is to recover tact batch of these animals behind into their local environments to naturally boost furious populations is a good thought and we all support this devise (Project). Sungkai is a suitable place for breeding,they has a ascetic continue or meridian and this unique class prefers a woodland margins to some-more open medows and grasslands. Deer are reduction audacious than furious sheep and goats. Most class cite to live in forests rather than on a high pastures,though they revisit a meadows when there is copiousness of extending and a continue is warm.”  
by makcikjamilah

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