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Human-Shadow-Movement Photography Exhibition

October 25, 2011 during 2:00 pm

A shade is described as an area where approach light from a light source can't strech since of an deterrent by an object. The strategy of shadows for party functions have always intrigued mankind, that in time have brought life to things like shade play and shade puppets. Photographers too find capturing shadows or including shadows in their cinema interesting, as it requires a certain set of skills to use a accessible lighting to execute a photographer’s summary effectively.

Human-Shadow-Movement Photography Exhibition by Iman Pirzadeh

From currently until a 30th Oct 2011, a Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) presents a photography muster entitled Human-Shadow-Movement by Iman Pirzadeh. Pirzadeh was innate in Iran in 1982 and graduated with a Degree in Interior Architecture. Photography is a approach for him to share his knowledge in communicating with opposite people and all a things that is surrounding him. He motionless to follow his heart and followed his passion after in life. He began holding photographs in 1999 as a approach to open his eyes to what is around him. He after chose to adopt photography as his contention and set adult his possess studio in 2001. The photography muster is now going on during klpac, Pentas 2 corridor and is open to open from 10.00 am onwards. Admission is free.

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