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Conquering Mt Infamy (a.k.a Gunung Nuang)

bGodsent:/b Along Nuang aka The Wizard helped a organisation of newbies stand Mount Nuang.Godsent: Along Nuang aka The Wizard helped a organisation of newbies stand Mount Nuang.

Despite tiny preparation, murky trails and leeches, 4 newbies somehow make it adult a tough mountain, interjection to assistance from a ‘wizard’.

What would occur if 4 city girls are taken out of civilization and dumped into a woods? Here’s a story of a adventure.

First there was no Internet tie (horrors!), afterwards we were totally erratic from a hullabaloo of civic life and finally, we had no atmosphere conditioning! Our initial thought: “First universe problems, bah! How tough can it unequivocally be?�

Now, chuck in a finer sum – a drizzle, an overdose of Vitamin D (too many sun), creepy timberland creatures with uncountable legs and troublesome plants …

We adopted a arrogant opinion towards these “littleâ€? discomforts and finished no serve investment in worrying about them …

We had a plan. We were going to conquer Mount Nuang. Our preparation, as per below, was as “comprehensive� as could be:

Camping list (outstanding equipment deliberate first: radio, inscription (computer), pots, pans, proposal eggs, marshmallows).

Talk about priorities! In retrospect, we grin to myself meditative about how healthy it was for us to wish to move record to a woods, above all things. We also wanted to ride an whole kitchen to a jungle!

Shop and pillow-talk a night before a travel – Ta-da! Easy peasy … la la la.

You would need to be fit to stand Mount Nuang.You would need to be fit to stand Mount Nuang.


Despite a grand devise of starting a travel during 7am, dual of us woke adult late, realised we had no track map, had no H2O (that week, KL’s H2O supply was affected) and no source of fire.

We had not started packing; with one crony behind by trade and a other during a dentist. Then, bleary-eyed and hair all tousled, we asked a unforgivable: “How accurately do we get to Nuang? Where in a universe is it?�

Feel that cold zephyr of imminent doom? You can so gamble on that!

No worries. A few hours later, all 4 of us were together, with an plenty supply of water, a haphazardly handwritten channel of a Nuang trail, and lots of crazy, humorous banter.

The customarily snag? The time showed 3pm when we reached a rangers hire during a feet of Mt Nuang and it was raining. Perhaps we were too infrequent in a proceed to a plea forward – we’d suspicion we could customarily wing it.


We bumped into an unusually charismatic ranger during a rangers station, famous as Along Nuang – lean, dark, fit, funny, mysterious. He betrothed us a peak, customarily if we were peaceful to follow him on a night (-marish) track commencing during 2am – when dim would pouch a senses and a breeze would chill a bones, while immorality branches reached out to graze proposal tellurian skin and roots and rocks seemed suddenly to outing trusting erratic girls.

The Wizard wouldn’t tell us because he insisted on a night hike, so augmenting a oddity and awakening a daredevils in us. After he spellbound us, we set adult a tent during Campsite Lolo (8km from a rangers’ station), assured other campers to follow us for a midnight defeat and went to bed in full anticipation.

We were lulled to dreamland with a consistent purgation of a rapids, accompanied by a songs of a crickets and owls.

A Leech Camp ancient called iulat guli/i or marble worm.A Leech Camp ancient called ulat guli or marble worm.

Nightmare trail

At 1.30am we were awoken by Along’s voice. A organisation of 20 people were already watchful for us sleepyheads by a campfire. we dragged myself towards a organisation and before we knew it, a 4 of us were already touching a mud of a towering with a unclothed hands, grappling a approach adult in a dark, with enlightenment customarily from torchlights.

Nothing imagination for breakfast save some apples and sugar oat bars. Not even a sweater on a backs and customarily 4 bottles of H2O to final us a whole approach adult and down.

Then a bloody torrential surge dripping us, withdrawal all of us dripping to a bone. We continued this approach for some-more than an hour to strech a Leech Camp (Kem Pacat). The track adult to Leech Camp is famous as a “red earth section�, where a mud turns into sleazy sand in a rain.

We had wriggly leeches adhering to a skin, happily sucking a comfortable blood from a frozen bodies. we felt like an animal, reaching, pushing, pumping myself adult in rebuttal of gravity.

Surprisingly, we was roughly shouting in a sleet – so furious and giveaway – welcoming a initial cooling outcome opposite a feverishness of my physique (later on, a moisture became unbearable). It was a rare feeling, as if we was divided from my body, customarily peaceful it on from distant while it automatically changed itself adult a slopes.

At Leech Camp, Along and his reliable companion, Angah, finished us prohibited coffee from a disaster tin – ah, sum life-saver. While we warmed adult in a preserve built by Along, a male himself common a N.U.A.N.G acronym: “Naik Untuk Anda Yang Nak Ganas� (Climb if we like heartless hardship).

Hiding underneath a tarpaulin, we realised how large his bag was. It contained all a essentials – Maggi, Gardenia, Swiss army knife, cans of tuna, gas burner and all a things we girls should have brought, though didn’t. It was humbling. The Wizard’s generosity, affability and glamour was what kept fuelling us onwards.

We finally left a comfort of Leech Camp (as mocking as it might sound) to follow a peak. Strangely enough, a “false peak� by a name of Puncak Pengasih was between us and a genuine peak, Puncak Gunung Nuang. This meant climbing adult and down a tiny towering before reaching a destination! Oh a joy! Oh a PAIN!

So we huffed and puffed a approach up. Flicked (or squished) leeches away, screamed during a steer of centipedes, torn a palms, grabbed during tree roots, hopped over depressed tree trunks, executed balancing acts during swamps, hugged suspended branches for dear life, bumped a limbs, stepped into puddles and amassed mud underneath a nails from clawing and crawling up!

We sighed, cried and wailed. But many importantly, we kept motivating any other. we would never have finished it but Arina, Cheryl and Putri, Along and Angah. Thank we really much! We were bimbos who incited into soldiers out there.

Dream ending

At 7.15am, we cowed Mount Nuang’s peak. Everyone yelled, acted for prevalent cinema and laughed their tired away.

Our organisation of 20 had by now dwindled down to half that number. We distinguished with breakfast – Gardenia slathered with tuna and Nescafe Gold churned with Old Town White Coffee.

The atmosphere was cloudy and we were shivering. A free-loader was found unresolved onto my back, plump with blood.

I had 3 smashing smiling girls around me, extraordinary friends with a heart for journey and affability – Along in his yellow top and cigarette, stirring us prohibited coffee and tickling us stupid with riddles; Angah beckoning a squirrel with some bread and a associate hiker jovially angry about how his swell bounced around like jelly.

We were a design of complacency in that elementary moment.

? Editor’s note: This is a tongue-in-cheek article. Do note that trekkers have gotten mislaid on Nuang, ensuing in large-scale hunt and rescue operations. Some have even mislaid their lives on this mountain.

Facts on Mt Nuang

MOUNT Nuang (1,493m) is one of a top points in Selangor, and is known
as a “Mount of Infamy�, braggadocio an impassioned track that is a calamity for many

It is a common training belligerent for critical hikers and runners who use it to get fit for a likes of Mount Kinabalu , Tahan, Rinjani etc.

Situated on a limit between Pahang and Selangor, a rise can be cowed around 3 routes,
either commencement from Janda Baik, Hulu Langat or Kemensah.

The Hulu Langat (Lembah Pangsoon) track conduct is a many renouned among hikers and can be reached from a Cheras-Kajang highway.

The journey starting from Hulu Langat can be divided into 4 graphic parts. First
is a easy 5.8 km stand along roughly plane turf from a rangers hire to Lolo Camp, that is a foothill of Nuang.

One choice is to stay here for a night and travel adult a subsequent morning. This would make a stand reduction strenuous, generally for first-timers adult this mountain.

The second part, infamously famous as a “evil red earth� clay territory is from Lolo Camp to Pacat Camp (1.2 km). If it rains, a mud becomes slippery, creation it really formidable to a scend and d escend.

Next is a 1.2 km track streamer to Pengasih Peak (false peak). Although reduction slippery, it is a high and perfectionist stand along a track forged out by tree roots and rocks.

The final partial is a track heading to Nuang’s Peak, approximately 1km away. Fit climbers customarily take an normal of 4-5 hours to strech a rise from a rangers station.

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