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Dong Hong Traditional Chinese snacks (kueh) stall

Dong Hong Traditional Chinese kueh stall (N1.48701 E103.76803) is located in a Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Center. They supposing full varieties of a Chinese normal kueh enclosed Teo Chew and Hainan kuehs. Nowadays is formidable to find these form of case that offered so many varieties of kuih in Johor Bahru.

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The case routinely start business on 4pm, and many of their business will revisit a case during a 4.30pm-7pm. The owners – Mr Low pronounced a kuehs will finish around 8-9pm.

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The varieties of kuihs offer by Dong Hong (??) case :-

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The kuehs from this case are juicy and all of them are not too sweet, beside that we also can have a normal ambience of a Chinese kueh that someday competence move we behind to year 70s…:)

According to Mr Low, roughly half of their unchanging business are from Singapore. They revisit a case and buy a kueh in pack-by-pack and move behind to their home. Beside a sell business, Mr Low also doing a whole sale to others emporium within Johor Bahru area. If we are shopping in large quantity, we will get a good discount from a stall.

The cost of any kueh is reasonable and everybody can bid it. So dump by a case if we are a kueh lover, we trust we will like a kuehs and a taste.

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Tourism Malaysia

Protection for travellers

As a universe grows smaller and transport some-more affordable, a value of transport word has turn priceless.

WHETHER we are a visit or occasional traveller, here are 6 things we competence wish to know about transport insurance.

1. Travel word is super affordable: Many people assume that any form of word is costly, though a reward can start as low as RM24 per person, for a generation of adult to 5 days. Considering a time and responsibility of formulation a holiday – from flights and hotels to dishes and transportation, not to discuss selling – transport word represents usually a tiny commission of what you’re already spending on your trip.

2. Travel word can assistance we save money: While we can’t get something for nothing, we can positively relief yourself of many of a profitable advantages that come with a transport word policy, such as 24-hour Emergency Assistance and 24-hour interpreter assistance, in further to a several medical losses that might be incurred by accidents and illness, either it involves usually remedy and out-patient treatment, or dear hospitalisation or medical evacuation.

3. It covers we even before we skip on your trip: One variable aspect of transport is delay, either it’s due to bad weather, healthy disasters, polite disturbance or astonishing illness. This is accurately what a traveller gifted when he was hospitalised for dengue heat on a unequivocally day of his departure, forcing him to cancel his long-awaited outing to South Africa. Fortunately, his transport word devise enclosed remuneration for his situation.

4. It’s accessible for both domestic AND general travel: So is transport word even compulsory when you’re usually travelling within a borders of your possess country? The answer is a resounding “Yes�! After all, a astonishing can start even when you’re on home ground, either it’s an puncture cancellation, mislaid or behind luggage, or detriment of money or valuables.

Hence it doesn’t matter if your end lies a few hours’ expostulate divided or median opposite a world – a transport word process provides profitable word and assent of mind, be it for domestic or general travel.

5. Low premium, high returns: Even with a low premium, a transport word process can still yield extended coverage, buffering we opposite astonishing – and mostly dear – occurrences such as detriment of cash, valuables and transport documents.

For example, when a customer’s purse was snatched while she was on holiday in Cambodia, she mislaid her money and passports. However, her transport word helped her get an embassy mention and deputy passport. This assistance was hers for a low reward of usually RM35.

6. It can support we in scheming for your trip: The advantages of a transport word process embody conference with gifted transport consultants who can advise we on additional preparations and precautions that we might not have designed for, such as medical advisories and visa mandate sold to your destination.

Do we unequivocally need transport insurance?

JUST as we wouldn’t go anywhere though an powerful or some additional cash, “just in case�, we shouldn’t go on any trip, either for work or leisure, though a transport word process since it’s not only about financial payment though also about assent of mind.

Some word skeleton can cover medical losses of adult to RM10mil, though some-more than that, it provides medical recommendation and assistance on call, and interpretation services, so that we can get a caring we need, wherever we might be, either it’s a highway collision in China or descending off a precipice in Greece, as some business have experienced, that compulsory evident depletion for puncture medical diagnosis and choice transport arrangements to lapse home.

Travel is a difficult tangle of companion schedules and involves many logistical challenges, hence even a tiny hiccup can have impossibly untimely consequences.

For example, one check can means we to skip a joining flight, journey ship or sold-out Broadway performance. Even mislaid luggage can be a vital hassle, generally if you’re travelling to attend a marriage or any other eventuality requiring a grave wear we had delicately packed, or if you’re travelling on business, with critical apparatus or materials to share with clients or shareholders.

? Source: Travel Guard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Malaysian bend office), is AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad’s business partner that provides travel, medical and claims use assistance. For some-more information on transport health insurance, record on to or Claims cases mentioned are tangible events.

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