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Melaka Investment Tourism Opportunity Seminar was held yesterday, 7th August 2016 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Guangzhou , China in conjunction of the Press Conference to announce the Chartered Direct Flight from Guangzhou to Melaka which will commence starting from 29th September 2016.

The Seminar hosted by Tourism Melaka with support of JVV International Group J E International Group were attended by more than 600 buyers consists of destinations wholesaler and travel agents from the mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau which looking for business opportunity in Melaka. JVV International Group and JE International Group currently sells 5D4N package to Melaka.

Team Melaka co-led by YB Datuk Lim Ban Hong , State EXCO of Transport, Project Rehabilitation International Trade and YB Datuk Hj Ghazale Muhamad, Deputy State EXCO of Tourism, Coastal Development, Rivers and Island were also joined by Pn Norena Jaafar, GM of Tourism Melaka , En Shamsul Ambia from State Economic Planning Unit and officers from Tourism Melaka aggressively promoting Melaka during the Melaka Experience Tourism Product Update followed by the Business Networking session.

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Gallery opens to promote Macau’s culture

MALACCA: Malaccans could now cherish Macau’s unique culture and art that is largely made up of a combination of Chinese and Portuguese, with the launch of the Macau gallery here.

The gallery that was opened recently is located in Bukit Peringgit, about ten minutes away from the historic city centre.

The gallery occupies a heritage building that was originally a colonial bungalow and was later used as a state government department office.

Promoting Macau: The Macau gallery at Bukit Peringgit Malacca.
Macau’s secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Cheong U, and Macau Government Tourist Offices (MGTO) Director Joao Manuel Costa Antunes together with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Mayor Zainal Abu jointly cut the ribbons and performed an eye-dotting on a lionhead used by lion dance troupe to mark the opening of the Macau Gallery.

Other delegates from Macau who attended the opening ceremony were MGTO Destination Promotion Head, Betty Fok, Macau Museum Director Chan Leng Hin, Macau’s Maritime Museum Director, Wu Chu Peng and representatives from University of Macau.

Also present at the opening ceremony were state Education,Youth Sports committee chairman Datuk Gan Tian Loo and State Secretary Datuk Wira Omar Kaseh.

Designed and managed by MGTO, the gallery is divided into zones with different themes to promote Macau’s history, culture and economy.

A total of 12 art pieces by Macau painters will be displayed at the gallery till the end of September to depict some of Macaus world heritage sites.

During the gala dinner held at a popular hotel in Malacca, Antunes said that both Macau and Malacca had a historical link peppered with rich Portuguese past and being recognised by the UNESCO as world heritage sites.

“The gallery will be a catalyst for mutual exchange for both Macau and Malacca to enhance understanding, strengthen friendship and consolidate cooperation,” he said.

Mohd Ali in his speech said the Macau gallery would also boost the effort placed by the state government to turn Bukit Peringgit as a tourist destination.

In 2009, the Macau Special Administrative Region Government and the Authorities of Malacca agreed on a MoU for the management of the heritage building with the purpose of transforming the property into a centre for promotion and exhibition of Macau’s culture and arts.

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MaLACCA: The State Museum Corporation (Perzim) wants to replicate a 500-year-old cannon Si Jagur taken from here to then Batavia (now Jakarta) after the fall of Malacca to the Dutch.

The cannon (Jagur means cannon in Portuguese) has a fist jutting out at the rear and is said to have certain “powers.”

Si Jagur is currently exhibited at the Jakarta History Museum and attracts thousands of childless women who sit on the barrel in the hope of conceiving.

Perzim general manager Khamis Abas said the cannon was significant to Malacca as it was once placed at the Portuguese fortress here.

Antique items: A model of a cannon and an authentic cannon ball.

“We will be content if a replica of the cannon can be displayed here to remind the present generation of the glory of ancient Malacca,” he toldThe Star.

Khamis said due to “bureaucracy” the state government had to initiate official meetings with Indonesia before a mould of the cannon could be produced.

Khamis said Si Jagur was believed to have been made in Macau and brought to Malacca by a Portuguese fleet.

He said the Dutch fleet took the cannon to Batavia as a memento of war after conquering Malacca in 1641.

The cannon weighs 3.5 tonnes and measures 3.84m in length with a 25cm diameter.