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Lazy Days in Malaysia

petronas-twin-towersIt is an definite fact that there is always so most to do and so many places to see in Malaysia. BUT, travelling around in Malaysia need not only be about going around opposite places and entrance behind to your hotel room exhausted. We have collected 10 ways to suffer a best of Malaysia by frequency relocating your finger.


10. Parks

bako-national-parkVisiting parks can be brave or relaxing. There are many National Parks we can revisit in Malaysia for some journey (if we want). We recommend: Endau Rompin National Park, Bako National Park, Krau Wildlife Reserve and Penang National Park. The other park that we ought to revisit is a Legoland. Okay, it does take lot of time and appetite to do so though we can always find a dilemma in Legoland where we can only dream away. Talking about dreams, a best approach to live it is to revisit Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Park. A regretful day out or spend a day admiring a colorful butterflies, it’s a best approach to have a shame giveaway idle day.

9. Shopping

shopping-kuala-lumpurOur essay “Shopping malls in Malaysia” gives we minute information about a unconstrained selling possibilities in Malaysia. Why did “shopping” make this list? This is generally for travelers who adore selling and do not journey it as a earthy activity that leads to exhaustion.



8. Hawker Food

One of a many reasons we transport is to ambience a internal cuisines. If we are feeling too idle to revisit a grill that serves a best Malay food, afterwards travel around a bit and we are firm to come opposite some hawker food stalls. They do offer some unequivocally juicy Malay food. In Penang, we come opposite one each other corner.

7. Open atmosphere and vital story places

sarawak-cultural-villageGroup tours can get unequivocally hectic. The need to arise adult early and follow someone else’s report takes lot of time and concentration. In Malaysia, we are firm to steer ancestral places where we can learn a lot about Malaysian art and story though spending a whole day during a museum. The Petronas Tower is tough to skip if we are in Kuala Lumpur. We also recommend: Sarawak Cultural Village. Sarawak that is also famous as “The land of a Hornbills” is a largest state in Malaysia, where we can find ruins of colonial architectures. You can also suffer fascinating informative showcase during Sarawak Cultural Village. The other cold place to suffer story though travelling most is Japanese Village. You can declare Japanese craftsmanship and really minute Japanese design outward Japan. The subsequent contingency revisit place is a Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) or Islamic Civilization Park that gives we an discernment of Islamic enlightenment and tradition.

6. Cruise

Booking steer tickets, taxis, checking maps for directions, blindly guileless GPS: If we wish to equivocate all this, afterwards journey is only ideal for you. Be �lite and arise adult in a whole new place. Cruise ships have all we can consider of: extraordinary restaurants, bars, aptness centers, discotheques, live song and so on. You can also take brief journey in Malaysia. Putrajaya journey takes we around Putrajaya lake where we can steer Putrajaya mosque, overpass and other supervision executive buildings. The rarely endorsed journey is star journey that takes we to adjacent countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

5. Order in

delicious-foodToo idle to even pierce an in. divided from your bed? You can call for room service, though we can extend your options. How so? Just sequence in. Open your laptop, Google “best grill nearby me” or “what to eat for breakfast” etc. and call that restaurant. Malaysia has lots of general bondage from where we can order: Papa Johns, Dominos, Starbucks to name a few. Other online food smoothness site includes: Foodpanda.



4. Spa

Be idle and feel relaxed. Malaysia has countless spas and recovering centers where we can be �lite with tasty incense of scented candles and oils.

3. Spiritual

Spend some time during mosque, church, nunnery or a temple. You don’t have to do most though suffer a peace it offers. The renouned devout destinations in Malaysia are: Sultan Abu Bakar state Mosque, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist temple, Jamek Mosque, St. George’s Church and lots more.

2. Beach Resorts Books

This is substantially one of a best ways to relax and suffer Malaysia. You can soak adult a object on beaches during Langkawi Island or Perhentian Island, sip your favorite cocktail and cruise on your dreamboat. The beach resorts have some extraordinary restaurants where we can ambience Malaysian food or any other continental cuisines. The staff during these resorts is really useful and will make certain we get �lite to a fullest. Another rarely endorsed and a personal favorite of many people is to review a good book during a beach. Buy books or if they are too complicated to lift around, Amazon Kindle will be only as perfect.

1. Selfies

selfiesSelfies – rarely endorsed and something to keep we bustling a whole day. Take selfies from opposite angles during each place we visit. Believe it or not, in Malaysia, no one will give we bizarre looks for holding selfies. In fact some competence even ask we if they can join you. Oh don’t forget to post it on Instagram .



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Wonderful Malaysia

Sending email while traveling

You competence be reading this post from some outlandish location, or simply in a cafeteria around a dilemma from where we live. We transport a lot, and mostly to remote areas where we are happy to be means to bond to a giveaway WIFI vigilance to check adult on a emails and other things that has happened those days.

We mostly get emails during a travels and infrequently it is utterly critical to be means to respond instantly. Though we can of march always use a web formed mail module like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, some wish to be means to send emails from their personal mail accounts instead.

Let’s contend we have a association website, or a blog, or a webshop. In those cases we wish to be means to send out emails from a analogous email addresses. In a box we wish to send out a respond around [email protected] instead of around a personal gmail or hotmail accounts. Your possess ISP does not concede we to send out emails when we are not connected to their network. When we are roving we bond to many networks and mostly those networks do not support promulgation email around their smtp server.

Luckily there are a few companies that offer an SMTP server to use ‘on a go’. This means that where ever we are, we can always bond to their smtp server, and send out emails on your possess interest but carrying to review to giveaway mail services.


The association we had listened of a many is We started with their $5 devise ourselves after reading countless certain reviews and after reading their website thoroughly. Their use works like a charm. There hasn’t been a place nonetheless where we wasn’t means to send out my emails. Nowadays, we am even regulating it during home, as we am on a highway utterly mostly and here a use comes in accessible too. They offer a 2 notation setup guide, that creates is really easy to exercise their smtp sum into your email programs. You can use it on your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, as prolonged as we are means to bond to a internet supposing during a place we are during during your travels.

If we are roving a lot and are looking for a dedicated mail server, do check out SMTP2GO. They even have a giveaway devise where we can send 20 emails per day; a good approach to get to know this smashing service.

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Wonderful Malaysia

Airport cab from KLIA to KLCC

When we arrive during Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) we have a few options to get to Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). The renouned KLIA Express takes we to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur executive sight station) in 28 minutes. From KLIA it is utterly easy to locate a KLIA Express train, though once arrived during KL Sentral we have to transport to a cab opposite and get a (fixed price) cab to KLCC. Some travelers might find this to be a bit of a hassle, and opt for a some-more approach solution; a airfield cab from KLIA to KLCC.

Airport Limo is a cab use that operates from KLIA (Arrival Level). The large Airport Limo cab opposite is simply recognizable.

Airport limo cab use KLIA

There are 4 forms of services. Below are a quotations for any form of services from KLIA to KLCC and from KLCC to KLIA.


There is an additional midnight surcharge if we take a use between 12.00 midnight and 6.00 in a morning. Prices change between RM30 (budget), RM49 (premier) and RM98 (for a oppulance and family).

Check out their finish list with rates during a executive Airport Limo website.

It is best to buy your cab tickets during a Ticket Counters during KLIA Main Terminal International and Domestic Arrivals. Airport Limo is incompetent to routine bookings by emails. You can also squeeze cab tickets by a online engagement complement during their website. For online bookings, greatfully be suggested to squeeze a sheet no some-more than 14 days and no reduction than 2 days before to a pickup date.

If we need a cab from KLCC to KLIA, we can call a series 1300-88-8989. If we do not have a phone, usually pass a series to a hotel accepting office and have them call a cab for you.

Airport Limo (M) Sdn. Bhd. can usually yield send use from and to KLIA. Please make certain that a moody will land during a KLIA Main Terminal and not during a Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) before fixation any sheet reservation.

Besides regulating a cab use to get to KLCC we can also use them to transport by cab to places like:

  • Malacca from RM159 onwards
  • Johor Bahru from RM402 onwards
  • Ipoh from RM313 onwards
  • Kuantan from RM362 onwards
  • Kuala Terengganu from RM522 onwards
  • Alor Setar from RM575 onwards
  • Kota Bharu from RM566 onwards
  • Pulau Pinang from RM503 onwards

Though prices are aloft than identical methods of transport; a Airport Limo’s are utterly atmospheric and comfortable. Drivers expostulate protected and cars are in really good shape.

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