Little Known Secrets of the Beads of Borneo

Rate this post September 5, 2019 From the Zulu warriors in South Africa, to the ancient Egyptians of North Africa, to the pilgrims of the Middle East or South America, beads have a presence in many cultures but the one commonality is that they have always been more than an eye-catching accessory. The story of […]

Experiencing Borneo’s genealogical cultures

Rate this post Experiencing Borneo’s genealogical cultures Borneo, a third largest island in a universe and 4th many populous, is divided adult between Indonesia, Malaysia and a little republic of Brunei. Malaysian Borneo occupies around 26% of a island, containing a states of Sabah and Sarawak. Of Sabah’s 3 million and inhabitants, divided strictly into […]

Discovering Sabah’s World War Two sites

Rate this post Discovering Sabah’s World War Two sites I am station gravely in a gummy heat, my shirt sticking to my back, notwithstanding a fact I’m in a shadowy area of forest. It’s midst morning nonetheless it’s already breathless and steam is high here during Sandakan Memorial Park, in a Sabah segment of Malaysian […]

The longhouses of Malaysian Borneo

Rate this post The longhouses of Malaysian Borneo The huge island of Borneo adds nonetheless some-more to a Asian melting pot that is Malaysia. Malaysian Borneo (sometimes called Eastern Malaysia) is comprised of a states of Sarawak and Sabah, that belong to a Northwest side of a world’s third largest island. Who lives in a […]

Hotspots for birding in Malaysia

Rate this post Hotspots for birding in Malaysia I have to acknowledge we was not a birder compartment we bought a 70-300mm wizz lens. But once we could get tighten to a birds we started to brand them and my interests in birds usually grew. There are many hotspots for birding in Malaysia like Taman […]