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Durian Fest @ KL Tower and Telekom Museum

August 13, 2011 during 2:00 pm

Durians are really many an acquired taste. Either we adore it, or we hatred it. And many to a discomfit of durian ‘haters’, a normal Malaysian loves durian. For those of we who do not know what a durian is, it is a anniversary fruit that grows in pleasant climes, generally in a South East Asian region.

The spiky extraneous of durians form a healthy insurance for a fruit.

Why a bitch about durians? Firstly since of a shape, that is lonesome in spikes, many like a business finish of a morning star. But durians are also famous for a scent, that to some, smells like animal droppings, and to others, brings a guarantee of a many enjoyed treat.

To adore it or to hatred it? That is a question.

Most Malaysians, as has been mentioned, adore durians so many that durian deteriorate is a rarely expected ocassion. This internal sweetmeat is many sought after, and certain types, those with a sold tawny ambience and texture, are rarely prized. Some of these durians can fetch adult to RM20-RM30 a kilo, spikes and all. Which puts those durians out of strech for your standard Malaysian. Or does it?

A FAMA central stacking adult a durians during a Durian Fest during Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Thanks to a partnership between Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telekom Museum and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), durian lovers can suffer as many durian as they wish during a discount cost during a annual durian season. For a series of days each year during a durian season, Kuala Lumpur Tower and Telekom Museum organize a annual Durian Fest with a assistance of FAMA in sequence to share in a jubilee of a King of Fruits. The Durian Fest takes place during a Kuala Lumpur Tower and Telekom Museum yearly, and not usually offers a King of Fruits though also other Malaysian fruits, including mangosteen, rambutan and cempedak. The prominence of this annual eventuality is, of course, a all we can eat durian buffet. Although a dining area is flattering basic, many durian lovers do not seem to mind as they tuck into this pleasant delicacy. The 2011 book of a Durian Fest offering a smorgasboard during usually RM20 per adult, and enclosed other fruits like mangosteen and rambutan on tip of a giveaway upsurge of durians.

Several cempedak fibbing side by side. The Durian Fest also offers other Malaysian fruits, including cempedak, rambutan and mangosteen.

The Durian Fest is a ideal event for any brave visitors to get a genuine ambience of a several fruits that Malaysia has to offer. Mind you, a King of Fruits, like all royalty, competence be a bit too many to hoop for those inexperienced to it. But either we like it or hatred it, no revisit to Malaysia would be finish but an assembly with a famed King of Fruits!

An ice sculpture that contained a durian that was used during a launch of a Durian Fest of 2011.

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