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Dennis Lau & Shawn Lee @ Mystical Eve

December 20, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Dennis expelled his lass manuscript in Nov 2010, and his manuscript was stoical and constructed usually by him and featured compositions that amalgamated jazz, cocktail and a classics. His latest record effort, Unity of Arts, with internal beatboxer Shawn Lee, enmeshes musty hip bound beats with black-suit classicism. He calls a collaboration, on that he plays a violin opposite Lee’s thumping mouth-music, a pure, random experiment.

The exemplary musician and a tellurian beatbox, Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee

“We met during an eventuality late final year and usually motionless to start jamming here one night. It gathering a neighbours crazy though we figured we could unequivocally do partnership from then,” removed Lau.

The charcterised 26-year-old, who also heads his celebration companies, Mosaic Music Entertainment and Mosaic Movie Productions, adds that he has a gusto for blending a exemplary violin with contemporary elements. “I like to examination with opposite genres usually to see what happens. we consider that investigation is a pivotal to evolution. My partnership with Shawn also facilities this organisation of street-dancers called a Wakaka crew. we consider it’s something unequivocally opposite from what has been done. It also introduces how hip bound and exemplary song can come together,” he explained.

Meet this energetic twin as they countdown to 2012 during ENCORP Strand!

Groove to a kick of a tellurian beatbox, Shawn and Dennis Lau during Mystical Eve 2012 @ ENCORP Strand’s New Year’s Countdown celebration this 31st Dec 2011. The celebration will start during 6 pm and usually finish during 2 am as we chaperon in 2012. So put on your celebration hats and make your approach to ENCORP Strand for Mystical Eve 2012!

Don’t know how to get there? Check a map out!

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