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Kuching to kick off Visit Sarawak Campaign as it rings in New Year

Sarawak will usher in the New Year with a countdown celebration and the launching of its Visit Sarawak campaign.

Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said thousands of people were expected to attend the event at the Kuching Waterfront on Dec 31.

“There will be a lot of activities starting from 5pm until midnight, including cultural performances and a concert by national and local artistes.

“Simultaneously, we will launch the Visit Sarawak campaign, which is very important in our effort to bring in more tourists, starting from next year,” he told a press conference here on Thursday (Dec 20).

Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah pointing to the “Sarawak: More to Discover” tagline for the Visit Sarawak campaign which starts next year. – Photo credit: ZULAZHAR SHEBLEE / THE STAR

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In a few hours, we will say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in the New Year 2015.

It has been a bad year for MALAYSIA as many unpredicted events occurred that affected MALAYSIA and Malaysians in general. 3 air disasters within one year are very bad. Started with the disappearance of MH 370, the shooting down of MH 17 and days before the end of 2014, we got the bad news of AirAsia plane going down in the Java sea due to a severe storm.

We were struck by landslides in Cameron highlands and before we know it, floods submerged Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Perak and Johor. More than 250,000 people had to be evacuated from rising flood waters. Emergency supplies failed to reach the flood victims on time due to flooded roads, damaged roads, lack of power supply and clean water.

We hope 2015 will bring good news to MALAYSIA and Malaysians. Let the rain wash away our bad luck of 2014 so that we can start the New Year clean in our thoughts and action. Bless us in prosperity, harmony, and live together with tolerance and forgiveness.

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In a few days time, 2013 will end and we will usher in the New Year of 2014. We want to send our greetings to everyone for ushering 2014.

May 2014 bring us joy, happiness, health and peace to all Malaysians and our fellow humans around the world.

Also, by the end of January 2014, all Chinese around the world will usher in the Year of the Horse.

May the Horse gallops in prosperity, wealth and happiness for everyone.


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New Year Resolutions Part 1

December 30, 2011 during 2:00 pm

As we bid goodbye to 2011, a group enlisted a assistance of Julie Woon and Megan Tan, a dual poetic emcees for Mystical Eve 2011, to poise some New Year associated questions, generally about a ever famous New Year Resolutions. They gamely took a plea and asked some standard Malaysians. The following is a initial 5 questions we acted and a particular answers by a interviewees.

Julie Woon with Judith Flora. It’s marriage bells hopefully for Judith subsequent year!

JF: Judith Flora, Orchan
DL: Dennis Lau
R: Roshan
AO: Andy Ong
SY: Su Yi
AZ: Adam Zain
JA: Jern Ai
BL: Barbara Lam
SC: Su Ci
LT: Lyn Tan

Dennis Lau shares his thoughts on New Years. He’ll be behaving during ENCORP Strand this New Year’s Eve

Do we worry to applaud New Year’s eve?

JF: we do as we always give interjection to God for carrying led me by a tour of twelve months where many people are not means to make it.
DL: Actually, we do worry to applaud as we feel it is always good to be means to applaud it with your special someone
R: My silent was innate on a 31st December, so we do have a jubilee for her. But it is customarily a jubilee for tighten friends and relatives.
AO: Yes we do!
SY: Not as gung-ho as we used to be
AZ: Depends on a clarification of celebrating. we unequivocally many cite a some-more insinuate get together of tighten friends during any one of a places to chill and have a good time.
JA: we haven’t distinguished for a past 3 years as we have been in Melbourne. Everyone goes behind to spend time with THEIR families over Christmas and New Years. But if we was behind in KL, yeah… we would totally applaud New Year’s eve!
BL: Yes
SC: Not unequivocally a large grand form of jubilee though something tiny and cosy with people that matter many is enough.
LT: Absofreakin’lutely! Anybody would adore to welcome a new beginning. Fittest time for festal cheer!

Where will we be this New Year’s eve?
JF: This year we will be in Malaysia during The Strand in Kota Damansara to applaud New Year with my friends
DL: we would be behaving during 2 shows; one is in The Strand during Kota Damansara for a New Year’s Eve countdown uncover and afterwards we will rush over to title a White Party NYE uncover @ Cyberview Lodge.
R: we will be during home with my silent and my family members!
AO: Most substantially we will be during a friend’s bar.
SY: No plain skeleton during a moment
AZ: Probably operative with a 8TV Quickie guys.
JA: In Melbourne. Having a super low-key (as in stay home and watch movies) New Year’s eve. Although after responding all these questions, it’s REALLY creation me feel like we Should go out and party!
BL: No genuine skeleton during a moment
SC: Not too certain usually yet. Heard there’s a devise for a secret-no-cameras-allowed-type-of-lingerie-party in a creation though… :p
LT: Hmm.. zero is set in mill usually yet. Probably a get together during a friend’s crib or a pool party.

Radio luminary Roshan posing with Julie

What is your many funniest New Year fortitude and why?
JF: To be means to accommodate my boyfriend’s best and funniest friend. This is given he creates me giggle a lot whenever we discuss with him
DL: That we am means to perform with Michael Jackson in year 2010 though unfortunately he upheld on before a year ended.
R: Wow.. that has to be a one… where we betrothed myself that we would stop swearing! I’m blissful to contend that it lasted usually for 3 hours!
AO: To watch reduction TV. It is humorous given we usually finished adult examination some-more downloaded TV shows!
SY: One year, my friends and we had created down a To-do list that consisted of about 20 and things to accomplish together that year. We usually managed to cranky 2 out. It has been 3 years given and a list is still stranded onto a doorway of my friend’s place
AZ: I’m certain during one indicate we had ‘to urge my memory’. Unfortunately, we forgot to work on it for a year.
JA: we wanted to take some-more videos of life around me! But everybody is camera-shy and accuses me of removing footage for extort or annoying marriage videos. Another one is to be some-more independent. But afterwards a subsequent day, there was this hulk spider in my residence and we was screaming for someone to “GETITGETITGETITGETIT!”. New Year fortitude FAIL.
BL: we will stop replying with K, LOL to my friends’ texts given we do not wish them to respond me with that too. LOL!
SC: To remove weight. we consider it is self exegetic given it is funny. Who am we kidding? we have weighed a same given 10 years ago. Even if it changes, it usually goes up, never down, :p
LT: Spend reduction time on a Internet. It is like a jail though bars and a porn repository fibbing on a floor… such is a internet.

Everyone, it’s Andy!

What is your many terrible New Year’s experience?

JF: Celebrating New Year after a late silent had upheld divided a prior year. We had no celebrations though we were full of sorrows.
DL: Not that we can remember of during a moment
R: To be honest, we can't seem to remember any (thank God!). But we do remember this one time when we suffered from indigestion. It was not that bad though it did put a hindrance to me celebrating New Year’s (for about 15 minutes!)
AO: Getting stranded alone in my automobile after work with a bladder that is about to raze right after a countdown.
SY: Walking from Bukit Bintang to KLCC on a 4-inch stiletto heels. It was fun during a moment, though we could not feel my toes after that.
AZ: we remember wanting to spend my NYE with my best friend. Everything seemed set and good to go. However, my father had other skeleton and insisted that a whole family go behind to my grandparents’ place given apparently my grandparents unequivocally wanted all their grandchildren to applaud with them. we adore my grandparents though they fell defunct by 10pm.
JA: we do not have one really. It is possibly utterly fun and upbeat or super low-key (like not do anything during all). we theory we cite a former.
BL: Getting mislaid in a crowed and being stranded in KL for 2 hours.
SC: None too terrible that it is unforgettable?
LT: There was one year where we fell terribly ill, so we was usually stranded in bed sleeping by a New Year. That was horrific.

Su Yi is such a competition to answer a small questions

Do we have any New Year jubilee rituals?
JF: we don’t though a usually thing that we do is give interjection to God by prayers
DL: Just urge for a improved year and improved health!
R: Nope!
AO: Nothing special besides a common countdown.
SY: Watching a firework displays!
AZ: Not really. But we was always preoccupied by how my Spanish crony used to applaud New Year’s Eve. Custom dictates that during a cadence of midnight, one contingency eat a singular grape each time a carillon strikes, i.e. twelve grapes for a twelve chimes representing midnight. It was a many rare and anti-climactic thing we have ever seen.
JA: If we am behind in Malaysia, my family will always conduct out for a large night with their friends and their families. We will go to a good restaurant, preferably with dancing and live song and PAR-TAY a night away!!
BL: No
SC: Nope. Just try to enter a New Year with a certain opinion for a initial 5 mins to set a ‘pace’ for a year. Hahaha…
LT: Watching fireworks. I’d feel deficient and out of grit if we missed it.

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Monday January 3, 2011

MALACCA: It was a good start to the New Year for the state when the RM1.46bil Pulau Melaka twin reclaimed island project was revived after a decade of financial and legal woes.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the state would start work on the abandoned project, off the coast of Bandar Hilir by September.

Among the works included are resolving issues faced by some 1,009 buyers who were left in a lurch when the project was abandoned several times since its launch in the mid-1996.

Beauty nearly wasted: A bird’s-eye view of the abandoned Pulau Melaka, off the straits of Malacca. The multi-billion ringgit project will finally resume by September this year.

The state took possession of the island project from the developers and won the case at the Court of Appeal on Dec 28.

“The state can finally proceed with reviving the project as those involved in the case will not appeal to the Federal Court,” he told reporters after a ceremony marking the state’s possession on the island here yesterday.

He said the project involved the construction of some 400 commercial shop lots comprising a total of 1,534 units.

Most of the development work on the island have been completed with 521 units completed out of the 612 under Phase I.

Another 598 units have been completed out of 726 units under Phase II, Mohd Ali said, adding that there were 160 units yet to be developed under Phase III.

He said the island would be managed by the State Economic Development Corporation and Chief Minister Incorporated with main contractors Kejuruteraan Asas Sdn Bhd completing work for the sewage treatment system.

The state would meet the affected buyers next month over the issue, Mohd Ali said.

“They can opt to continue with the purchase of their units or alternatively offer them to the state,” he added.

Covering some 40ha, the project was launched in mid-1996 by Pulau Berkembar Sdn Bhd Talam Bhd, a subsidiary of Talam Corporation Sdn Bhd but was abandoned in the late 1990s following the global economic down turn.

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