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Lata Kijang (Kijang Waterfall)

“Your tour in Lata Kijang is firm to be filled with trials and tribulations.”

A breathtaking perspective of inlet that is certain to dazzle tour and disturb seekers. The severe tour from Kuala Klawang to Lata Kijang would take about dual hours. Situated low in a forests of Jelebu, it is usually permitted by 4 circle drives, where we would have to pass narrow, high and sharp roads, creation a tour in a pouring sleet a genuine challenge!

Be prepared for tour and trials. Along a way, we will pass an Orang Asli settlement. The Orang Asli (aborigines) have done their homes in these forests given a commencement of Malayan history. Although there are now some-more civilised, some carrying grave preparation and operative in a towns, a infancy still make their vital on forestproducts like collecting bamboo and medicinal herbs. If you’re propitious we would come opposite their shed in a midst of all this greenery. Do not be shy, as articulate to them could outcome in we carrying an additional tour – a sport speed regulating their normal blow-pipe to locate birds and squirrels.

Your tour in Lata Kijang is firm to be filled with trials and tribulations. Courage and calm are really called for as one of a some-more heated moments is pushing over a rather inconstant and really dangerous overpass done of wooden logs places opposite a quick issuing stream.

Continuing your tour on feet would give we a possibility to feel during one with nature’s wonders. Feel a sunrays filtering by a leaves overhead, while a alarm of a birds intertwined with a roar of a monkeys personification around in their healthy medium — a healthy radio concomitant we on your journey. Treat your eyes to a spectacular  steer of flora and fauna where furious herbs, orchids and palms are widespread before your eyes, covenant to a brilliance of a pleasant rainforests. 

After one hour movement by a forests, with your sleepy physique lonesome in sweat, comes a ‘prize’ that will rinse divided all your exhaustion. The enthralling steer of a 300 feet tumble of H2O in front of we will take your exhale divided while a prolonged soak in a cold refreshing waters will be a balmy relief to your sleepy body. Problems, conflicts and tensions will stop to exist when faced with this everlasting cascade of H2O issuing by a forest, bordered by an collection of rocks and boulders. Camping overnight during this healthy haven, we are guaranteed pristine tranquillity and relaxation.

Getting There:  A 4WD is advisable to entrance Lata Kijang from Kampung Esok. The rapids is about 20km from a village. 

Coordinates: N03 11.72′ E101 59.26′

Last noticed – Oct 13, 2011

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