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Holiday Villa Beach Resort


Holiday Villa Beach Resort is a 4-star resort in the southwest of Langkawi Island, at approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the airport. It is a very nice resort, where you can stay for affordable prices. The resort is located along Pantai Tengah, one of the most beautiful publicly accessible beaches on the island. The area is known for its relaxed vibe within the touristic center of the island. At about a 5 minutes’ walk you will find Pantai Cenang; the most lively area of Langkawi.

The rooms have plenty of space with all amenities that you would expect of a four star beach resort. The complex is rather large, so when you are staying in one of the distant rooms, it can be quite a walk to the lobby. All rooms have air-conditioning, a television and mini bar. Breakfast is good with ample choices, but it can’t be qualified as one of the better breakfasts we’ve had on the island.

Along Pantai Tengah you will find a couple of cozy restaurants, where you can experience the Asian cuisine, but also European dishes are available. For a really good time you should go to Pantai Cenang, with its long beach with many nice restaurants and small bars.

Staying at Holiday Villa Beach Resort was quite a change from the tranquil resorts in the more secluded parts of the island. It is a big and very popular resort, and especially during peak season in can be quite crowded. The resort is located along a rather busy road, but within the resort premises you will not notice that much of it. The pool is extremely large, and surrounded by La Villa Pool Club. The beach is quite nice for those that fancy a tan, but it isn’t really the best sea to have a swim in. Across the road of the hotel you will find a couple of nice restaurants which will let you enjoy the local cuisine at very affordable prices.

At the resort it is easy to book a daily tour to explore the many wonders that Langkawi has to offer. There are also several little offices across the main road on which the resort is located. You will get better prices here most of the time; even though every organized tour will be more expensive in comparison to when you would organize it yourself. It is easy to explore the island by moped or rental car. The area of the resort is located within the busiest part of the island; other than this it’s mostly driving along quiet roads with not that much traffic. We thought Holiday Villa Beach Resort is a fine resort for a short stay. Langkawi offers several other beautiful resorts that are more luxurious (but also more expensive).








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Kita Kitar Festival

March 3, 2012 at 2:08 am

The Kita Kitar Festival will be held on March 31st, starting at 1:00 p.m. in Babylon MatLounge on Pantai Cenang, Langkawi Island.

We urge anyone who will be in the area or who has the means and time to travel there to attend.

There will be performances by musicians from Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and of course, home-baked Malaysian acts.

Fire dancers, fire eaters, painters, conscious healing tents, local Malaysian food tents and others round out the offering.

This gathering rose from the passion for art and culture and spreading the awareness of taking care of Mother Nature. We’re hoping to kick this off as an event to promote tourism and the need for a recycling system on the island as we’re worried about the rubbish being produced by the visitors to the island.

Ticket price is RM 60 for early birds, and RM 80 at the door.

For further information or if you have questions, please contact us via phone to 049557041 or 0124817652, or through our facebook page or send an e-mail to:





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