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1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade 2011 set to shine during Putrajaya Lake

1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade 2011 set to gleam during Putrajaya Lake

For a initial time ever, a Ministry of Tourism Malaysia will be organizing a 1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade (1MITNFP) 2011, that is set to gleam during a Putrajaya Lake, from Jul 9 until Jul 17, 2011. Minister of Tourism Dato’ Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen will be benefaction during a 1MITNFP 2011 to go a Opening Ceremony on Jul 9, 2011. There will also be a shutting rite on Jul 17, 2011.

The thesis for 1MITNFP 2011 will be ‘Magic of a Night’ that is portrayed by a charming lights that paint a charming floral class and designs as good as a multicultural masquerade of a ASEAN region. The march will be presented on boats filled with charming and fantastic decorations depicting a outlandish flora and fauna and icons representing any participant. The march will start after sunset.

The eventuality comprises of dual components, namely The Parade of a Night Floral Boats during Putrajaya Lake and Static Night Floral Boats Display where all participating boats will be in a immobile arrangement after a floating parade. Visitors and tourists will be means to have a closer demeanour and conclude a designs and sum of any floral boat.

There will also be a competition in several categories, namely Overall best Boat, Most Creative Boat, Best Lighted Boat and Most Popular Boat where a winners will be selected formed on analysis by row judges allocated by a Ministries as good as on open poll.

Other attractions available visitors during a 1MITNFP 2011 embody muster by 20 tourism associated booths that offer several tourism product and packages for a public, a photography competition of Night Floral Boats, fireworks display, opening by low-pitched and informative organisation including Shafinaz, Rhythm of Borneo Group, No Noise Percussion Group, Balle Balle, Nakasutra Group, Mokaba Group, PCC Orchestra, Kiruba Group, Fresco Harmonica Group, fun comforts and competitions including 1Malaysia Green 1Malaysia Clean and Tarian Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia.

This march has captivated participations from 13 countries and organisations, namely Brunei, Cambodia, Melaka, Perlis, Terengganu, Perak, Johor, Putrajaya, Pahang, AirAsia, Sunway Group, I-Berhad and also Tourism Malaysia.

Besides showcasing to a universe that a 1MITNFP 2011 is signature eventuality to attract tellurian tourists to a country, this eventuality also aims to deliver and foster a farrago and brilliance of nature, enlightenment and tradition of ASEAN and a Plus Three Countries. This is tandem with a intra-ASEAN and Plus Three traveller trade that has always been a largest member of traveller arrivals to a region. Hence, compelling a segment as a singular singular tourism end is timely and can maximize a region’s potentials, with tighten partnership and team-work among all a ASEAN Member State and a Plus 3 Countries.

The 1MITNFP 2011 will be hold in and with a Floria Putrajaya Festival, Malaysia’s premier outside garden and flower showcase, that displays a best of a Malaysia’s and general landscape and horticulture industry. In 2010, this festival captivated appearance from 9 countries namely Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Netherland, New Zealand, Serbia, Taiwan and United Kingdom. More than 600,000 general and domestic tourists visited a festival final year. For 2011, some 700,000 people are approaching to revisit a 1MITNFP 2011.

This eventuality will be broadcasted live on inhabitant radio as good as by general media and news network participating in a event. Overseas organisations underneath Tourism Malaysia’s Mega Familiarization Programme are approaching to underline this eventuality in their particular publications/network worldwide.

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