Little Known Secrets of the Beads of Borneo

Rate this post September 5, 2019 From the Zulu warriors in South Africa, to the ancient Egyptians of North Africa, to the pilgrims of the Middle East or South America, beads have a presence in many cultures but the one commonality is that they have always been more than an eye-catching accessory. The story of […]


Rate this post MICHAEL VEERAPEN: ARTISTE, MENTOR, STUDENT April 7, 2017 KUCHING, Friday – Michael Veerapen, an acclaimed Malaysian Jazz musician, will be performing with the Michael Simon’s Asian Connection at the Borneo Jazz Festival on May 12 to 13, at ParkCity Everly in Miri. Veerapen is well-known in the Malaysian Jazz scene since his […]

Melaka History

Rate this post Overview It was in the fourteenth century that the fishing village of Melaka gained the attention a Hindu prince named Parameswara from Sumatra. He was the last ruler of ancient Singapore who was of Malay origin. The ruler decided to make this place a permanent settlement and named it ‘Melaka’ after a […]

Protection for travellers

Rate this post As a universe grows smaller and transport some-more affordable, a value of transport word has turn priceless. WHETHER we are a visit or occasional traveller, here are 6 things we competence wish to know about transport insurance. 1. Travel word is super affordable: Many people assume that any form of word is […]

Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump Malaysia 2011

Rate this post October 21, 2011 during 12:00 pm BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, Earth) jumpers all around a universe were given another eventuality recently to come together and do a one thing that they adore many – jumping off dizzying heights with usually a parachute to check their tumble as sobriety takes over. This prestigious […]