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The Best Wet Markets in Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia, a soppy marketplace typically refers to a uninformed food marketplace with fish stalls. The stalls are customarily run by particular owners and routinely skip amenities like refrigeration. As such, traders rest heavily on polystyrene boxes filled with ice cubes so that a fish and seafood stay fresh. The soppy markets tend to open really early in a morning and would be sealed by lunchtime. Every tiny city in Malaysia has during slightest one soppy marketplace housed in a lonesome building during a sincerely executive location, with traders generally focusing on internal products, though also providing a full operation of uninformed produce.


Despite some city folk in complicated Kuala Lumpur who cite to emporium for fish, beef and vegetables in a some-more gentle supermarket in vital selling centres compared to a soppy markets that can turn hot, swarming and upsetting in smell, there is still a sincerely vast race who cite a mutation and prices during a soppy market. For a soppy markets’ believers and also those who have possibility of being converted, here are some of a best soppy markets in Kuala Lumpur:


1. Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) soppy market

Situated during Jalan Wan Kadir 2, a Taman Tun soppy marketplace has existed for over 25 years aged with tighten to 268 stalls. It is substantially a cleanest soppy marketplace around. Choices are copiousness and a prices are reasonable, from uninformed beef and ornithology to a far-reaching preference of fruits and vegetables.

2. Chow Kit soppy market

For generations, a Chow Kit soppy marketplace has been busy by residents in a closeness to obtain a freshest mixture for their household. The marketplace is also renouned among grill owners. This place competence not strike a chord with visitors who competence be put off by a smell, throng and heat; however, those who are diversion will be rewarded by internal dishes and soppy products during a really low price. The marketplace here starts as early as 6 a.m. Everything you’d need for your kitchen can be found here, trimming from dusty pickled fish to duck feet to uninformed spices and herbs.

3. Pasar malam Bangsar

Although not accurately a soppy marketplace (hence a name pasar malam or night market), a night marketplace in Bangsar is still value a mention. The night marketplace takes place each Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Popular with both expats and locals alike, a stalls offer a whole operation of items, from creatively baked food to wardrobe and uninformed flowers. If we don’t have a car, it is afterwards endorsed that we take a cab to a night marketplace as a closest LRT hire in Bangsar is a 30-minute travel away.

4. Sri Petaling soppy market

Perhaps deliberate as one of a best soppy markets to date, Sri Petaling is a place for uninformed seafood. Most of a stalls sell uninformed shellfish, fish, fruits and vegetables during a most cheaper price.

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