Bizarre wildlife found in the jungles of exotic Borneo

Rate this post September 5, 2019 Ask any Malaysian what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Sarawak and we bet most of them would give you the same answer: Magnificent mountains, wildlife, age-old rainforests, beautiful beaches and colossal caves. This natural landscape allows for extraordinary biodiversity to exist while […]


Rate this post One of the age-old performances that is still being practiced today but becoming increasingly rare is the Wayang Kulit. Imagine a show where music, light, shadow and masterful storytelling come alive under one roof, transporting you back to ancient times, and leaving you, the audience, breathless and delighted in the fact that […]

ToyRebels: Toys with a Twist

Rate this post August 20, 2011 during 8:36 pm Having prolonged been a stopover between East and West, Malaysia has always been open to change from both regions. Malaysian flower by embracing these several influences, and many of a things we do, contend and eat mostly have roots in lost lands. In Malaysia, even children […]