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International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta returns

The International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta earnings to Putrajaya in Mar 2013. This 4-day fiesta to underline new side activities to astonish visitors.

This March, Putrajaya will once again horde a fiesta like no other in a country. The abounding supervision collateral will be converted to a vital traveller and caller captivate site over a four-day duration from a 28 – 31 Mar 2013.


The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, earnings to a Monumen Alaf Baru (also famous as a Millennium Monument) drift for a fifth year running.


2013’s fiesta will see some-more sparkling special made balloons such as a Smurf Balloon, piloted by Koen Audenaert of Belgium together with Sven Grenzner of Germany who will be piloting a ‘Clown’ Balloon. 2013 also outlines a lapse of a highly-anticipated “night glow” eventuality where a prohibited atmosphere balloons will attend in a light and sound uncover on a night of a 30th; culminating in a pleasing arrangement of fireworks.


To inspire togetherness and peculiarity family values, a fiesta group will once again be organizing renouned side-activities to fit any family or individual. Visitors can demeanour brazen to activities such as a para-motor exhibition, helicopter fun rides – suitable for families who would like a singular experience, tethered prohibited atmosphere balloon rides, a Mountain Dew Extreme Zone people who flower adventure, as good as a choice of sparkling activities for a immature ones in a kids’ area such as coloring contests, on-ground competitions and many more.


Also, this fiesta will acquire an array of new sparkling activities such as a ‘Walk in a Balloon’, an knowledge where visitors can indeed go inside a balloon and also song performances by a Kuala Lumpur Jazz Festival among others. Visitors will also suffer a 30% bonus if they confirm to use a KLIA Transit to Putrajaya during a fiesta period.

More information about a Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013’s activity choice and sponsorship opportunities can be performed by visiting

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